9 Best Cars With Self-Driving Features For 2022

If you are a fan of Transformers you may have desired to have a vehicle like BumbleBee that could just take you anywhere as you command and take control of the wheels while you rest, read, or even sleep in the back seat.

There won’t be any transformation from a vehicle to a robot (Of Course!), but you get what we are trying to say.

Self-driving cars are the future of the automobile industry. And with 2021 coming to an end, 2022 is going to be some of the most advanced technologies to spotlight.

Self Driving features have now become a core part of a vehicle’s sale, and buyers are exclusively asking for them. 

So, if you are someone who is eyeing such features, below we have a list of 9 self-driving cars 2022 is going to offer.

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These 2022 self-driving cars are offered by top automobile brands like Tesla, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, etc., and we can not wait to have them on the road.

Top 9 Best Self-Driving Cars 2022

Self-driving cars in 2022 are now going to become a huge part of our lives. Technology has already got us whipped for itself. With even a minute of enhancement, we find ourselves at ease.

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Self-driving cars in 2022 will now let you rest in your car, while it drives you back home. No more whining to drive when you are extremely exhausted from your day’s work. Or even better, no need to find a cab or a chauffeur to drive you home when you are drunk.

Now you can put all these things in the hands of your smart car. Below we have listed the 9 best self-driving cars in 2022 that are worth every single penny.

  1. Tesla Model S – $99,990
  2. Cadillac CT6
  3. Nissan Rogue – From $26,850
  4. BMW X7 – From $74,900
  5. Infiniti QX50 – From $39,150
  6. Ford Fusion – From $23,170
  7. Volvo XC60 – From $42,650
  8. Mercedes-Benz S-Class – From $111,100
  9. Toyota RAV4 – $26,525

What Is Self-Driving Car Technology?

Before we begin exploring the top self driving cars in 2022, let us get familiar with the concept of self-driving car technology.

Self-driving car technology is what will allow you to enjoy your trips or long journeys without having to worry about maneuvering your vehicle on the road.

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This automation technology will somehow give your vehicle all the knowledge and senses that it can handle in real-time and even deal with the issues that you usually face while driving.

As we speak of today, different top companies are investing billions of dollars into making this technology a reality but still we are far from perfection. However, many companies have achieved different levels of automation in their work.

According to the Society of Automotive Engineers(SAE), there are six levels of automation, namely, Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5.

  • Vehicles based on levels 0, 1, and 2 of the automation system require a person to be present in the driving seat to actively monitor the vehicle and its surroundings. It is like the person needs to be there to take over if something unexpected happens.
  • Level 3, 4, and 5 automation systems are capable of taking complete control of the vehicle and need no assistance. This is what you can call the actual self-driving cars.
  • A vehicle with level 3 expertise can perform all driving tasks but in a restricted scenario. However, it still requires a driver to be present to take over controls whenever prompted.
  • With the level 4 systems, the vehicle can operate, but only under the so-called perfect conditions like driving on well-mapped roads. There are chances that these vehicles may or may not have a steering wheel or paddle.
  • A vehicle poured with the level 5 system expertise is one that can take care of it on the road all by itself, and there are no restrictions.

Each level of self-driving car technology holds a unique value and when combined with a vehicle, holds a monetary value to itself. So, the more enhanced you want your vehicle to be, the costlier it is bound to be.

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What Are The Top Self-Driving Car Companies In 2022?

Now that you have a brief idea of what self-driving car technology is and on what different levels it is distributed, it is time to look at what different automobile companies are providing you with this technology.

Automobile companies are now on a fast track to enhancing their vehicles, and the topmost priority is going driverless as people are getting more inclined towards the idea.

So, the best way to get the best self-driving cars in 2022 is to first find the companies that are providing or making the self-driving cars. Most people in the US are only familiar with Elon Musk’s Tesla, but it is not the only maker in the race.

Let us check out which are the top self-driving car companies in 2022.


Tesla is a name that can be seen as the pioneer of modern driving technology. The company is working continuously to improve for the better and it is seen with their vehicles on the road.

Tesla began installing Autopilot’s enhancements in its vehicles in 2015. And with each passing year, the company is getting closer to taking it up a notch.

So far, the Tesla vehicles that offer autopilot still need a person behind the wheels, all the time to take control at any time necessary.

The company updates its Autopilot features on a regular basis, and you can see the new features being released all the time.


Waymo at present is one of the top names when it comes to autonomous car companies. They aim to produce self-driving vehicles that will be created by none other than Google.

Waymo has been developing self driving technology since 2009. The company produces various kinds of self-driving automobiles that are based on the transportation needs of the consumers.

