7 Best Action Camera Protectors Review In 2023 – Prevent Lens & Screen Damage

best action camera protector to buy online

If you own an action cam or considering buying one but are worried about its safety, it is high time you invest in the best action camera protector. Action cameras or the perfect on-the-go cameras capture the essence of thrill & adventure. These are small and mostly used by sports enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers.

These tiny gadgets can be attached or mounted to nearly anything, including your head, chest, wrist, bicycle, boat, & others.

Action cams are compact, and incidents happen no matter how careful you are. The lens and screen of a camera are too delicate. Even a single harsh rub can leave marks. And with the current times where these gadgets are put through a lot of wear & tear, extra protection is necessary.

You can achieve premium-level protection by purchasing the best action camera protector in 2023. Screen protectors can shield your action cam from other elements’ scratches, dust, and damage.

Thus today, we bring you the top 7 action camera protectors best buy along with buying guide, pros & cons, frequently asked questions, and more.

So, let us get started and help you capture your adventures without worry.

Top Pick Action Camera Protector Best Buy in 2023

Exploration has become an essence of life. People, no matter what age, want to go places and do things that most people would rather avoid.

And the strangest yet thrilling part is that people want to capture those moments and the emotions they were feeling during that particular moment.

Earlier it was not possible, but with the invention of action cameras, you can capture your wild experience and share it with your close ones.

But to ensure that everything you capture is fully clear, you must ensure your camera screen is okay. And you can ensure it with the seven best action camera lens protectors 2023 has to offer below:

Our Pick1
action camera protector
Pctc Ultrathin Clear Tempered Screen Protector With Edge To Edge Full-Screen Coverage
  • Anti-Glare, Oleophobic waterproof
  • Slim glass touch sensitivity, flexible
  • Bubble-free, Fast bonding, Easy to install
  • No warping on the edge
  • Edge-to-edge full-screen coverage, Anti-scratch
  • Offers enhanced protection by resisting scratches, drop impacts, bumps, & more
action camera protector best buy
Smatree Waterproof Anti-Shock Hard Case Action Cam Protector
  • Holds your action camera and its accessories
  • Comes with warranty
  • You can replace the foam with your own desired cut spaces
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero 10/9/8/7/6/5, GoPro Hero 2018, DJI Osmo Action Camera
action camera lens protector
FitStill 45m Underwater Dive Compatible Double Lock Waterproof Case
  • Ultra-thick tempered glass makes it easy to get HD images & videos
  • Come with a powerful double lock that prevents accidental collisions & damage
  • Waterproof up to 45m underwater
  • Professional optical lenses assist in taking HD pictures underwater
  • Ideal for diving, surfing, snorkeling, and other water sports activities
  • Come with a 30-day money-back guarantee & lifetime warranty
Best Action Camera Protector Options in 2022
TEKCAM Protective Storage Case With Easy-To-Carry Handle Design
  • High-density foam padding for extra protection
  • Grid-isolated design, Dustproof, Shockproof, Waterproof
  • Sleek & compact, Lightweight, Handle design for easy carrying
  • Compatible with Gopro, AKASO, brave 4, Campark, ODRVM, DJI OSMO ACTION, & other brands

What Is An Action Camera?

An action cam is a digital camera designed to capture your surroundings when you are completely immersed in your trip, sports game, or event.

Whether scuba diving, mountain climbing, paragliding, bungee jumping, cycling through mountains or enjoying any other important moment of your life, an action cam can help you capture it. The action camera is usually compact, rugged, handheld, and mountable on any surface.

There are different types of cameras in the market, each serving a specific purpose.

As a digital camera is ideal for a professional photographer, a compact action cam is ideal for divers, vloggers, cyclists, and anyone who loves outdoor exploration & adventure.

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Nowadays, action cameras are quite powerful. They can record high-quality videos & photos in all kinds of environments.

Various Features You Can Find In An Action Camera

Do not get fooled by the compact size of these modern, adventurous digital cameras. They are more than what they appear.

With these handy Digi cams, you can enjoy the best clarity. Also, you can enjoy your moment freely without worrying about losing anything. Modern small cams possess more features than ever. They can give you breathtaking pictures & videos that will rarely disappoint you.

