2023 Toyota bZ4X is another example of the perfect partnership between Toyota & Subaru after 86  & BRZ

2023 bZ4X is almost similar to RAV4 but 3.7" longer than the latter

The bZ4X has a wheelbase 6.3" longer than RAV4 but is smaller, about 2" in overall height.

You can differentiate bZ4X from RAV4 by its metallic gray fender flares with no grille and unadorned front end.

bZ4X comes with a standard front-wheel drive, which is the complete opposite of the upcoming EV line of Toyota

The model holds a nice forward-looking cabin that is functional.

You get different displays for infotainment & instruments, illuminated & responsive physical buttons, & a standard 12.3" touchscreen.

Overall, bZ4X is a little cramped compared to RAV4, but it sure has the upper hand in terms of features.