LOCAR DEALS is a website writing about automobile technology, news, and lifestyle. We are dedicated to keeping our readers informed about cars.

We have a huge base of car enthusiasts who love to know every new detail about the automotive world.

For guest authors, it is a great course of action to dispense their views, experience, and expertise with the people who care & value what you say.

Below is the list of guidelines you need to follow to ensure feedback from our write-up team.

The Beginning

The guest writers should submit the article with at least two possible titles before submitting the post.

**Note that we don’t accept the articles that are personalized to “build links”. We prefer in-depth research & features of car-oriented titles that deliver real information to our readers.


  • Please do not spam our emails and calls concerning your submission status.
  • Due to the high traffic of tenders, we cannot reply to everyone personally.

Hints for Feasible Topics:

  • News and Current Affairs related to the industry
  • Insights related to car ownership and dealership
  • New trends around the corner that can come in handy for the regular car owner
  • Car technology
  • Any topic that can be considered as worth reading by a car enthusiast

Advance Post Guidelines

Before you submit your article to our write-up team, here are few guidelines that you need to follow. If even one criterion is missing, the guest post request will be canceled.

So make sure to abide by them.

  • The article should range between 800-3000 words.
  • The font style should be Times New Roman with 12 font-size excluding headings.
  • The article should have a descriptive tone related to Locar Deals but still maintaining their individuality.
  • The article must include at least two third-party links.
  • Your article should not be promotional, copied, or plagiarized.
  • Commercial links are not allowed in the articles. The submissions with such content will be rejected upfront.
  • Poorly written content with huge editing will be either send back for redeeming or rejected.
  • We encourage our guests to share their articles after being posted to get more attention to your writing.

By-line for Guest Author

  • Guest authors must incorporate a small bio with two links that will be seen at the end of the posted article.
  • We propose to use the link of your social media account and the other you can use for your website.
  • But they will be included only after our editorial team approves them. Also, the links for profit-oriented homepages will be no-follow.