9 Best Bucket Seats For Daily Driving Review 2023 To Buy Online

best bucket seats for daily driving

Whether you buy the seats for motor racing or daily, you will feel comfortable and safe in bucket seats. So, we’ve come up with the best bucket seats for daily driving. We’ve compiled this list so you won’t have to do the hard work and pick the best fit.

In contrast, a bucket seat is a rounded seat to fit only one person. A bucket seat is round because it allows the person to sit in very easily. A bucket seat provides immense comfort and safety. It hugs you completely, so you stay stable on the seat.

Firstly, the problem with regular or bench seats is that they can’t hold you during twists and turns. However, bucket seats hold you like a bear hug. Companies make bucket seats universally fit; these seats can fit any road vehicle.

Price is one thing you should keep in mind before buying. Otherwise, bucket seats are perfect for any vehicle. The price of these seats varies depending on their specifications and materials.

Therefore, choices are endless if you’re looking for bucket seats. So, we’re helping by reviewing and narrowing down the best racing seats for daily drivers.

9 Picks For Most Comfortable Aftermarket Car Seats

Aftermarket bucket seats are one of the most important upgrades for anyone trying to improve their automobile.

From improving the aesthetics of your daily driver’s interior to driving to the max on the track, you’ll find an aftermarket seat that fits your needs.

Below we present you with 9 of the best racing seats for daily drivers for various needs, on or off the track.

  1. Sparco R100 Black/Red SeatWIILAYOK 2PCS Leather Racing Seats
  2. WIILAYOK 2PCS Leather Racing Seats
  3. ModifyStreet 1 Pair Universal Leather Racing Seats
  4. Type-R Style Black Faux Leather Reclinable Sport Racing Seats
  5. FRP-310 Pair Of Fiber Glass Bucket Style Racing Seats
  6. NETAMI NT-5101 Racing Seat With Carbon Fiber Texture Red/Black
  7. JEGS Pro High Back II Race Seat
  8. NRG Innovations Alcantara Bucket Racing Seat
  9. MOMO Daytona 1074BLK Racing Seat

Top Things To Consider Before Buying Bucket Seats

A comfortable and safe seat is essential whether you race or drive for daily commutes. And bucket seats are a great option to consider. Bucket seats have fixed back, reclining, and 5-6 point harness capability. 

Furthermore, being in the car for an extended period can cause back strain. So, seating ergonomics plays a very important role. A bucket seat supports the body and allows a longer period of sitting with less fatigue.

Therefore, if you are looking for the most comfortable aftermarket bucket seats, you must consider some things. You should look for seats with FIA approval, quality, and safety standards. So, we’ve noted down some of the crucial things you should consider before purchasing.

A. FIA Approval & HANS Compatibility

If you own a racing car and do professional racing, any motorsport organization requires FIA-approved seats. Also, understand that standards have changed from “8855-1999” to “8862-2009.”

The key difference in standards is that the new standards simulate four impacts instead of three. The changes include the integration of stiff, energy-absorbing foam for the head, shoulder, and pelvic areas.

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HANS stands for Hand and Neck System, and the HANS device is known as Frontal Head Restraint (FHR). Organizations require this device in seats to reduce severe injuries during racing crashes. HANS-compatible cars have room for harnesses without compromising the safety of your head and neck. 

B. Adjustable Design

The availability of bucket seats depends on whether you have a two-door or four-door car. This will determine if you can recline when it comes to driving comfortably.

However, a reclinable seat is a personal choice. If you prefer non-reclinable seats, your car will have plenty of space on the rear seats. And you can also incorporate sliding mechanisms to access the rear seats from the front seats.

C. Comfort

Comfort is the prominent feature of any bucket seat you should consider. Whether you are a racer or drive your car daily, comfort should be our priority. Irrespective of your driving standards, you spend a lot of time in cars, and you don’t want a back sprain.

However, the right padding balance in your seat ensures the comfort level of any seat. It is essential because if your car’s seats don’t have enough padding, it could lead to discomfort. And it can also cause too much movement while turning your vehicle.

Moreover, If you don’t find yourself in discomfort, you can also use cushions. Also, you can easily remove those cushions when you need to drive on a racetrack.