Also, if you like to live stream their adventures, these cams are the only thing you need.

Here we have some impressive features that you can find on an action camera:

  • High Resolution

There are action cameras in the market offering 4K digital clarity.

Today nearly every brand offers 4K videos recorded at up to 60fps. It means you get videos so crisp and clear that you can easily watch them on smartphones, computers, and even on your TVs.

In addition, most such cams can click pictures up to 12 megapixels.

  • Image Stabilization

If you are using an action camera, there are chances that you are in continuous motion. The constant motion means your camera is shaking, which makes it impossible to have a good picture or video.

But action cameras tend to have Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology. It helps in reducing blurring and maintaining high image quality even during motion.

An adventure camera is the best way to record your adventure if you are an extreme sports enthusiast.

  • Water-Resistance

As discussed, action cams are for extreme adventure lovers, which is why you will find that most of them come with water-resistant properties.

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The cameras have extra layers of protection for the lens and the body. You can go diving, surfing, or any other water activity without fear of damaging your camera.

  • Mountable

One of the best things about action cams is that they are so compact that you can mount them on almost every surface.

You can handhold them or mount them on your bike, helmet, shoulder, wrist, surfboard, & other places.

All you need is to place these cams in the desired place and enjoy your time with your free hands.

  • Ample Storage

Action cams record videos for long hours, which is why they offer huge space compatibility.

Most cameras have a 64GB or 128GB micro SD card for storage. And if you like, you can always get a new compatible SD card for faster read & write speed.

Why Do I Need An Action Camera Protector?

Apart from being compact, robust, and sturdy, your outdoor cameras still need protection.

They go through many hardships during usage. You use them under extreme conditions like rain, snow, hail, & others and mount them on helmets, bike handles, & other places to get the best shots.

You expose your compact Digi cams to dirt, dust, and harsh weather conditions with so many activities. Despite being the tough ones, there are times when your action camera can get damaged. Mostly, the damage is done to the lens & screen as they are the most delicate part of the entire structure.

You can avoid this or any other damage by opting for action camera protectors. There are generally three most common types of protectors available in the market, namely:

  • Screen Protector

A screen protector helps in protecting the screen & lens of your camera from scratches, indentation, water, and small object strikes during use.

  • Camera Case

A camera case guards your camera against shock and vibrations while in use. It ensures safety if your camera falls off or any other mishap occurs.

  • Waterproof Case

A waterproof case protects your camera and offers clarity recording underwater. To understand if you require a guard, you must review the action camera’s pros and cons.

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Knowing what upgrades & downgrades you can face with a purchase will help you understand whether you need to make it or not.

Pros Of Action Camera Protector

  • Protection

With a protector, you get an extra layer of safety for your camera. 

A glass protector can ensure the safety of your lens & screen, while a case offers complete protection of your camera body.

  • Glare

One of the biggest issues using a digital camera is the glare. It makes it difficult to get the best image under the light. However, with the screen protector, you get a shield for your screen and also the best shots.

A screen protector will reduce the effect of direct sun rays falling on your camera screen.

  • Privacy

No one likes it when they are scrolling through their cameras and surrounding people keep taking a look. It is not only annoying but a violation of one’s privacy. You can now deal with it via installing a camera screen protector.

Some of them make your camera screen unviewable at certain corners or angles. It means no one other than the person holding the camera can view the images.

It comes in handy when you are in public places and do not want anybody else to see them.

  • Safe Storage

Harm to your action cam can be done even when not in use. It generally happens how you place it in your bag or drawer. However, a screen guard ensures your lens or screen does not get scratched by its neighboring items.

You can keep it with other items in your backpack without worrying about getting damaged.

  • Do Not Let Water Stay

Most of the time, the original camera screen & lens, being water resistant, cannot let the water droplets roll over, leading to poor shots.

A protector provides a smooth surface, leaving no area for the water droplets to stay. 

So no matter how long you are underwater or in the rain, the shield will not let the water stay and gives you the perfect shot.

Cons Of Action Camera Protector

  • Right Installation

If you want to ensure that the protector you bought protects your dear camera, it needs to be rightly installed. The wrong installation can do more harm than good. So, ensure the screen guard or body case is placed correctly.

