8 Best Black Car Seat Covers For 2023 – Top Picks By Experts

black car seat covers

You have a lot on your plate, and your car’s upholstery is probably not up to the challenge. Leather, vinyl, and cloth are prone to wear and tear depending on your vehicle’s use. Sometimes it’s just the heat and getting in and out of the car regularly.

Likely, conventional seats will eventually fail if you own pets, go camping, or always transport half your soccer team to practice. Even replacing one seat with near-original upholstery is a time-consuming and costly endeavor.

To preserve its excellence, the inside of your car requires specific maintenance and defense. The surface and padding of the car seats can deteriorate from repeated use. These vehicle seat coverings can shield the seats from stains and damage.

A set of aftermarket seat coverings is the finest solution. They are simple to install, come in various styles, and, most importantly, are simple to replace. Continue reading to learn about useful seat covers that bring style and practicality to your vehicle.

Top List Of Our Red And Black Seat Covers For Cars

Car seats are infamously challenging to keep in good condition. People sliding in and out, sun damage, and snack crumbs attracting these tiny cracks. But, the messes you plan for are the simplest to clean up, which is why black car seat covers are useful.

However, we understand it’s difficult to go through thousands of black vehicle seat coverings. That’s why we’ve scoured the web to get you the best options. Find out which car seat cover is best for you by reading about it.

black car seat covers
1Our Pick
BDK PolyPro Car Seat Covers
  • Brand: BDK
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyester
  • Vehicle Compatibility: SUV, Car, Van, Truck
all black seat covers
Luckyman Club Seat Covers
  • Brand: Luckyman Club
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Leather
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Car, SUV, Truck
leather black seat covers
Gorla Waterproof Car Seat Covers
  • Brand: Gorla
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Universal

Different Types Of Black And White Seat Covers

Car seat covers have a variety of uses, from safeguarding the upholstery to complementing the interior decor. There are two different kinds of car seat covers on the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing the ideal car seat cover for your needs can be easier if you know the various types available.

A. Universal

WeatherTech Seat Protectors are highly regarded for their universal fit that fits most automobiles. Water-repellent, stain-resistant poly cotton twill covers of all bench and bucket seats are easy to install and fasten.

The chairs are kept firmly in place by a non-slip backing and an additional layer of protection provided by nylon lining. The covers come with a limited lifetime guarantee and can be easily removed for cleaning.

B. Custom

Also, you have the option of selecting car-specific covers. These EKR Leatherette Custom Fit Complete Set Car Seat Covers are a fantastic option for those who wish to maintain their vehicle’s factory appearance.

These covers have hundreds of five-star Amazon reviews due to their slick design and top-notch manufacturing. They resist water and spills and are simple to clean. They include a full set of front and rear custom seats and headrest covers.

How To Choose The All Black Seat Covers In 2023

It is important to consider several variables when choosing the right car seat covers. With the right seat covers, you can make your automobile’s interior more stylish, comfortable, and durable.

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Fit, longevity, and usability are a few crucial variables to consider. By considering these elements, you may select the best car seat covers that suit your requirements and tastes.

A. Comfort

The type of material used to make a car seat cover significantly impacts how comfortable the seats are for passengers. You should buy a soft car seat cover supplemented with padding, ideally foam.

A pleasant lengthy drive is something you desire in addition to safeguarding your seat. The majority of padded leather or polyester covers are highly coveted.

B. Breathability

A seat cover that allows air to pass through is not unusual. A material that allows for breathability will prevent the accumulation of odor and grime. Your skin will be able to breathe, lessening the likelihood of persistent sweating.

C. Fit

Research whether the seat coverings you plan to buy are compatible with your automobile before you purchase them. A compatibility chart is usually posted on the website of car seat cover manufacturers to make it easier to check. Buying seat coverings that are too tiny or large won’t serve their intended purpose.

D. Durability

You must consider two things while buying car seat covers: longevity and durability. An excellent option for a car seat cover is washable, sweat-resistant, and water-resistant.

Most of the black car seat covers in this review are rigorously tested by Good Housekeeping Institute. They examined for stitching quality, abrasion resistance, and aesthetic appeal, checking with our Textiles Lab specialists almost constantly.

E. Ease of Use

The purpose of a car seat cover is to cover the seat and shield it from spills and stains. It can get discolored, though, and is not invincible. At this point, you must take the covers off to wash them.

