Tesla'sTesla's used-car prices are soaring; thus, Tesla is no longer allowing its customers to buy the cars at the end of their leases.

All the Tesla models delivered on or after 15 April 2022 are not eligible for purchase in the US.

Used EV prices have increased a lot, and this is due to supply-chain issues.

The EV demands have increased, but lack of inventory has raised Tesla prices, with the most significant spikes.

Furthermore, Tesla has seen a huge return of used Model 3S from lease over the past year, prime for a used-cars price spike.

The return of used vehicles & periodic price increases has made new Tesla more expensive.

The brand-new Tesla Model3 costs more than a third higher than last year.

Tesla has seen a rise in both used & new car prices, making it harder for people to get behind its wheels even with leasing.