How To Prevent Thieves From Stealing Your Motorbike?

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How To Prevent Thieves From Stealing Your Motorbike?

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest fears of every motorcyclist on the planet is that he will not find his two-wheeler where he left it. There’s a popular, old saying that “opportunity makes a thief”. Since there is no such thing as universal protection against car theft, there is no absolute protection against motorcycle theft. 

However, that risk can be reduced to a minimum, ie not to make the “job” easier for thieves. In this article, we will provide you with the top tips on how to prevent thieves from stealing your motorbike in the best possible way. So, shall we begin with the most essential tip of the day?

1. Make sure your motorcycle is locked and parked safely

As we said, “opportunity makes a thief” – so never leave a motorcycle or scooter on while shopping or doing something “fast”. Do not leave the key in the lock, even for a minute. Thus, it is essential not to leave the motorcycle in unlit and hidden places where thieves could steal it in peace and quiet. 

It is certainly ideal if you have a garage or other enclosed space where you could leave it. If this is not possible, select a location that is covered by video surveillance from an object. In addition to that, do not forget always to keep your documents with you, not on a motorcycle.

2. Get yourself a relevant GPS tracker

Getting yourself a relevant motorcycle tracker for your motorbike is one of the best things you can do regarding its safety. First of all, it is one of the most advanced pieces of technology for bikers who are able to track their motorbike at any given moment.

In case something bad happens to it, for example, someone steals it, it will instantly alarm the owner on his mobile phone. With a great motorbike tracker, any biker in this world can relax as much as possible because his two-wheeler is under constant control 24/7.

3 Secure your motorbike with alarms, chains, and disk locks

Once you find a safer place to park, be sure to secure your two-wheeler with some kind of protection. There are a large number of products on the market, and the most popular are:

  • Disk locks with or without alarm
  • Alarms
  • Specialized chains with integrated locks

Keep in mind that each of this popular protection could be disabled at any time. Nonetheless, if you are using the protection products of the highest quality, it will take more time and better tools for the thieves to steal them. That’s the main reason why thieves choose easier targets where it’s not necessary to invest so much time, energy, and risk.

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In conclusion, we advise you to combine all these methods in order for your motorcycle to be secured. According to experienced bikers, the best type of protection is a combination of these several systems. Remember, the longer it takes for a motorcycle to be stolen, the less likely it is that it will not wait for its owner.

Mostly what is “stolen” is stolen and that does not require specialized tools, time, or knowledge. It all depends on the owner whether his two-wheeler will be chosen as an easy target. Good luck with securing your vehicle in the best possible way!

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