DEUS Automobiles is an upcoming electric startup from Vienna that has revealed producing the world’s first-ever EV hypercar

The Deus Vayanne is an upcoming electric hypercar that promises 220HP and 1475lb-ft of torque.

Makers claim Vayanne to achieve a top speed of 248mph and accelerate to 62mph in under 2 seconds.

Only 99 units will be made, and the makers hope to begin the deliveries by 2025

Deus Automobiles is an EV startup, Italdesign is a design firm & Williams Advanced Engg is an offshoot of the famed Formula 1 team.

An infinity loop inspires the front & rear grilles, but one can find Vayanne resemblance to Bugatti Chiron & Lotus Evija.

The interior is said to be designed with green materials like natural leather.

What do you think does an EV require this much horsepower, or is it a complete waste?