  • Installation Charges

Usually, you can install your protector at home. However, many people are scared of installing screen & lens protectors at home and rely on professionals. Being a professional is a good idea as it avoids mistakes, but it will cost you.

  • Can Fall Off

Whether it is a screen guard or an entire camera case, there are chances that under extreme conditions, they can fall off, especially if not installed properly. 

7 Best Action Camera Protectors Options Review To Buy Online in 2023

Buying action camera protectors depends on your requirements. You need to decide whether you want to protect only your lens/screen, the entire camera or want protection for its additional gear.

There are different kinds of action camera protectors on the market. Some will only protect your lens & screen, while others are capable of shielding the entire body.

Some even offer customizable interiors, giving you the protection and freedom to add more accessories. Keeping all these things in mind, we have handpicked the top seven action camera protectors’ best buys of 2023.

Each product comes with a detailed review along with the much-needed pros & cons to give you a better idea of which product is ideal for you.

1. Pctc Ultrathin Clear Tempered Screen Protector With Edge To Edge Full-Screen Coverage

action camera protector
  • Brand- PCTC
  • Material- Tempered Glass
  • Hardness- 9H
  • Unit Count- 9
  • Clarity- 99.99%
  • Anti-Glare, Oleophobic waterproof
  • Slim glass touch sensitivity, flexible
  • Bubble-free, Fast bonding, Easy to install
  • No warping on the edge
  • Edge-to-edge full-screen coverage, Anti-scratch
  • Offers enhanced protection by resisting scratches, drop impacts, bumps, & more

If you are exclusively looking for GoPro outdoor camera protector, the PCTC screen protector is for you.

This tempered glass screen protector is specifically designed for GoPro Hero 9. The size & thickness makes it fit perfectly without any issues.

The screen holds bubble-free, fast bonding. The 99.99% high transparency crystal-clear screen ensures you get the best clarity.

This screen & lens protector ensures the pixels of your camera is not distorted, reduces strain on your eyes caused by the LCD screen, and the HD technology makes viewing much more fun. The protector has 9H hardness and is 0.3mm thick. It has six layers of coatings and can protect your camera screen from high-impact drops, scratches, and sharp objects.

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An oleophobic coating on the surface protects your camera screen from fingerprints, scratches, water, dust, and oil.

In addition, installing and using this product is extremely easy. Even after the placement of the protector, your touchscreen is fully functional. In the package, you get three screens of tempered glass protection films, three tempered glass lens protection films, three small display HD protective films, three screen cleaning papers, three cleaning cloths, three dust removal stickers, and one installation instructions.

The only drawback is that there is no warranty on the purchase of this product.


  • Oleophobic waterproof
  • No bubble formation while installing
  • No warping on the edge
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-Glare
  • Enhanced protection
  • Edge-to-edge full-screen coverage


  • Come with no warranty
  • Only compatible with GoPro Hero 9 model

2. Smatree Waterproof Anti-Shock Hard Case Action Cam Protector

action camera protector best buy
  • Brand- Smatree
  • Shell Type-Hard
  • Material- ABS
  • Reliable on the go
  • Anti-shock, Anti-scratch
  • Waterproof, Lightweight
  • Holds your action camera and its accessories
  • Comes with warranty
  • You can replace the foam with your own desired cut spaces
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero 10/9/8/7/6/5, GoPro Hero 2018, DJI Osmo Action Camera

You do not want a lens or screen protector to shield your action camera while in use. You will also require unmatched protection when your camera is not in use.

For this, the Smatree waterproof case is the best item you can purchase in 2023.

The case is made of ABS plastic, giving the product strength, lightweight and water-resistant properties. The case is highly compact, which makes it portable. 

The box’s interior holds a pre-cut sponge that offers a perfect fit for your camera, its charger, batteries, and other small accessories like compatible SD cards, microphones, & others. The overall build of this action camera protector is anti-shock and anti-scratch. In addition, the latching system is very secure & airtight.

With your action camera placed in this protector, you can explore anything as it will protect your item from shock, dust, bumps, & other external impacts.

Lastly, it is the perfect GoPro & DJI Osmo action camera protector you can buy in 2023.


