All-new 2023 BMW i7 has a dual-motor AWD setup that pumps 536hp with standard 300miles of driving range per charge.

The 2023 i7 has a framework, luxury interior, & driver assisting technology similar to the new BMW -series sedan.

2023 i7 is a 7-generation model that comes with an xDrive60 powertrain similar to BMW iX SUV but more robust

BMW claims if you recharge your battery at 195KW at a DC fast charging station, 10min charging will give 80 miles of driving range

Buyers of 2023 i7 will get complimentary charging sessions at Electrify America Stations for the first 3yrs of ownership.

There is a 12.3" display with floating glass panel, iDrive eight systems, fused touch controls, and seats offering heating, massage & cooling.

The optional Theatre Screen Rear Entertainment System allows passengers to deploy a 31.3" touchscreen from the roof & stream shows.

BMW's Highway Assistant feature is exclusive to North American customers at the launch & allows hand-free driving in US & Canada