Tesla introduced the 'Boombox' feature in December 2020, which allows the drivers to play sounds of their choice as the car horn.

The Boombox became an issue as it is non-compliant with federal pedestrian safety requirements.

Tesla's Boombox interferes with the NHTSA "quiet car" rules, exclusive to EVs at speeds up to 18.6mph.

The issue is related to 2020-2022 Telsa Model Y, Model X, & Model S and 2017-2022 Model S automobiles.

Tesla had one recall in Feb. In March, a firmware fix was sent to cars, but it didn't resolve the issue entirely.

Boombox can be used in "Park" or Smart Summon functions, making cars non-compliant with federal rules even after the firmware fix.

Tesla then announced that the Smart Summon function is to be used only on private property, not on public roads.

With various Tesla recalls, the announcement is just a formality of what's already been fixed by the firmware release in March.