  • Made from fall-resistant ABS material
  • Internal sponge foam comes pre-cut & provides proper placing space
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Comes with warranty
  • You can replace the foam with your own desired cut spaces
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero 10/9/8/7/6/5, GoPro Hero 2018, DJI Osmo Action


  • The plastic is not so durable
  • A bit pricey

3. Orzero Scratch-Resistant Tempered Glass Screen Protector With Lifetime Replacement Warranty

dji osmo action camera pros and cons
  • Brand- Orzero
  • Material- Tempered Glass
  • Hardness- 9H
  • Anti-fingerprint coating, Smooth glass touch, 99% transparency
  • Ultra HD clarity, Scratch-resistant
  • Bubble-free and easy installation
  • You also get dust-remover, screen wipe, and lint-free dry cloth
  • Come with the lifetime replacement warranty
  • Bubble-free, easy installation
  • The package comprises three screen protectors, three lens protectors, and one cleaning cloth

If you seek to protect the screen and lens of your action digital cam at an affordable price, then the Orzero tempered glass screen should be in your cart.

This product is specially designed for DJI OSMO Action and offers full-screen protection. The 0.33mm thickness, 2.5D round edge, and 99% HD clarity gives you the experience of touching an original screen.

The screen protector holds a 9H strong hardness, which prevents it from getting scratched by any external objects. In addition, you get a dust remover, screen wipe, and lint-free dry cloth for easy installation.

Lastly, your purchase is protected by Orzero Service and Lifetime Replacement warranty.


  • Thin glass
  • 9H strong hardness
  • The round edge gives it the sleek look
  • Come with a dust remover, screen wipe, and lint-free dry cloth
  • Come with a lifetime replacement warranty
  • Easy to install


  • Specially designed for DJI OSMO Action only

4. FitStill 45m Underwater Dive Compatible Double Lock Waterproof Case

action camera lens protector
  • Brand- FitStill
  • Material- Tempered Glass
  • Strong & sturdy build
  • It has a sponge bar for screen protection
  • Upgraded waterproof design
  • Ultra-thick tempered glass makes it easy to get HD images & videos
  • Come with a powerful double lock that prevents accidental collisions & damage
  • Waterproof up to 45m underwater
  • Professional optical lenses assist in taking HD pictures underwater
  • Ideal for diving, surfing, snorkeling, and other water sports activities
  • Come with a 30-day money-back guarantee & lifetime warranty

For all the extreme water sports lovers who want to capture their once-in-lifetime experiences, the double lock waterproof protector by FitStill is the best purchase.

The case comes with a powerful double lock that avoids opening the housing due to accidental collisions. Its waterproof design makes it ideal for extreme activities. Not only this, you can use it for 45m underwater activities without worrying about ruining your camera.

The large flat glass lens delivers maximum image sharpness above & below water.

In addition, professional optical lenses make it possible to take HD pictures underwater without any impact of light refraction. Furthermore, this waterproof comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This FitStill case is compatible with GoPro Hero 7 Black/ Hero 6 / hero 5 / Hero HD (2018).


  • Come with a 30-day money-back guarantee & lifetime warranty
  • Strong & sturdy build
  • Ideal for diving, surfing, snorkeling, and other water sports activities
  • Waterproof up to 45m underwater
  • Makes it easy to take HD pictures underwater
  • Easy to install


  • Compatible with GoPro Hero 7 Black/ Hero 6 / hero 5 / Hero HD (2018) only
  • Costly

5. TEKCAM Protective Storage Case With Easy-To-Carry Handle Design

Best Action Camera Protector Options in 2022
  • Brand- TEKCAM
  • Material- Eva, Nylon
  • Durable nylon shell with smooth zipper
  • High-density foam padding for extra protection
  • Grid isolated design, Dustproof, Shockproof, Waterproof
  • Sleek & compact, Lightweight, Handle design for easy carrying
  • Compatible with Gopro, AKASO, brave 4, Campark, ODRVM, DJI OSMO ACTION, & other brands

Another storage case that will ensure the safety & security of your compact action cam is TEKCAM’s action camera carrying case.

This case allows you to keep your camera and all of its accessories well-organized in one place.

