4 Best Places To Sell Your Used RV in American Markets

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Places To Sell Your Used RV

If you’re an RV lover, you may wish to sell your used RV at a given time. The reason may be to upgrade to a bigger, smaller, better, or new model. But, selling your current unit before buying another one may be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to sell it. But, we can come to your help. Here are some factors you should consider before you sell your RV:

  • Ensure that your RV is clean and in good shape to stand out and attract considerable buyers,
  • Research to know the approximate value and market price of the RV,
  • Consider knowing the season. For instance, many RVs are always on sale during the Fall in North,
  • Research to know the supply and demand dynamics. How many buyers are willing to acquire a model like yours, and how many are in the market for sale?
  • Research online and compare what your competitors offer compared to what you offer.

Top Places To Sell Your RV

We have comprised a list of the best places to sell your used RV, which would help you arrive at the best deal:

1. Online Auctions

Online auctions are great ways of selling your used RVs. Getting substantial bids using online auction sites such as eBay is easy because you’ll be going for the highest bidder. Don’t worry about getting low bidders; you can now set your limit to allow only bids that reach your goal for consideration.

Just ensure that your limit is realistic and worth the value of your RV, depending on its quality and condition. Remember, you should have clear and exclusive photos of the RV you’re selling. People love visual content. Before a prospective buyer makes a bid for your RV, he needs to be sure that it’s of good quality, and only clear pictures can prove that.

2. Dealership Trade-in

You can’t beat an experienced dealer in negotiation. Most dealers understand trade dynamics and can strike a substantial deal out of your used RV. They will buy your old RV for less than the actual value. They then resale the machine at a reasonable price hence enjoying the profit margin. They can also make money by charging you a sales slot space if you strike a deal to accept your pay after resale.

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This strategy may not give you maximum profits, but it’s the easiest way to sell your old RV. You can also agree to a trade-in, especially if you want to upgrade to a larger or better RV. The main advantage of selling your RV through a dealership is that you don’t have to wait so long to close the deal. Unlike the online sales platforms, the dealership allows you to get your sales immediately after the paperwork.

3. National Websites

Do you want to sell your RV to a national platform? Consider placing your adverts on national websites such as RV trader or RVUSA can be a suitable marketplace to find an RV buyer. Interestingly, hosting a site on these sites is cheaper than most marketing methods. However, you may have to wait a little longer before striking a deal, especially if the distance between you and the prospective buyer is further apart.

For instance, if you’re in AAA and your prospective buyer is in Washington, there will be minimum chances of closing the deal because meeting for a test drive may be challenging. The good news is that you’ll have many online-buyer options to go for one near your neighborhood.

4. Look for Sale Signs and Local Sales Boards

If you come from a neighborhood where tourism and attractions are loved, you can easily attract buyers with this simple and cheaper advertisement. Place a sign showing that you’re selling the machine. For this strategy to succeed, consider visiting high-traffic areas or parking your RV in prominent areas to attract the attention of prospective buyers.

You can also double it up by posting your adverts on local sales boards with a description of your RV, location, and price. Please don’t underestimate the physical ads strategy’s effectiveness, thinking it’s old-fashioned. Put those ‘For Sale Signs ‘ on free as board and walls to attract people.

The Bottom Line

Remember, there are many other places to sell your RV. If you’re selling one to a dealer, broker, or through a third party, you may find it easy to dispose of your old RV. However, if you want to DIY, you may experience a few challenges.

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