D. Compatibility

When it comes to bucket seats, very few manufacturers make specific fit seats. Mostly, the brands make universal fit bucket seats for racing cars and road cars. 

But choosing the right one for your car is important because sometimes car specifications also affect the seat installation.

Moreover, you have to replace the mechanism connected with older seats. Otherwise, the seat could not withstand the force endured by the track. Yet, you may have to buy the mechanism separately.

E. Weight

Whenever you are looking for a bucket seat, weight is always a plus. It is because bucket seats weigh significantly less than your regular seats. The lighter the weight, the better seat will be for you.

However, the bucket seats weigh about 15 to 50 lbs, depending on the quality of the material. It is worth noting that lighter buckets are pricier because companies use high-quality materials to achieve lightness.

5 Different Types Of Bucket Seats For Daily Driving

Bucket seats are stylish in a car, but they are also the most comfortable place to sit.

Although bucket seats are commonly associated with sports cars, they may be found in various vehicles. There are many kinds of bucket seats, some for one person and some for two people.

1. Individual Bucket Seats

Individual bucket chairs are one of the best racing seats for daily drivers. They’ll generally be dressed in leather for a more elegant look if they’re in a sports car.

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The bucket seat has the distinct advantage of allowing the driver to sink deeper into it. Some will be all-encompassing, with the headrest integrated into the seat, while others will be independent.

The seat wraps around the driver considerably, and it’s easier to control. The extra relaxation of bucket seats is beneficial with stiffer sports vehicles.

2. 45/45 Bucket Seats

This type of bucket seat can hold two people. The focus, in this case, is on comfort and elegance rather than assisting the driver. The 45/45 designation denotes that the bucket seats provide equal space for the driver and the passenger.

The bucket seats provide a much more comfortable ride since they sit lower and are enclosed in the seat. Also, this is the most common type of twin bucket seat.

3. 60/40 Bucket Seats

60/40 bucket seats are another bucket seat type that provides more room for the driver than the passenger. Although, these seats are very comfortable for both the driver and the passenger.

These seats are not usually desirable since they’re not balanced equally and are off-centered. Most of these bucket seats are an aftermarket addition to the car. Also, these are one of the most comfortable aftermarket bucket seats.

4. 40/60 Bucket Seats

The 40-60 bucket seats are almost the same as 60/40, but in 40/60, the driver will have less space. Due to this, the passenger can stretch out and relax, whereas the driver can’t move too much. However, this doesn’t mean that the driver will feel discomfort.

Same as the 60/40 seats, these seats are also an aftermarket addition. You can get the installation done at aftermarket seat stores.

5. Captains Chair

Captain’s chair is a bucket seat that provides immense comfort and armrests. You can only find these seats in Trucks and RVs. These seats are a combination of armchairs and bucket seats.

Moreover, these bucket seats are more upright than most other bucket seats. You can also turn the seat towards the passengers’ faces in front and rear.

9 Best Bucket Seats For Daily Driving You Can Buy In 2023

Even in normal driving conditions, your car’s original seats may be insufficient in safety and reliability. Purchasing racing seats is one method to change that. Yes, those aren’t only for Nascar and Formula One drivers.

You can enjoy having one of these seats daily, traveling to work, and picking up the kids. Also, tuning your vehicle and installing racing seats might provide safety and reliability.

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Racing chairs with higher upper body and leg supports help drivers avoid slipping out of their seats during fast corners or accelerating. Additionally, it prevents drivers from losing control of their vehicles or misjudging distances.

We’re covering the 9 best-racing seats for daily drivers with that in mind. Keep reading and find the best fit for your car.

1. Sparco R100 Black/Red Seat

best bucket seats for daily driving
  • Brand: Sparco
  • Color: Black/Red
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Tubular steel frame
  • Bottom mount capability
  • Compatible with 3 or 4-point harness
  • Low bolstering for a wider application range

The first is the Sparco R100 Black/Red Seat, which has proven to be one of the best bucket seats for daily driving.

Some of the major highlights are the extra comfort and safety precautions and the ability for off-road driving. These seats can withstand the bump and tumbles of the road. And it provides the driver with rear comfort and no back or neck strain after riding on such shaky terrain.