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The best car seat covers are simple to put on and take off. This reduces the time and effort needed to complete the task.

F. Style & Color

The designs and color schemes of car seat coverings are endless. Your decision will entirely depend on your personal preferences and how you want your automobile’s interior to look.

Flashy and colorful colors catch the attention of a tasteful and fashionable eye. However, classy, like black car seat covers, create a serious and elegant atmosphere.

8 Best Black Car Seat Covers Expert Reviews & Recommendations

The best black car seat covers to protect your seats from spills, stains, and general wear and tear. Car interiors need special care and protection to maintain their condition. With frequent use, the padding and surface of the car seats can deteriorate.

The seat covers shield the seat material from stains and spills from food, allowing you to eat calmly inside the car. To ensure long-lasting use, choose the appropriate seat covers from our list.

1. BDK PolyPro Car Seat Covers

black car seat covers
Black BDK PolyPro Car Seat Covers
  • Brand: BDK
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyester
  • Vehicle Compatibility: SUV, Car, Van, Truck
  • Universal Fit
  • Prevent Damages
  • Breathable Design

BDK PolyPro car seat covers are also among the best-selling seat covers. BDK uses polyester in the making to give you the maximum comfort for your daily commute. These seat covers have enhanced ventilation to stay cool during your drive.

These seat covers offer protection against daily wear or damage to the seats. Also, BDK seat covers are waterproof, so if you spill any drinks on the seat, it won’t affect the seat underneath. These seat covers come with two-tone designs with stitching accents.

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The seat covers add an extra splash of elegance to your car interiors. These seat covers are easy to install; you just need to follow the instructions. Also, you can watch the video instruction manual on YouTube.

You will have the instructions to install front and rear seat covers. BDK states that these black car seat covers can be a good fit for most vehicles today. Besides, you must put in a little effort to adjust to the perfect fit. 


  • Very durable.
  • Safe to be machine washed.
  • It comes with bonus floor mats.
  • Stretching material for optimal fit.


  • The Fabric could have been better.

2. EKR Custom Fit Car Seat Covers

black and red car seat covers
  • Brand: EKR
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Car, SUV, Truck
  • Custom Fit
  • Storage Pockets
  • Comfortable & Durable
  • SoftTouch Synthetic Leather

These seat covers will last years, just like pure leather ones. The seat covers are entirely water-resistant. The faux leather seat covers do not hold dust, so cleaning with a single wipe is easy. Also, you don’t need to worry about its color.

EKR features the perfect texture, material, and quality for your car. Companies face challenges when making these all black seat covers a universal fit. But EKR makes it possible and offers all the features in the seat covers.

EKR seat covers offer 4-layer construction with thick foam padding for comfort. The SoftTouch synthetic leather is breathable and very soft. The faux Leather is durable like pure Leather and will last years before replacement.

EKR all black seat covers come with a pass-through flap, extra velcro surface, sturdy buckles, and straps to fit the seat covers securely. These seat covers also have storage pockets for magazines or files. You will find these pockets behind the front seats.


  • Great quality.
  • Installation is easy.
  • The seat cover fits pretty tight.
  • It comes with headrest covers.


  • Higher pricing than an average seat cover.

3. Luckyman Club Seat Covers

all black seat covers
  • Brand: Luckyman Club
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Leather
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Car, SUV, Truck
  • Custom Fit
  • Storage Pockets
  • Comfortable & Durable
  • Wear & Water-Resistant

The Luckyman Club offers this set of five-seat leather black seat covers for cars, SUVs, and trucks. Durability is ensured by their use of PVC leather that is both water & wear-resistant. Also, the covers give a tight fit without harming the upholstery underneath.

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They are safe and don’t interfere with your seat belts because they are compatible with airbags. Also, they protect the parts of the seat that get the greatest abrasion and wear, feature storage pockets, and remain put.

The headrest coverings on some types of chairs could be a little big or loose, which is a negative. Although they are universal, not all vehicles will fit them completely. So be careful to check the specs before purchasing these leather black seat covers.

Moreover, installing the back seat coverings is frequently more difficult.


  • Secure and perfect fit.
  • Compatible with airbags.
  • Waterproof and resistant to wear.