This company produces these next-level cars for both personal and commercial use.


Pony.ai is a startup that provides some of the best and exclusive AI-based solutions for enhancing the self-driving experience in your vehicle.

This startup is one of the leading ones, and it surely intends to revolutionize how we commute by boosting self-driving cars for the future.

Pony.ai claims its vehicles to be efficient, safe, and economical. Their AI technology enables their cars to be sharp, and able to handle complex driving circumstances.


We all know Apple as the pinnacle of modern-day technology but only a few are aware of the fact that the expertise of this tech giant is not limited to laptops and smartphones.

In 2014 Apple launched Project Titan which focuses on making or developing self-driving vehicles. There is not much information revealed by the company on this project but we all know if Apple is working on AI, it is bound to be one of the best.

Kia & Hyundai

Kia, a famous subsidiary of South Korean Automaker Hyundai also plans to come up with a completely self-driving vehicle by 2030.

On the other hand, Hyundai is also paving its way to make such advanced vehicles that will be affordable to every consumer. Well, Hyundai is known for its cost-effective vehicles.

Hyundai is set to invest about $40 billion in the development of new technologies for fully electric and driverless cars as well as transportation services.

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For this, Hyundai has paired up with Samsung Electronics and KT (Korean Telecommunications Firm) and the three companies will deliver self-driving automobile technologies on the 5G network.


Ford is another big name that has been catching up fast in this ambitious race of self-driving cars.

In 2018, Ford announced that it intends to have self-driving vehicles under operational status on the road by 2021. And for this, the company has been developing a testing facility in Miami for the past few months.

The company is set to invest about $4 billion to handle its making of self-driving vehicles.

9 Self Driving Cars 2022 That Are Sure To Change Your On-Road Experience:

Check out our exclusive list of the nine best self-driving cars in 2022 that will let you have a taste of the upcoming driverless technology and enjoy your ride while you relax in your seat.

1. Tesla Model S – $99,990

Self Driving Car

When talking about self-driving cars in 2022, how can we not mention Tesla? Tesla is the name that has put the concept of EV and self driving vehicles on the map.

The Model S by Tesla is a luxury car or you can say a five-person seater luxury sedan, or can just refer to it as an electric vehicle as it all describes it in every manner.

This is the perfect hybrid ride for beginners who want to make a switch to electric vehicles but still are a little skeptical of the idea.

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When it comes to self-driving, every Tesla Model S comes with the company’s autopilot self-driving aid. However, you can always upgrade to the full self-driving capability package for an extra charge that can vary.

The AutoPilot features keep the vehicle’s speed in check and keep it in its lane. The full self-driving assistance allows you to change lanes (if prompted safely by the sensor), automatic parking, and even summon the car from your parking spot.

You can buy the latest 2022 Tesla Model S for an initial price of $94,990.

2. Cadillac CT6

Best Self Driving Car

Cadillac has its self-driving feature known as Cadillac Super Cruise. This feature allows your vehicle to maintain its speed, keep a proper distance from other vehicles on the road, and keep an eye on its lane of travel.

Super Cruise is well known for its smooth working and for avoiding any mismanaged feel. It is a hands-free system but there is a camera installed in the interior that is there to keep an eye on the driver to ensure they are active in their seat.

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If the camera finds the seat empty or any issue with the driver, then the Super Cruise will issue audio and visual alerts. This gets even better as if the system still gets no response from the driver, it will come to a stop.

At present, all the current and upcoming Cadillac CT6 models come installed with Super Cruise. So, if you want to experience hands-free driving, you might want to take this one up for a ride.

3. Nissan Rogue – From $26,850

Self Driving Car

The next vehicle that comes packed with self driving technology is the Nissan Rogue.

Self-driving technology found in Nissan cars is called ProPilot Assist and takes a simple approach to the concept. 

It is a Level 2 advanced driving assistance system that combines features like adaptive cruise control with stop-go capability and lane check assistance.

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This technology is more of an assistance to the driver than a replacement. Even with this feature, the driver needs to be present with his hands on the wheels all the time.

It is a good option for those, who don’t want to lose their privilege of driving but would love to have assistance when they are drained out.

4. BMW X7 – From $74,900

Self Driving Car

The German automaker BMW is already hailed as the pioneer in the automobile industry. And now they are to make their contribution a little bigger by going for vehicles that include AI systems that can assist during travel like a real deal.

BMW X7 is the company’s largest suv that comes with hands-free parallel parking assist along with traffic jam assist.

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However, this feature can only be applicable at driving speeds below 40 miles per hour as its main purpose is to reduce the stress of heavy traffic and let the driver have a moment of relaxation.