The features and function of these seats are extremely simple; they are made from tubular steel, with a black ring around the seats to give the appearance of a race car. The seats are available in a range of colors and designs. They may even be personalized after paying a bit too much money.

It features a red outline on the seat and a black front and back. Seats come with seat belts and a streamlined appearance thanks to side frame cushioning.

The thigh comforter is more buff and has more cushioned cushions. It provides the driver with a solid hold on the seat and makes the racing experience worthwhile.

Furthermore, it suits all universal-style racing vehicles, fitting a wide range of racing cars. You’ve come to the right spot to seek the best racing seats for daily drivers.


  • Uses good-quality steel
  • Comfortable and durable
  • It can be customized


  • Expensive
  • You have to buy each seat separately

2. WIILAYOK 2PCS Leather Racing Seats

best racing seats for daily driver
  • Brand: WIILAYOK
  • Color: Beige
  • Material: Leather
  • 180-degree backrest adjustability
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Easy to install
  • Injection molded foam

The WIILAYOK 2PCS Leather Racing Seats offer a one-of-a-kind, never-before-seen appearance, and design. This brand uses the best leather to provide the chairs with a sleek, silky, and comfy feel. Also these seats emerge as one of the best bucket seats for daily driving.

The chairs can also be easily adjusted, so these are the seats to have if you are planning a long road trip. Seats can be easily angled back by pulling the side clips back; this is important for passenger comfort.

A sturdy and durable steel frame supports these seats, as did the previous ones. It is necessary for a driver to feel comfortable in the lower back and shoulders when driving and racing.

Moreover, you can save time and money by doing the installation yourself. Instructions for installing the racing seats are included in the instruction manual, making the installation process very easy.


  • Affordable and comfortable
  • Solid and durable steel frame
  • It can be installed with ease


  • The stitching isn’t fine enough to last a long time

3. ModifyStreet 1 Pair Universal Leather Racing Seats

most comfortable aftermarket car seats
  • Brand: ModifyStreet
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Pineapple seat fabric, PVC leather
  • Many color options
  • Vents near the headrest
  • Comfortable and  safe
  • Steel frame cover

The ModifyStreet 1 Pair Universal Leather Racing Seats are excellent for your racing automobile. In its name, the vibrant addition of color draws the attention of anyone looking for personalized seat covers. Also, these are one of the most comfortable aftermarket car seats.

These creative blue seats are high-quality, long-lasting, comfy, and secure for racing vehicle drivers. In addition to its woven fabric, this car seat also has steel frame coverings in foam that offer comfort and essential safety to the rider and driver.

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These seats offer important comfort and security to all hard-core drivers and off-roaders. Moreover, they are available in various colors, with blue being the most popular. These car seats have a colorful center and back with black trim and sides.

A pair of window-shaped vents are located just behind the headrest. The thigh rest is elevated slightly, giving the driver a more comfortable and form-fitting experience. Seat belts are not pre-attached. Therefore you may need to purchase them individually.


  • Appealing color and design
  • High-quality use of fabric
  • Steel frames are covered with cushions


  • The seat sits too high
  • Uncomfortable posture
  • Threading holes start to get rusty quicker

4. Auto Dynasty Type-R Style Black Racing Seats

most comfortable aftermarket bucket seats
  • Brand: Auto Dynasty
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Faux leather
  • High performance
  • Shoulder and back support
  • Deep thigh bolsters
  • Universal sliders included

These racing seats are a great choice if you like leather chairs over dull fabric seats. These leather seats are pretty close to the conventional Type-R type.

The trim and seat colors differ, adding a distinctive touch and a very eye-catching appeal to these seats. These fashionable trimmings are available in various colors, with red being the most popular.

These faux leather seats are shining and have colored glitter. There are adjustable clips at the bottom of the seat to correct posture. So if you have lower back or shoulder strain, these seats are ideal for you.

Faux leather covers the side thigh and body trim. And the headrest is simple, and there are two large oval-shaped slots below the headrest for added style.

The side trims are rigid and include foam cushions for extra comfort. These faux leather seat sets do not come with seat brackets. You have to buy the seat brackets additionally. But still the seats are one of the most comfortable aftermarket car seats.


