Top Gadgets and Accessories for Your Car

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Top Gadgets and Accessories for Your Car

Whether you’re stuck in crawling traffic on your daily commute to the office, traveling long distances for work or play, or rushing around town to get on top of your errands and appointments, chances are you spend more time in your car than you would like to think.

This consumer experience has shaped the way car manufacturers engineer the cars they release in the market. As a result, most of them are more inclined to offer comfort by incorporating a host of gadgets and accessories to keep you safe and entertained, improving your overall driving experience.

Owning a vehicle can be expensive, especially since you have to source affordable insurance for cars as well as maintenance and repairs on general wear and tear. While necessary, you are likely not thrilled about spending a big chunk of your hard-earned cash on these costs. In addition, you may need to buy gadgets and accessories to make your commuter experience more manageable.

Still, knowing what to buy may be challenging. A simple search may provide tons of different options that may appear to be perfect for your car, so to help you narrow it down, here are some of our top picks:

Tire Changing Kit and Tire Pump

Even if you have roadside assistance with auto insurance, consider investing in a tire changing kit and tire pump. This way, if your car doesn’t have one and you have a flat, you can fix it quickly and be on your way. When shopping for a tire changing kit, go for one that includes a hydraulic jack, a wheel wrench, a lug wrench, and a spare tire.


A dashboard camera, also called a dashcam, is a digital video recorder for your car. This nifty gadget is easy to install – simply wet the rubber sucker or remove the adhesive backing and stick it onto your windshield. Then, plug the power cable into your cigarette lighter socket or powerpoint.

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Standard dashcams begin recording as soon as you start your car and stop when you switch it off. Since it’s fixed to your windshield, it records your journey and keeps a record of your driving. This can be incredibly useful in an accident, as you will have footage of the events. Depending on how wide a view your dashcam has, it may also record your surroundings, including pedestrians and drivers around you.

Aside from capturing accidents and incidents that may benefit the police and for insurance purposes, your dashcam can also record scenic trips or routes. This can allow you to focus on the road while driving and still won’t miss out on enjoying the beautiful scenery since you can watch it later.

Mobile Apps

There are many mobile apps designed to enhance your driving experience. Some offer entertainment solutions that allow you to stream audio content like music, audiobooks, and podcasts. Others provide practical solutions to make your journey easier to navigate by providing maps and directions to your destination and advising you on alternative routes to avoid traffic or road issues.

Some apps tell you where you can fill gas and inform you of points of interest along your route and where to find parking.

Many insurance companies also have mobile apps worth downloading to access the information you need in an emergency quickly. Some apps are free, while others charge a subscription. So if you’re a fan of mobile apps, consider downloading a free version or subscribing to one of the latest ones.

Back Seat Organizer

Back seat organizers are extremely useful, especially if you have kids or spend lots of time driving. These handy accessories come in various sizes, each with varying compartments designed to keep your car clutter-free. Finding your things is also easier as each item has a designated place.

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Some back seat organizers have built-in cup holders that protect your car against spilling drinks if your back seat doesn’t have these. If you often travel with children, consider purchasing a back seat organizer with a compartment that holds a phone or tablet so that the kids can watch their device hands-free.

Mobile Wifi Hotspot

Another gadget you can purchase to make your drive more manageable is a mobile Wifi hotspot box. If you always love to stay connected, having a mobile Wifi hotspot box in your car can make long road trips a much more pleasant experience, even with kids tagging along. You can connect their devices to the wifi and enjoy the ride as they are entertained with shows and games. You can also connect your phone or device to an online music store and enjoy some music.

Mobile wifi usually comes with a monthly subscription, so it’s a good idea to compare the prices offered by various providers.

Car Power Inverter

It’s all very well to bring along your devices on a road trip, but they’re of little use when the car battery is low. A car power inverter can be very convenient if you spend lots of time in your car and rely on your devices. Whether you forgot to charge your device at home or drained the battery while on the road, you can charge your phone, laptop, or tablet using a car power inverter.

There is a range of car power inverters in the market. Some can charge multiple devices at once, so look for one that suits your needs and budget.


Gadgets and car accessories can enhance your driving experience and make them a fun, safe experience. However, with the wide range of gadgets and accessories in the market, it may be tempting to purchase them all! Therefore, shopping for great retailer deals and affordable car mobile apps is important.

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