7 Best Automotive Paint For Plastic Bumpers Review (2023 Buying Guide)

best paint for plastic bumpers

As you know, due to harsh weather and general wear and tear, cars tend to lose their shine and appearance. And car bumpers are the most susceptible to the rust, dust, and grime that cars pick up while driving. However, with the best paint for plastic bumpers, we simply protect their looks and enhance their appearance.

Today’s bumpers take up a large area at the front and rear of vehicles. Unfortunately, after vehicles are purchased and put on the road, the appearance of the bumpers will eventually succumb to weathering, sand, gravel, and other paint-damaging debris.

All of these items can cause a vehicle’s plastic parts to start looking worn. You can help these pieces look new again by painting them with automotive paint for plastic bumpers. Painting plastic bumpers are an inexpensive way to increase their value and give your vehicle the shine it deserves.

Many paints are now available for all auto parts. But finding the right paint for plastic bumpers can be a nightmare for any motorist.

However, for our readers, we have researched many products and compiled a list of the best paint for plastic bumpers that will save you time and make the most of your hard-earned penny.

Top Picks For Automotive Paint For Plastic Bumpers In 2023

Vehicle plastic bumpers are easily soiled by road dust, scratches, mud, and corrosion. Therefore, you need to protect it, otherwise, its value and appearance will gradually decrease. In such a situation, the right plastic bumper colour is essential.

There are a plethora of painting options for auto parts. However, some of them are suitable for plastic components such as bumpers. You know that our car experts are always ready to help you when buying car parts.

That’s why today we’ve selected the 7 best spray paint for plastic bumpers that offer full coverage and work quickly and inexpensively. These paints are suitable for the plastic exterior parts of your car and give them a new shine.

Our Pick1
automotive paint for plastic bumpers
Krylon K01303007 Acrylic Crystal Clear Spray Paint
  • Size: 11 Ounce¬†
  • Item Form: Aerosol
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Dry Time: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Provides a permanent gloss finish
best paint for automotive plastic
ColorBond (1870) Hard Plastic Refinisher Spray Paint
  • Specific Uses For Product: Interior
  • Size: 12 Ounce
  • Item Form: Aerosol
  • Multi-surface paint
  • Bonds in 10 minutes
  • OEM specified
painting plastic bumpers black
Performix 11203 Plasti Dip Black Multi-Purpose Paint
  • Size: 11 Ounce
  • Item Form: Aerosol
  • Multi-purpose paint
  • Flexible/insulating/non-slip coating
  • Moisture, acids, and corrosion resistant

Buyers Guide To Best Paint For Plastic Bumpers

You want a great finish and long-lasting colour for your plastic bumpers at a very affordable price. It sounds easy, but it is a time-consuming process. Finding good and quality products for your car requires the right knowledge about it.

Do not panic, we will tell you some important points to take into account before making the final purchase of the best paint for plastic bumpers. Look at them

– Brand

A premium brand will give better results than a regular quality product. The same goes for spray paint for car bumpers. So first see which are the best brands that produce paints for different parts of the car.

Next, consult its characteristics and top specifications that adapt to your car and your needs. After analyzing all the factors, choose the best ones and give yourself a relaxing moment.

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– Finish Type

There are mainly two types of finishes that are obtained after painting a car. Glossy and matte. The main difference between a gloss finish and a matte finish is that gloss paint has a glossy finish and a matte finish is dull.

An additional layer of shimmer is added to the colour to reflect light and create a glossy finish. A matte finish offers a natural look to the surface. However, most people prefer a high gloss finish for their cars.

– Drying Time

Drying time is also an important aspect to consider while buying the best paint for plastic bumpers. Because you do not want a colour that takes longer to dry.

Good quality paint always takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to dry. So choose a colour that has less drying time and will give you the best finish you want.

– Amount of Paint

You need a fair amount of paint fluid for any auto part paint job. Some manufacturers put a small amount of coloured liquid in their containers.

So you should check the quality of the paint before you buy it, otherwise, you will run out of paint to paint plastic bumpers or other parts.

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The correct quality of coloured liquid varies between 10 and 15 ounces. However, you must also consider the area you wish to paint.

Right Nozzle for Paint

The right nozzle is also an important point to check before buying paint. You should have a nozzle size of 1.7 to 2.2 to get a good result in your bumper area. Hence, it is also an important consideration because it takes less time to get effective results.