  • Easy to install
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Comfortable and durable in every aspect


  • Expensive
  • It might rip in hot weather

5. FRP-310 Pair Of Fiber Glass Bucket Style Racing Seats

best aftermarket seats for comfort
  • Brand: Auto Dynasty
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Glass
  • High-quality fiberglass
  • Deep thigh bolsters
  • Injection molded foam
  • Includes mounting brackets

The FRP-310 Pair Of Fiber Glass Bucket Style Racing Seats is our sixth choice. These racing seats are fiberglass and covered in high-quality fabric to improve their appearance and feel.

Moreover, fiberglass weighs less than regular material, so the seats are light and simple to install. Also, these seats are simple to clean and manage.

The seats come with full black trim, full black seat coverings, and bucket-type seats with two ear-like curved head comforters.

Seat belt cups are pre-installed, and the thigh cushion is thick and soft. It provides the driver with comfort and a solid grip. These chairs are made of robust materials and features, and the steel frames are cushioned for enhanced protection.

This product is ideal for both on-road and off-road activities; the pair can easily handle the road’s challenges. These chairs are inexpensive and come in pairs of two, providing a lot for low prices.


  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design


  • The waist grip isn’t tight
  • Velcro used is cheap and will wear out quickly

6. NETAMI NT-5101 Racing Seat With Carbon Fiber Texture

aftermarket luxury car seats
  • Brand: NETAMI
  • Color: Red/Black
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Shoulder and lumbar support
  • Reclinable
  • Quick release tilt
  • Includes universal slider

NETAMI Racing Seat is durable and sturdy. The design of these racing seats is adjustable, allowing for a firm straight posture for a lengthy road trip to a sporting event.

You can move the clip on the bottom of the seatback to get access to the seat’s adjustable feature.

The bright red primary color catches the attention. And the appearance and construction of these seats are a little distinctive. A steel frame and foamy padding provide comfort and security.

Furthermore, the headrest is not too high and is adequately defined to ensure comfort. The thigh support has a low and high back, making it ideal for the lower back.

Drivers will appreciate that the seats tilt easily and can quickly access the back seat. When it comes to on-road comfort, the carbon fiber seats certainly set the bar high. Usually, such a sort is always advisable.

The seat is available in various colors and patterns, including red and black, gray, blue, and a solid black version. And the seats are one of the best bucket seats for daily driving in this list.


  • Comfortable
  • Unique design
  • Durable and safe


  • Heavy to load

7. JEGS Pro High Back II Race Seat

custom comfort car seats
  • Brand: JEGS
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • High-quality double wall shell
  • Seat covers available
  • Back, lumbar, and side support
  • Comfortable and stylish

Both rodders and drag racers love the JEGS Pro High Back II race seat. Its dual-wall shell, made of high-density polyethylene, provides maximum strength and back, lumbar, and side support.

However, even without the seat cover, it is remarkably comfy, despite its minimalist, vaguely 1960s appearance. Most automobile interiors look great with a black finish.

Most racing regulations require that these seats have safety harness apertures with separate shoulder strap mounting. Drivers say the JEGS seats are also great for Jeeps, dune buggies, and other off-road vehicles since they clean up quickly.

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Some consumers complained that the bottom mounting bolts were misaligned, making installation more difficult; however, this is not true for all seats. But these seats are still one of the people’s favorites and one of the best bucket seats for daily driving. 


  • Dirt cheap
  • Excellent support
  • Made in the USA


  • Not FIA certified
  • Seat covers are sold separately
  • Installation issues reported

8. NRG Innovations Alcantara Bucket Racing Seat

best bucket seats for daily driving
  • Brand: NRG Innovations
  • Color: Black/Glitter
  • Material: Glass
  • FIA certified
  •  Sturdy fiberglass frame
  • Durable fiberglass
  • Woven upholstery

The racing seat from NRG Innovations has a sturdy fiberglass frame and injection-molded foam and woven fabric for form-fitting comfort. You can recognize these seats as one of the best bucket seats for daily driving.

It suits a 4-point harness, but it will also work with 5- and 6-point harnesses. Sim racing enthusiasts spend hours training in front of their screens like this seat.