The case is made of Eva & nylon, making it highly durable and water-resistant. The interior is padded with high-density foam, with perfectly shaped compartments to place everything comfortably.

The case has a zipper closure type and a convenient handle to carry it by hand. Furthermore, the sleek, compact & lightweight design makes it easy to carry and store in your backpacks or carry-ons. With your camera placed in this case, you can ensure its safety from water, bumps, dents, and scratches.

In addition, this carrying case is available in small, medium, and large. You can choose the size that suits you best as per your needs.

Lastly, there is a mesh bag on the lif to store the accessories that do not fit in the pre-cut shapes on the interior.


  • Portable
  • Shaped compartments for camera & its accessories
  • Water-resistant
  • Shockproof
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in three sizes: small, medium, large


  • Pricey

6. FINEST+ Hydrophobic Tempered Glass Screen Protector With Installation Guide Kit

best ways to protect your action camera
  • Brand- FINEST+
  • Material- Tempered Glass
  • 9H surface hardness
  • Anti-scratch, Anti-explosion quality
  • Hydrophobic screen coating, High definition clarity viewing
  • Anti-fingerprint, Bubble-free, Sensitive touch
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero & Go Pro
  • Easy to install, Come with an installation guide kit.
  • In the package, you get 2pcs tempered glass back screen protector, 2pcs tempered glass front screen protector, and 2pcs protective film.

If you do not want to spend too much on securing your action camera, then the screen protectors from Finest are your best buy.

You get tempered glass for your lens, back screen, and a protective film for your front display. The protector has high transparency. It provides you with high definition and clear viewing.

The glass screen has a customized hydrophobic oleophobic coating which protects your screen against water, sweat & oil residue from fingerprints and retains the high-sensitivity touch response.

The 9H hardness of the glass protects your lens & screen from high-impact drops, scratches, bumps, and scrapes. Not only this, but this sturdy glass will also protect your camera from sharp objects like keys, knives, & others.

Furthermore, a complete installation accessory kit comes in the package to make the installation easy for you. Lastly, you get the HD clarity view from these protective glasses with no glares or distortion.


  • Affordable
  • Shatter-proof
  • HD clarity
  • Come with an installation guide kit
  • Customized Hydrophobic screen coating makes it anti-water/oil/fingerprint
  • Bubble-free installation
  • Retains the touch sensitivity of your camera screen


  • A few customers have had issues with the size

7. SUREWO Travel-Friendly Double Zipper Design Hard Carrying Case For Action Cams

outdoor camera protector
  • Brand- SUREWO
  • Material- Polyurethane
  • Compact
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Water-resistant, Damp proof
  • Lightweight, The double zipper design makes it easy to use even with attached accessories
  • Portable
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero, JI Osmo Action, AKASO, Campark, Crosstour, and other action cams

Whether you are looking for a DJI action camera protector or a GoPro shield, the hard carrying case by SUREWO can give it to you. This mini storage case works wonderfully in keeping your action Digi cam safe & protected under any circumstances. The case has a high-quality PU surface that provides water and damp resistance. It has a double zipper design that helps in using this case when you want to install a mount like a selfie stick.

This compact product can be used as a storage box and a protective case.

In addition, the compact size makes it ideal for every trip. You can carry it in your hands, hook it to your clothes/backpack, or keep it inside your bag.


  • Water-resistant
  • Suitable for most action cameras
  • Portable
  • Easy to use double zipper design


  • The zipper is not waterproof

Things To Look For When Buying Best Action Camera Protectors

If you are looking for ways to protect your mini adventure camera, you need to find a product that is best compatible with your model.

You must look for certain features in a product to ensure you make the right purchase.

Here we list some crucial features you should keep in mind when narrowing down your choices.

  • Durability

It will help if you look for a highly durable product that can withstand whatever you throw at it. Make sure the product is made of good quality material and has a sturdy build which ensures long usage.

  • Weight & Size

The size and weight of the protector should be in proportion to your camera. It should not be too bulky to weigh down your cam. Also, the wrong size will offer no protection under any circumstances.

  • Water-Resistance

Action cameras are mostly used by adventure & extreme sports lovers. So, looking for a protector that at least offers a waterproofing feature is better.