– Budget

Affordability is a key point to consider. Choose quality automotive paint for plastic bumpers according to your budget. Because low quality gives you the results you want.

If you are spending more than your budget on quality products, don’t hesitate, there are long-lasting results and excellent value for money.

7 Best Paint For Plastic Bumpers Review To Buy Online

Whether you’re looking to give your vehicle a new look or just want to touch up a few scratches and nicks, there’s a bumper colour for every need. And if you decide to do it yourself, choosing the right spray paint for your plastic bumper is no easy task.

Because there are a number of product lines and brands of spray paints on the market, not all of them will be right for you.

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That’s why we made a list of the 7 best spray paint for plastic bumpers. Each of the products we list comes with detailed information so you can choose the right product at a great price.

1. Rust-Oleum 251574 11-Ounce Trim Black Paint

best spray paint for plastic bumpers
  • Paint Type: Enamel
  • Brand: Rust-Oleum
  • Colour: Black
  • Unit Count: 11.0 Ounce
  • Specific Uses For Product: Interior/Exterior
  • Finish Type: Matte
  • Item Form: Spray
  • OEM colour match
  • Fast Dry
  • Stops Rust formula
  • Any-angle spray technology
  • Comfort-tip spray nozzle

Rust-Oleum 251574 is a high-quality, easy-to-use plastic bumper finish with excellent rust-inhibiting properties. In addition, it is perfectly suitable for both exterior and interior use, so it can be applied to practically any type of car surface such as plastic, ceramic, metal, etc.

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Plus, it offers long-lasting protection and you finally get the full value for your money. It’s also equipped with a comfortable spray nozzle that reduces finger fatigue, allowing you to easily reach hard-to-reach paint areas.

It is designed to offer the OEM colour combination in a weather-resistant finish that will stand up to daily wear and tear. Plus, it ranks high on the durability scale and resists scratches and scuffs.

Rust-Oleum 251574 is our top recommendation for paint for plastic bumpers, as it does an excellent job of restoring and restoring the colour and shine of automotive plastics, including bumpers.


  • Offers high gloss finish
  • Good coverage
  • Easy to use
  • It is very durable
  • Any-angle spray technology
  • Quickly dry


  • Colours options are limited

2. SEM 39103 Black Original Flexible Bumper Coater Aerosol

what is the best paint for plastic bumpers
  • Surface Recommendation: Bumper
  • Brand: SEM
  • Colour: Black
  • Unit Count: 12 Ounce
  • Item Form: Aerosol
  • Item Volume: 12 Fluid Ounces
  • Offers durable gloss finish
  • Low VOC content
  • Deliver OEM finish
  • Provide superior adhesion

SEM 39103 Bumper Coating Sprays are used to give original colour to plastic bumpers. is a flexible colour that moves with your bumper to give it back its OEM depth and vibrancy.

It works on aluminium, plastic, and steel, so you can work with this colour no matter what material your bumper is made of. It is easy to use and helps the user by providing simple and easy-to-understand instructions right on the can.

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However, we will emphasize that it takes longer to dry enough to handle, so you’ll need to speed up your project accordingly. However, the extra effort is well worth it for long-lasting, professional-looking results.

You can use SEM Black Bumper Cladding on your black front/rear bumper for a new factory look. It also shows good results on plastic coatings. Your goal is to restore the old black paint on your car’s bumper to its former glory while giving it a factory look.


  • Excellent adhesion and durability
  • Matches OEM appearance
  • Flexible finish
  • Ensures high-level painting


  • Takes more time to dry

3. VHT Hood, Bumper & Trim Satin Spray Black Paint

best aerosol paint system for plastic bumpers
  • Paint Type: Spray
  • Surface Recommendation: Plastic
  • Brand: VHT
  • Colour: Black
  • Unit Count: 11.0 Ounce
  • Finish Type: Satin
  • Item Volume: 11 Fluid Ounces
  • Dry Time: 30 minutes
  • Deliver professional-quality finishes
  • OEM look

VHT Bumper & Trim Paint is a highly recommended paint for plastic bumpers that offers excellent coverage, long-lasting performance, and protection against fading and scratching. It’s inexpensive, easy to apply, and gives an exceptionally brilliant shine when used correctly.

This paint provides a tough, durable coating that resists scratches and chips, protecting your bumper from the elements. Once you have applied it to your plastic bumper, you can be sure that the bumper will have a beautiful matte finish once dry.