With the driving assist active, the car easily maintains its lane position and will come to halt if the traffic stops moving.

5. Infiniti QX50 – From $39,150

Self Driving Car

If you like the self-driving assistance system of Nissan but want something fancier with it then the Infiniti QX50 can give it to you.

With its self-driving feature, this vehicle holds many top features like automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, forward & rear collision warning, rear cross-traffic alert, and more.

But to use this ProPilot Assist, the driver needs to have his hands on the wheels throughout the journey as a backup. Whereas the system will take care of the speed controls, brake application, lane guidance, etc.

Infiniti QX50 is an ideal starter ride to experience the beginning of self-driving cars in 2022.

6. Ford Fusion – From $23,170

Best Self Driving Car

Ford Fusion is one of the most affordable vehicles that come with self-driving features.

The vehicle holds smart cruise control, a forward collision warning with a brake that ensures you maintain the proper distance from the car in front of you.

In addition, the active park assist with forwarding sensing system allows the vehicle to park itself. Furthermore, the brake and lane assist helps in keeping the vehicle straight on the road and even moving gracefully over the curves with no driver assistance required.

7. Volvo XC60 – From $42,650

Best Self Driving Car

Volvo may not be among the prime companies who are inclining towards self-driving assistance, but it still offers some self-driving features in its vehicles & Volvo XC60 is a great example of it.

The Pilot Assist of Volvo is a hands-on system that is functional up to a speed of 80 miles per hour. It helps you maintain speed, the proper distance between other cars on the road, and keeps the vehicle in its lane.

However, the driver needs his hands on the wheels, otherwise, the system shows a warning.

This vehicle is a fine example of plug-in hybrid models and offers a high-class cabin.

8. Mercedes-Benz S-Class – From $111,100

Best Self Driving Car

Mercedes Benz S Class is a powerful ride out there with self-driving technology, which is called Car-to-X System. 

This car comes with massage chairs, quad-zone climate control, reclining second-row seats, 26-speaker Burmester stereo, and more.

The Car-to-X system allows the vehicles to talk to each other and issue warnings about dangerous road conditions.

Apart from this, you get steering assist, automatic speed limit assists, and impressive night vision.

9. Toyota RAV4 – $26,525

Best Self Driving Car 2022

Toyota RAV4 is one of the best off-roaders in the market. So, having such a robust ride come with self-driving features is like winning a lottery.

This affordable ride comes with ample active safety features as standard ones, which is quite impressive.

With Toyota RAV4, you get automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, lane tracing assist, traffic sign recognition, automatic high-beam headlights, a rearview camera, and more.


Which vehicles in 2022 have self driving features?

If you want to own a self-driving vehicle in 2022, then we have some of the best yet affordable models that you can go for.

Each of these models holds self-driving assistance exclusively developed by their makers and may cost a little extra than the others as per the selling package.

  1. Tesla Model S
  2. Cadillac CT6
  3. Nissan Rogue
  4. BMW X7
  5. Infiniti QX50
  6. Ford Fusion
  7. Volvo XC60
  8. Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  9. Toyota RAV4
Which 2021 automobiles are self driving?

In 2021 many companies launched models that come with the self driving assistance. Below we have listed some of the best 2021 models that own the self driving features:

  1. 2021 Tesla Model 3
  2. 2021 BMW 7 Series
  3. 2021 Mazda3
  4. 2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class
  5. 2021 Cadillac CT4
  6. 2021 Audi A5
  7. 2021 Hyundai Sonata
  8. 2021 Honda Accord
Are there vehicles that drive themselves?

You will find vehicles with autonomous systems, but at present, there is no model by any automaker in the market that completely runs on the technology.

Though, to make a driverless car a reality many top companies like Waymo, a sister company to Google, are working hard to launch the world’s first autonomous ride.

Can a Tesla vehicle drive itself?

The Tesla autonomous vehicles sure can drive themselves, but just like a newbie driver, they need supervision.

In short, a Tesla vehicle can drive on its own, only if it is well supervised by a human. This shows that despite all the advanced technical knowledge, the vehicle can still go wrong and thus, need someone to take over as soon as something goes wrong.

Are driverless cars illegal in the USA?

NO. In the United States, there is not even a single state where it is illegal to own or drive a self driving vehicle.

Many states have passed laws exclusive to the use of autonomous vehicles, but no state has banned the use of this advanced technology.


Look for self-driving cars 2022, if you want a ride that is loaded with technological advancements and ease out your burden while driving.

Now you can rest even while in the driver’s seat by owning a vehicle that comes with the latest & upcoming self driving technology.

We hope our list helped you find a vehicle of your choice with this exclusive self-driving feature.

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