With this feature, you can take pictures & videos even underwater. Thus, ensure the product is water resistant.

  • Ease Of Use

Another thing to consider is how easy or hard it is to use a product. It is a waste if you can not easily put on and take off the protector at your convenience. So check if using the product is okay with you or not.

  • Scratch-Resistance

One of the most common issues with any camera is the scratches on the lenses & screens.

So, check if your protector provides any shield against scratches. It should be made of scratch-resistant material.

  • Carrying strap & handle

It is not always gloomy to carry your camera in your hands. If you want a protective case, look for one with good quality straps & handles. The durable buckles or latches ensure the case won’t come undone easily. The straps & handles made from nylon or fabric are the best ones as they don’t easily tear on sharp or rough objects or surfaces.

  • Warranty

No matter how superior, a digital item can break out of the blue. So, it is better to protect your purchase with a warranty. Most companies offer some kind of warranty with their models. You either get a 30-day money-back guarantee or a lifetime warranty based on your chosen brand.

  • Price

The market is filled with different kinds of protectors varying in price. The more the price, the better the features & protection.

To ensure you do not go overboard with the purchase, make a budget and purchase under it only.

Top FAQs About Best Action Camera Protector Options in 2023

What are the DJI Osmo action camera pros and cons?

DJI is one of the prominent names in America regarding action cameras. The company is known for building some of the best compact digital cams for adventure lovers.

OSMO, ACTION, and ACTION 2 are some of the most popular models by the company.


  • High definition quality
  • Compact
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • It can be mounted on any surface


  • Expensive
What are the action camera’s advantages and disadvantages?

Action cameras are the more compact versions of regular digital cameras. Although they are quite appealing, they are ideal for vloggers, moviemakers, extreme sports lovers, surfers, divers, & other adventure seekers.


  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to use
  • Most come as waterproof
  • HD quality
  • You can take pictures and videos
  • You can extend the memory by using an SD card with a bigger storage space


  • Lenses & screens are prone to scratches
  • Models with the best features can be pricey
Do I need an outdoor camera protector?

YES. If you own a compact Digi cam, you must know how pricey the item can be. If you want to get the worth of your money, you need to take good care of it.

A camera protector will ensure the overall security of your camera. 

It will protect the lens & screen from getting scratches, fingerprints, oil marks, & others. Simultaneously, it ensures no damage to the body due to any shock, bumps, fall, & other incidents. Thus, owning a product that can secure your investment in your camera is a big win.

Do camera protectors reduce quality?

Whether a product claiming to protect your camera’s lens & screen reduces its overall quality depends on the product’s and your application’s quality.

If you buy something cheap with poor building materials, you might see distortion in your image quality.

In addition, if you do not place the protector correctly, it can lead to similar results.

But many products offer supreme quality. They’re made of high-quality materials giving HD imaging, bubble-free application, and superior clarity.

So, ensure you buy the quality item and use it properly.

Which is the best camera lens protector?

When it comes to the best, the Ultrathin clear-tempered screen protector from PCTC is our top choice.

The protector is tempered glass, holds 9H hardness, and offers 99.99% clarity. In addition, it is anti-glare, has oleophobic waterproof properties, and offers edge-to-edge full-screen coverage.

It is a good value-for-money item. The only disadvantage is that it comes with no warranty.

How do I protect my camera from scratches?

If you want to protect your camera from scratches, then there are a few things that you can start doing:

  • Keep your camera in a separate case
  • Shield the lens & screen by installing a glass protector
  • Clean your camera regularly
What are the Best Action Camera Protector Options in 2023?

If you are thinking of buying an action camera protector to secure your mini Digi cam, then our list of the top products of 2023 can help you with the task.

Check out our top handpicked items below:

How do I protect my GoPro?

If you want to protect your GoPro mini cam, have its lens & screen laminated with protection glass and store it separately in a case (specially designed for it).


Buying an action camera protector can help you keep your adventure cam safe and use it for much longer. A well-shielded action cam can give you better picture quality and memories worth sharing with your close ones.

We hope our list of top seven protectors for action digital cameras helps you decide which type of protection you want and what is the best product to achieve it.

Do not forget to comment about your best choice from all the mentioned products.

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