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To get the most out of this premium finish, you may want to consider using it with a primer and clear coat process. In addition, the colour offers a striking visual aesthetic.

This product is designed to work great on fibreglass, plastic, and even metal components. VHT hood, bumper, and trim paint offer excellent resistance to skin and scratches, making it the perfect choice for you.


  • Satin Black Finishing
  • Multi-surface
  • Affordable
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Just black colour for painting

4. Krylon K01303007 Acrylic Crystal Clear Spray Paint

automotive paint for plastic bumpers
  • Paint Type: Watercolors, Acrylic, Watercolor
  • Brand: Krylon
  • Colour: Gloss Large Can
  • Unit Count: 11.0 Ounce
  • Finish Type: Gloss
  • Size: 11 Ounce 
  • Item Form: Aerosol
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Dry Time: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Provides a permanent gloss finish

Krylon is a top-tier brand that offers excellent automotive paint for plastic bumpers. It offers a choice of colours ranging from neutral to bright and black and white colours. You can choose between matt, satin or glossy surfaces.

It offers multiple specialty finishes including clear, metallic, hammered, and textured. It also protects against oxidation, it can be your MVP when it comes to painting plastic furniture or other items with metal components.

Plus, with its durable glossy coating, it can easily withstand any type of condition without showing any signs of ageing or delamination. In addition, it is also moisture resistant and smudge resistant, meaning you can use this spray paint on items that will hold up even when wet.

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This paint offers excellent adhesion, ease of use, and excellent hiding properties. You should use these Krylon Products Bumper Liners to get your bumpers back in top shape.


  • Moisture resistant
  • It offers fast-drying
  • Retains flexibility
  • Great coverage


  • Does not rust resistant

5. Dupli-Color Trim and Bumper Black Paint

plastic bumper paint kit
  • Paint Type: Lacquer
  • Surface Recommendation: Bumper
  • Brand: Dupli-Color
  • Colour: Black
  • Unit Count: 11.0 Ounce
  • Size: 11 Ounce
  • Flashpoint: 18.0 degrees_celsius
  • Full Cure Time: 1 Hour
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Long-lasting finish
  • Deliver uniform solid colour

Dupli-Color Bumper & Trim Paints provide your car’s original factory colour and adhere well to the target surface. The following type of special formulation can be used to restore bumper and trim finishes to their factory appearance.

With this spray paint, you also get a uniform colour and the drying time is only 30 minutes. Also, you could edit the article in just 1 hour. Also, it is ideal for use on polyurethane and thermoplastic bumpers.

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Additionally, it has excellent adhesion and protects and possibly restores faded bumpers. The paint sprayer’s large conical nozzle makes it easy to angle the can to get into corners or tight areas on the car.

There are several colours to choose from, including the most popular car bumper colours black, tan, grey, white, silver, and red. This wide range of colours is specially designed to replicate the factory colour of your car’s metal and plastic parts.


  • Wide range of colours
  • Quick dry
  • Ideal paint for bupers
  • It offers uniform solid colour


  • The black finish is not great

6. ColorBond (1870) Hard Plastic Refinisher Spray Paint

best paint for automotive plastic
  • Paint Type: Spray
  • Surface Recommendation: Vinyl, Plastic
  • Brand: Colorbond
  • Colour: BMW Cream Beige
  • Unit Count: 12.0 Ounce
  • Specific Uses For Product: Interior
  • Size: 12 Ounce
  • Item Form: Aerosol
  • Multi-surface paint
  • Bonds in 10 minutes
  • OEM specified

ColorBond is a trusted brand that customizes the exterior of your car with hard plastic restoration spray paint. This brand has built an excellent reputation for providing quality colour solutions that offer a smooth, long-lasting finish.

It is specifically designed to match the OEM finishes on a wide range of exterior components. This colour works on everything from bumpers to side mirrors and everything in between. This fairing paint is easy to use and offers a great finish.

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When sprayed onto the material it creates a deep molecular bond to permanently lock in the colour. This in turn results in a finish that will not crack, chip or peel.

Whether you want to refinish a car’s upholstery or custom-make eye-catching plastic bumpers, ColorBond Refinisher can help you achieve the look you want, whatever your budget.

In addition, it also offers a variety of colours to add a beautiful touch to the exterior of your car, including plastic bumpers.


