Car Security: Five Gadgets That Could Help Improve Yours

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Car security is big business. For many, their car is a lifeline. Without it, they might struggle to get to work, take the kids to school, visit elderly relatives or attend hospital appointments. Whatever your reasons, it is essential that you look after your vehicle and aim to protect it as best as you can. Here are five gadgets that could help to improve your car security.

1. Signal blockers

With many more vehicles being accessible via keyless entry, would-be car thieves have cottoned onto this and used technology, something called a relay device, to their benefit, essentially fooling your car into thinking that you and the key are both nearby.

However, the use of a signal blocking or faraday pouch in which to keep your key while not in use could really help protect your car, making it far more difficult to pinch.

2. Security cameras

The rise in dash cam footage across social media platforms to highlight terrible driving surely shows that the popularity of these devices is showing no signs of stopping. Having a dash cam can help in the event of an accident, somebody colliding with your vehicle while you are not in it, and also attempted thefts.

Just be sure to invest in technology that does record while the car is not in use, or you may be disappointed to find you are without the vital footage you require.

3. Alarm system

While many cars do have their own in-built alarm systems, car thieves are often able to disable them rapidly before anyone is really any the wiser. However, this does not mean that you should not consider investing in a better, less hackable one.

Likewise, if you have, like many people these days, purchased a remote car starter, it is always useful to look at ones that sound an alarm if anyone attempts a burglary while the car is heating up or cooling down, for example. Finally, there are also apps that can help when it comes to your alarm system, so investigate those, too.

4. Steering lock

Popular in the ’90s and ’00s, steering locks actually still serve a purpose. Especially popular with those people who own older cars, steering locks are cumbersome pieces of equipment that stop someone from being able to turn the wheel and thus drive off with their vehicle.

While they can be a little tricky to get used to putting on and taking off, if you are parking your car for a lengthy period of time, it may be worth investing, particularly if you do not have an alarm system in your car.

5. GPS tracker

Although a car thief may not be aware when they break into and steal your car that it contains a GPS tracker, and therefore the theft will take place regardless, this gadget can help to find the whereabouts of your vehicle quickly. A small piece of equipment, this is definitely one you should consider as its price is fairly low considering how much it could help you.

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