  • Securing straps might get loose.
  • Installing back seat covers might be difficult.

4. Black Panther Luxury Seat Covers

car seat covers black
  • Brand: Black Panther
  • Color: Black/Red
  • Material: Faux leather, Polyurethane
  • Vehicle compatibility: SUV, Car, Trucks
  • Rebound Foam
  • Rubber Granule Fabric
  • Side Edge Smooth Lines
  • Unique Embroidery Technology

Black Panther seat covers are the most comfortable red and black seat covers you can find. Black Panther offers these seat covers with many color options. The company uses faux Leather or PU leather to manufacture these seat covers.

The seat covers come with unique embroidery technology and delicate perforations. It makes these seat covers breathable and comfortable. These seat covers can cover scratches, damage, or stains to make the seats look new.

The back of the seat covers is rubber granule fabric. Both the materials are anti-slip and damage resistant. The seat covers have two pockets in the front to put your phone, wallets, etc. Black Panther has a side edge smooth line that uplifts your stereoscopic feel.

Also, these black and red seat covers have a built-in non-woven Fabric and sponge. These features make the seat covers more durable. The front seat cover has a quick tie buckle and an elastic band for easy installation.


  • Easy to install.
  • Elegant quilted and perforated look.
  • Non-slip backing keeps them in place.


  • These covers won’t fit the same on all seats.

5. Oasis Auto Car Seat Covers

black and white seat covers
  • Brand: Oasis Auto
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Faux/Synthetic Leather
  • Vehicle Compatibility: SUV, Sedan, Trucks
  • Universal Fit
  • Elegant Looking
  • Easy Installation
  • Highly Comfortable

Oasis auto is a well-known brand for manufacturing luxury car seat covers at a compelling price. This company offers various colors, allowing you to pick the right fit. Oasis Auto offers a complete set of seat covers.

This implies you will get seat covers for both the front and rear seats. Oasis Auto uses faux Leather in the making of these seat covers. This Leather replaces pure Leather, as it gives the same feel as Leather and the same durability and cushioning.

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These seat covers offer water resistance and provides a breathable mesh cover. The seat covers are easy to clean and give you high-quality comfort. The seat covers will cover the whole seat. Also, installing seat covers on your car’s seats is effortless.

Oasis Auto seat covers provide comprehensive protection to protect from damage. The seat covers will not slide off because these have add-on support features to secure them tightly.


  • Affordable.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Waterproof synthetic Leather.
  • Tight fit for Toyota Highlanders.


  • Stitching is not so perfect.
  • Rear seat covers are tough to install.

6. FH Group Faux Leather Seat Cushions

red and black seat covers
  • Brand: FH Group
  • Color: Black/White
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Vehicle Compatibility: SUV, Car, Trucks
  • 3D Air Mesh
  • Non-Slip Back
  • Easy to Clean
  • Extra cushioning

FH Group seat covers are one of the most popular black and white seat covers. These seat covers by FH Group come in many colors, including black and beige. The colors blend in with your car’s interior pretty well.

These seat covers are universally fit and are compatible with most cars today. Also, the seat offers an anti-slip back to hold the person tightly. The faux Leather is machine washable. And these seat covers are very easy to clean.

Also, the installation is easy; you just have to slip them on the seats. Under-thigh cushioning consists of 3D mesh with air perforation. The mesh provides better airflow for cooling in the summer. These seat covers won’t interfere while using seat belts.

The seat covers offer an airbag reserve function so airbags can pop out on time. Moreover, these black and white seat covers have storage pockets with integrated headrests. However, these covers are universal, but check the dimensions before making a buy.


  • Non-slip back.
  • Easy installation.
  • Machine washable.
  • Several colors are available.


  • It may require zip ties for a more secure fit.

7. Coverking Multicam Black Seat Covers

multicam black seat covers
  • Brand: Coverking
  • Color: Multicam Black
  • Material: Ballistic Fabric
  • Vehicle Compatibility: SUV, Trucks
  • Easy-to-Clean
  • UV-Treated Covers
  • Wear & Tear Resistant
  • 500 Denier Ballistic Fabric

Multicam is the most commonly utilized camo in the military. And everything is intended to deceive, deceive, and conceal. Now you can conceal your seats with Coverking Multicam black seat covers.

