An Ultimate Guide To Buying And Using Car Covers

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An Ultimate Guide To Buying And Using Car Covers

A durable vehicle cover is essential to keep your car, truck, or SUV clean and at its best. Wherever you keep your car, be it a garage, a carport, or a driveway, the covers provide the utmost protection to your vehicle. They act as a barrier against dirt, debris, scratches, rain, sunlight, and snow. Though picking the right cover for your car can be difficult.

This ultimate car cover guide will clarify the particulars to shop for a vehicle cover with assurance.

Types of Car Covers

While searching for the perfect car cover, it is essential to select a durable fabric that can circulate air underneath; otherwise, mold can grow due to trapped moisture. The car cover should also contain shock-absorbing layers that protect your car if you live in an area prone to hailstorms. A waterproof cover can also be helpful for people living in rainy or snowy locations, so it prevents moisture and water damage.

There are several types of Coverland car covers from which you can choose to provide ultimate protection to your vehicle.

Universal Covers

Universal car covers are mass-produced and are available in around three to five sizes. These are designed to suit all types of vehicles, cars, or SUVs.

Universal covers are cheaper than other covers because of this they are mostly preferred.


Ready-fit covers are a step up from the universal covers. Even though they are somewhat similar to universal ones and are at least cut to match the type of vehicle, so they have some degree of fitment.

The benefit of these covers is that they are available in most retail stores, so you’ll receive them shortly after ordering, unlike others that take forever to reach you.

Custom-Fit Car Covers

Just by the name, these covers are custom-fit to make them as perfect as possible for your vehicle. These are made after making specific measurements of your car and include provisions for mirrors, antennas, spoilers, splitters, and other accessories commonly found on sports cars like your Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, Porsche, etc.

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Waterproof Covers

This type of cover does not allow any moisture to reach the vehicle crossing the car cover. It results in trapping moisture, which can result in corrosion and mild dew formation.

Breathable Covers

These types of covers let all the moisture evaporate instantly, avoiding corrosion and mold formation.

Indoor vs Outdoor Covers

When choosing a place to store your car, it’s easy to see why indoor storage is the safest option. But still, your garage-kept vehicle is exposed to potential damage from items you may have never even considered.

Though most indoor car covers are best for inside and outside use, they cannot withstand extensive outdoor storage. Outdoor-kept vehicles require an exclusively designed heavy-duty cover that can take the persistent penalty from all weather conditions without deteriorating.

Indoor car covers are usually lighter as compared to outdoor ones. You’ll need a lighter cover if you cover your car. Outdoor car covers, conversely, are designed to be waterproof and less absorbent.

How To Select a Car Cover?

The vehicle cover is essential, as it can increase the overall life of your vehicle. But the question is, how to select an ideal one for your application, and what factors should be considered before buying one?

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Here we are to help you list some of the most crucial factors to consider while buying the product for your need.

Some of the most critical factors to consider are as follows

Material and Style

Several different fabrics are used for car covers. The material you require is based on whether your car will be parked indoors or outdoors and the type of climate it may be subject to. If you reside in an area where your vehicle is under bright light and subject to warm temperatures, it’s best to find a car cover rated for breathability and UV resistance.

On the other hand, those who live in areas with frequent storms need car covers that withstand water easily.

Type of Car

The type of car is a crucial factor to be considered while selecting a cover based on your needs. It helps decide the final size of the car cover and the type required. For instance, if you own a Tesla, you need a cover that is exclusively designed for your car to cover your entire vehicle while parked or charging, either inside or outside.

Water Resistance

Before selecting a cover, you should include water resistance properties as a significant factor. It will help protect your vehicle from heavy rain or any such situation.

Heat Resistance

The weather is hot in some places, and various parts of a vehicle get overheated. Hence it’s best to choose a cover that is resistant to heat and UV rays. These covers can withstand high temperatures when standing outside.


Consider your budget before buying a car cover. The vehicle covers are available in different varieties for the same price.


You can buy a cover with certain extra features, such as mirror pockets, tie-down loops, etc. You can choose these features based on your vehicle type and size.


The durability of any product depends on the material used for it. Hence, check the material of the car cover, which should be of high quality.

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Benefits of Using Car Covers

Here are some benefits car owners can enjoy using exclusive quality and durable car covers:

Tree Sap And Bird Droppings

It’s essential to defend your car from these damaging elements. If they are left on your vehicle for too long, they can cause serious damage to your paint job. They can take a considerable number of solutions including elbow grease or certain chemicals to get rid of these, which can also damage your paint’s clear coat.

Dust, Grime, And Pollen

Based on where you reside, these elements serve as a severe issue. An indoor can help protect a car from dirt and pollen. Throughout the spring, even though a car is inside a garage, it can the excess pollen can make the painted yellow. Instead of washing your car every time, using a cover is much more convenient.

Industrial Fallout

Things like acid rain, jet fuel particles, and rail dust can embed in your paint and slowly break down its clear coat.

Animals And Tree Branches

Trees drop small branches, sticks, nuts, etc. A premium car cover with additional padding defends counter to these attacks on your car’s exceptional paintwork.

Ultra-Violet Rays

The UV rays can damage the paint and interior of your vehicle. Even though the clear coat and glass have a suitable extent of built-in UV filtering. While some still pass through and break all the underneath contents over time.

In the case of your paint, the clearcoat is the only layer protecting the pigment underneath from fading. As for your interior, heat is the top destroyer of the plastic, vinyl, and leather that make up most of your interior.

Garage Disarray or Children

One of the significant benefits of using a car cover is that it defends your car’s paint job from the cars parked near you, stacks of substances in the garage that can get whacked over the car, and curious or naughty children who can mess with the car damaging or scratching the outer coat.

Extreme Weather

Quality outdoor covers are water-repellent, which helps keep rain from flooding the body of a car. It can result in rust and other problems over the years.

Originally, designed to protect, not all car covers are manufactured with similarly exacting standards. And there are differences between different types of car covers. We care about your buying experience. Therefore, we are attentive to the specific issues that can impact your car cover buying needs.

Shop online, or call our team to learn more about our assortment of high-quality, unique, and custom vehicle covers.

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