2023 Kia Niro is the 2nd generation of the crossover, which is inspired by the 2019 HabaNiro but holds its distinct styling for the U.S.

The crossover features a fat C-pillar in contrasting color, a low-hanging headlamp pushed out to the side & an upgraded powertrain roster.

Every version of the 2023 Niro comes with some electrification with a separate plug-in hybrid version.

Base models come with a 1.6L SmartScreen GDI engine with a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic & 32kW magnet synchronous electric motor.

The base package can yield 139hp with 195 lb-ft torque, 53 combined mpg & estimated 588-mile range.

The plug-in hybrid comes with a fiercer 44-kW electric motor & 11.1-kW battery. The base model comes with FWD & all-electric propulsion.

There is a 150kW all-electric model with a range of 253 miles. It has less than 45min charge time using up to Level 3 fast charger.

Overall the interior, exterior, and safety specs are pretty standard, with auto-switch into all-electric propulsion in geo-locked areas.