The 2023 EQS has Mercedes'Mercedes' EVA platform similar to both the EQE and EQS sedans.

2023 EQS SUV comes with a 126"" wheelbase, has a seating capacity of 7 across 3 rows, but is 7.8"" taller than the EQS sedan

Notable Features- aerodynamically-optimized wheels & tires, underbody paneling, running boards made with the F1 knowledge base

2023 EQS SUV will come in two trims- base EQS 450+ & high-end EQS 580 4Matic with 107.8kwh battery pack

EQS 450+ is single motor RWD producing 355hp & 429lb-ft of torque & EQS 4MAtic is 2-motor AWD boasting 536hp & 633lb-ft of torque

The EPA range estimates for EQS SUV are likely to be lower than the EQS Sedan due to its less aerodynamic shape & extra weight.

Standard features- 10° rear-axle steering, paddle shifters, adaptive cruise control, lane assist, route-based speed adaptation

The DC fast charging can charge 10 to 80 percent in 30min at 110kw, while the same takes 11.3hrs from a 240V Level 2 AC source.