However, this seat has a height of 36 inches, 21 inches from front to back, and a shoulder width of 24 inches. And this seat is a suitable fit for taller drivers. Additionally, it accepts either side or bottom mounting brackets, giving you additional options for installation.

Although FIA does not certify this NRG seat, the overall strength and fiberglass mold quality are the finest. It also has long-lasting supportive cushioning and will provide you with a value-for-money option.

It’s ideal for club events, but if your racing sanction demands an FIA-certified seat, don’t worry—we’ve listed a few further on this page.


  • Form-fitting support
  • Durable fiberglass frame
  • Accommodates side or bottom mount brackets


  • Not FIA certified
  • It may not fit in some smaller cars
  • Not the best 6-point harness solution

9. MOMO Daytona 1074BLK Racing Seat

most comfortable aftermarket car seats
  • Brand: MOMO
  • Color: Black/Yellow
  • Material: Black fiber
  • FIA-certified fiberglass
  • Maximum safety standards
  • Airnet technology
  • Comfortable and durable

MOMO is known for its high-quality, cutting-edge products that combine advanced technology with innovative design concepts. The MOMO Daytona 1074 racing seat lives up to the MOMO brand.

A HANS-compliant, FIA-certified fiberglass bucket seat reduces lateral helmet motion to keep the driver’s head safe. A black fiber covers the seat.

An innovative Airnet technology material provides optimal air movement and moisture permeability. And these racing seats are one of the best bucket seats for daily driving.

It comes with a detachable double-leg cushion that provides extra support. The seat is extremely lightweight, weighing only 22 pounds even with the additional cushion.


  • HANS Compatible
  • FIA approved
  • Lightweight


  • Too large for small sports cars or compacts
  • Not for daily driving
  • High price

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Are Racing Seats Comfortable For Daily Driving?

Yes, these seats are meant to be used for both off-road and racing and typical on-road driving. These gamer-styled bucket seats have additional features to boost their appearance. Racing seats improve the attitude and appearance of any automobile, regardless of the model.

Some racing seats have re-adjustable clips to modify the seat’s posture. Sitting in the same position for long periods might injure your lower back.

How Long Does It Take To Install Racing Seats?

The weight and size of the seats affect every aspect, especially if you’re installing them yourself. If you hire a professional, the process will take longer since you must transport your car to an auto shop.

Lightweight racing seats are usually simple because the instruction manual explains everything clearly. Nonetheless, you will need sufficient muscle power to carry a big load.

Are Bucket Seats Bad For Your Back?

Even though bucket seats come in various styles, some have thigh, back, and shoulder support. If you want to pick the one that best fits your posture, bucket chairs are pretty comfortable for the lower back.

It is common for people to complain about stiff chairs causing shoulder pain. However, you can avoid this by selecting the appropriate racing seat.

How Long Are Racing Seats Good For?

The seats will endure much longer if the stitching and fabric are high quality. However, different factors such as the type of driving the seats will be used must be considered.

The seats will last long if driven on-road daily, but rough off-road spots and unsteady driving damage the seats. If the car stays in the sun for a long period without being driven, UV radiation can damage the seat and create wear and tear.

How Do I Choose A Racing Seat?

Racing seats vary depending on your height, posture, and vehicle state. Racing seats can be light and easy to install, but a professional installation is imperative. In either case, the best way to choose is via experience.

You may also measure your height and search up options online; this way, you can buy your automobile’s correct racing seat style based on your leg length.

Can I Put Racing Seats In A Normal Car?

Yes, racing seats aren’t exclusive to any vehicle or limited to only racing vehicles. You can use them if the interior isn’t too outdated.

Racing seats are perfect for everyday use since they don’t suffer the damage that racing seats do.

Final Thoughts

We’ve compiled a list of the best bucket seats for daily driving to ensure comfort and safety for both passengers and driver. Adding custom racing seats to the latest model car is an excellent way to customize the seats and stand out from the crowd.

The Sparco R100 Black/Red Seat comes highly recommended; everything about these seats fits everyone’s needs and is an excellent choice for on-road and off-road racers.

Don’t spend any more time and purchase yourself a pair right away. Alternatively, you may select from the list above, including some of the best.

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