Prodrive P25 is a powerful touchup on Impreza WRC car with only 25 units made for sale only in the United Kingdom

The P25 will be based on 2-door Impreza chassis, but everything is made of carbon fibre, making it much lighter

Power comes from a 2.5L Subaru turbocharged flat-4, with new cylinder liners, pistons, conrods & variable valve timing

The peak power is speculated to be 400 hp with 442lb-ft delivered via a paddle-operated 6-speed sequential transmission

Prodrive claims P25 can sprint from zero to 62mph in under 3.5 seconds

P25 also gets AP racing brakes with cast iron discs front & rear, a new digital display screen with a data logger

Buyers get to pick between having 4 seats or substituting rear ones for a half roll cage

All new P25 can be bought for about $565,000 at current exchange rates