The Most Convincing Reasons To Buy A New Car

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The Most Convincing Reasons To Buy A New Car

Shopping for a new car is undeniably exciting. But you might find yourself debating between buying a new or used vehicle. A new car comes with a higher price tag, while a used car comes with an assortment of potential problems.

Even though you will spend a bit more on a new vehicle from Wolfe Chevrolet Edmonton, here are a few reasons you won’t regret the investment.


Buying a used car might be a bit more affordable. But you might pay the price in the form of reliability issues. Unfortunately, it’s well-known that used cars are not always reliable. Instead of gambling with the possibility of finding yourself stranded on the roadside after your used car overheats, a new vehicle can promise peace of mind.

Newer model cars are less likely to break down, and you will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. So you won’t need to pay for surprise repairs or replacements in the odd event that your new car has a flaw.


As mentioned, buying a new car means you will be covered by a warranty. This service contract will help you avoid various high costs associated with service maintenance and repairs. While you can buy an extended service contract for a used vehicle, it will cost you more, and the service contract will provide less coverage due to the vehicle’s age and mileage.

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More Safety

It’s no secret that new cars are safer than older models; innovations in vehicle safety ensure that more recent models are always safer. More often than not, used cars are typically older vehicles, which means safety features are outdated.

Innovative Technology

Newer vehicles also boast the latest auto tech around. The newest car technologies include intelligent wheel alignment, active aerodynamics, electric vehicles, augmented reality windshields, in-car entertainment, and more. So, when you invest in a new car model, you are guaranteed the latest technology.

Fuel Efficiency

Even though there are ways to improve fuel efficiency for most cars, new vehicle models are made with more consideration for the planet to meet new standards. Since the release of electric vehicles and the iconic Tesla, more auto brands have prioritized fuel-efficiency. This means that more recent car models typically offer better fuel economy.


There are often incentives available for customers that buy new cars. The federal government even offers tax incentives for drivers that invest in certain electric cars. But there are also incentives available for customers in the military, own a competing brand, recently graduated college, and many others.

Better Financing Deals

There are also better financing deals available for newer inventory. Vehicle value depreciates rapidly, leaving used cars less of an asset. You’ll find that your bank or credit union will offer better interest rates than most dealerships as well, so it’s worthwhile to compare a few loan quotes before deciding.

There are tons of convincing reasons to buy a new car. Nevertheless, if you’re noticing subtle signs it’s time for a new vehicle, like weird smells or noises, engine smoke, overheating, or a shaking steering wheel, it’s worthwhile to start shopping around.

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