  • Fastly dry
  • Ensures strong bond
  • Do not crack or peel
  • Used for any car surface


  • Expensive

7. Performix 11203 Plasti Dip Black Multi-Purpose Paint

painting plastic bumpers black
  • Paint Type: Specialty
  • Brand: Plasti Dip
  • Colour: Black
  • Unit Count: 11.0 Ounce
  • Finish Type: Black
  • Size: 11 Ounce
  • Item Form: Aerosol
  • Multi-purpose paint
  • Flexible/insulating/non-slip coating
  • Moisture, acids, and corrosion resistant

Plastic Dip has been specially developed for plastic surfaces such as car bumpers to prevent moisture, acids, abrasion, and surface corrosion. Its flexible and elastic formula will not crack or become brittle in extreme weather conditions.

The protective plastic tip coating is perfect for a wide range of DIY projects around the home and automotive projects. It also remains elastic and flexible over time and does not break even in extreme weather conditions.

Plus, it offers much-needed protection against vibration, electrical shock, and heat. Also, you have to wait 4 hours per shift for the item you are applying to be completely dry. To prevent nozzle clogging, invert the can and spray for 5 seconds.

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If clogged, you need to remove the nozzle and soak it in naphtha or mineral spirits for 30 minutes. All of these processes result in the perfect result you want from this premium aerosol paint system for plastic bumpers.


  • Ideal for plastic surface
  • Flexible and stretchy
  • Electric shock and heat-protective
  • Easy to apply


  • Paint clogged in nozzle while painting

Top FAQs About Spray Paint For Plastic Bumpers

What is the best paint for plastic bumpers?

Choosing the best bumper paint is complicated because paints have different finishes and different properties. However, paints specifically designed to adhere to plastics are perfect for painting bumpers. And the paint Rust-Oleum 251574 meets all plastics finishing requirements and is our top choice for car bumpers. 

It is formulated with a tough resin base that resists cracking, chipping, and peeling even in extreme weather conditions such as rain or snow. In addition to its protective properties, it features an acrylic resin that, when applied correctly, offers a long-lasting glossy finish with minimal effort.

Can you spray black plastic bumpers?

Yes, if you want to spray with guns on plastic bumpers, do that too. Be sure to keep the sprayer 12 inches from the plastic bumper while you apply the paint. Paint layers line up more evenly if you use slow sweeping motions and overlap them in a circular motion. 

Be sure to wear a mask and goggles when spraying. Also, spraying a new plastic bumper cover isn’t that hard, it just depends on your experience. 

Should the bumper be cleaned before the paint is applied?

Yes, the bumper needs to be cleaned before painting. The reason for this is that you may want the work to be of the highest quality possible and therefore you should not rush to paint the plastic bumper. 

So, first of all, take clothes and continue cleaning the bumper. Make sure the surface is not dirty and also don’t forget to remove the fog, moisture, and mould.

Is primer essential for removing the painting?

It completely depends on you. A primer is just rubbing alcohol mixed with glue. As alcohol is volatile in nature, evaporation will occur and therefore the adhesive will remain on the surface. So when the paint comes into contact with the glue, it sticks. 

Also, note that not all surfaces need to be primed. Some of the advanced surfaces come pre-adhesive, making them easy to work with.

Will acrylic paint stick to the plastic bumper?

Unless the bumper has been prepped by first sanding it and then spraying it with a primer. Because plastic is soft and non-porous, and acrylic paint has a similar consistency after drying, paint cannot adhere to plastic. That’s why you have to scratch the surface a bit to make the paint stick.

Do plastic bumpers need a primer?

Yes, on plastic bumpers, a primer will reduce the number of coats of paint needed to completely cover the old paint. And it helps the paint adhere completely to the surface being painted. You need to find a primer that can handle both sand and water. 

It is necessary to apply an adhesion promoter or a plastic primer for optimal anchoring of the successive coats of paint.

What is the price to paint a bumper?

Bumper repair costs can vary widely. A little extra colour can only cost you a few hundred dollars. But if a mechanic also needs to fix a dent or scratch, you pay significantly more. If you want to do it yourself, the cost will be $80-$100 in recent years.

Final Thought

Bumpers are quite vulnerable to dirt, dust, or scratches and chips, and painting them helps them last longer. 

And our product reviews of the best bumper spray paint will save you time and frustration in the long run. We hope you will ensure that you purchase the right product for your car.

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