The seat covers have a characteristic forest green canopy effect. The coverings will enhance any vehicle’s interior with authentic 500 Denier ballistic fabric that is resistant to wear, tear, and puncture. It is also UV-treated to withstand rotting, mildew, and discoloration.

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The ballistic fabric is easy to clean, stain resistant, and has a water-resistant inner liner. Coverking multicam ballistic seat covers are built to order. These black car seat covers will conform to the contours of your seats.

Each row of seats has a headrest, armrest, center console, airbag cutouts, and map pockets as needed. Get the correct fit for your bucket and bench seats.


  • The covers are water-resistant.
  • The covers also have a forest green canopy effect.
  • The UV treatment helps the covers to withstand mildew or discoloration.


  • A little bit on the pricey side.

8. Gorla Waterproof Car Seat Covers

leather black seat covers
  • Brand: Gorla
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Universal
  • Non-Slip Backing
  • Non-Skin Sticking
  • Seat-Belt Protector
  • 100% Water/Sweat Resistant

If you need to protect your vehicle seat from muddy paws or shoes, the Gorla seat covers are ideal. This universal fit waterproof seat cover has straps built into the design to help you install it snugly.

This seat cover fits most trucks, SUVs, and sedans. These coverings provide reliable protection against water, dirt, and discoloration. This product is made of neoprene fabric, which is both waterproof and sweatproof.

This waterproof car seat cover is in beige, black, or grey. There is no slide backing, so you won’t have to constantly adjust the car seat covers. When you tighten the seat protectors, you will have a fitted look on the seats.

The Gorla waterproof cover is an excellent car seat cover. It will shield your seat from spills and filth while still looking excellent in your vehicle. If something goes wrong with your cover, you are covered by a lifetime guarantee.


  • The company offers a lifetime guarantee.
  • The seat cover is 100% waterproof & sweatproof.
  • It protects against water, pet fur, dirt, and wear and tear.


  • Unpleasant odor.
  • Only limited to three colors.

Top FAQs About Leather Black Seat Covers

What Are Car Seat Covers Made Of?

Some of today’s most popular black car seat covers have neoprene and neosupreme. These synthetic materials repel water, withstand scratching, and are reasonably easy to clean. These materials have the look and feel of dive suits.

However, leather, leatherette, and cotton seat covers are also available. Some pet owners like leather because it is scratch resistant. And new varieties of synthetic leather upholstery are always being created.

Are Seat Covers Machine Washable?

Various materials are suitable for this purpose, which explains neoprene’s popularity. You can just throw them in the washer, let them air dry, and put them back on the seats. Various seat covers are constructed from a variety of materials.

In some circumstances, some materials may be washable, while others may not be. A leather or leatherette material can be spot-cleaned, but it cannot be washed.

Can I Install Car Seat Covers Myself?

Almost all aftermarket seat coverings are suitable for self-installation. Yet, the degree of difficulty varies from product to product. Some are purpose-built to be simple to install.
Others are more challenging, but these types provide the snuggest and secure fit.

Are Vehicle Seat Covers Tacky?

It is a matter of opinion, as are the seat coverings themselves. You may not notice the difference if you choose modest colors or seat covers similar to the original seats.

However, more crucially, these are frequently functional purchases. The fundamental point is to conceal or avoid worn-out upholstery. As a result, the design of these seat covers is secondary to their functionality.

Is A Seat Cover A Good Idea If I Have A Pet?

A seat cover is an excellent solution for pets, but certain seat covers are superior to others. Sturdy and easily washable materials and ease of installation are priorities for pet-friendly seat coverings.

There are also rear-seat cover systems developed for pets that, when installed, do not allow for seating.

Do Car Seat Covers Affect Heated Seats?

Vehicle seat covers may impact the efficiency and efficacy of heated seats. Certain seat covers may block heat from passing through them, diminishing warmth.

Others may trap heat, overheating the seats and potentially destroying the heating elements. It is critical to select seat covers that are suitable for heated seats.

Final Thoughts

The best black car seat covers combine longevity, comfort, and style. While selecting the correct seat covers, consider factors such as the material utilized, the fit, and the convenience of installation.

The FH Group Car Seat Cover, the BDK PolyPro Car Seat Covers, and the Black Panther Car Seat Covers are among the best black vehicle seat coverings. Individual interests and finances will ultimately determine the option.

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