GAC MOTOR MPV Car GN8: Best Company Car in 2023

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GAC MOTOR MPV Car GN8: Best Company Car in 2023

As minivans evolve, they are becoming more than just simple vehicles. Some minivans are now luxury vehicles, such as the GN8 from GAC Motor. This vehicle has been completely redesigned for 2022 and now features a sleek and sophisticated body kit. Whether you’re transporting family or friends, the GN8 is sure to turn heads.

GN8 Specs

  • Fuel economy:8.9Litres per 100km
  • Max power:148kw
  • Total torque:320N·m
  • Tank volume:68L
  • weight:2002-2060kg
  • Engine Technics: E-Turbo/GCCS/DCVVT
  • Emission Standard: Euro V
  • Suspension: McPherson independent suspensions up front
  • Inter-linked Beam Independent Suspension at the back

GAC Motor GN8 Exterior Appearance

At 5,066 mm body length, 1,923 mm width, and 1,822 mm height, coupled with a 3,000 mm wheelbase, GAC Motor’s GN8 MPV is one big car. It’s bigger than most of its competitors, which is just one thing that makes it stand out. It also has a stylish exterior with headlamps, LED day adaptive headlamps, and matching mist lights.

GAC Motor GN8 Exterior Appearance

There are many different features available on GN8 headlights. You can adjust them for height and use an alarm or a follow-home mode. Depending on which trim you choose, you will have different tire options. Some of these include 18″ Aluminum Alloy Wheels 225/55 Tires or 17″ Aluminum Alloy Wheels 225/60 Tires.

GN8 traveler’s comfort

With its spacious 2-2-3 seating arrangement and heated, cooled and massaging second-row chairs, the GAC Motor GN8 minivan is perfect for business trips. Its inner seating area is mainly a creamy white hue, with dark wood elements placed throughout for a touch of luxury.

Ambient lighting adds to the relaxing atmosphere, and there’s even a powered driver’s seat and a panoramic roof. Whether you’re taking a family vacation or a business trip, this car has everything you need for a comfortable journey.

GN8 traveler’s comfort

With its distinctive diamond pattern seat stitching, automatic lifting windows, and Madrid-inspired color scheme, this car is sure to turn heads. This vehicle exudes style and sophistic from its wrap-around exterior design to its luxurious interior appointments.

GN8 redefines what it means to be a smart car. With its 10-inch screen and Bluetooth capabilities, apple carplay support, and 7-inch liquid crystal display instrument cluster, this car is packed with features that will keep you safe and connected while on your travels.

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Additionally, its quiet entry and ignition system, sliding doors, and lift gate simplify getting in and out of your car. Plus, with a rearview camera and backing detector, you can be assured that you’ll be able to see everything around you while driving.

GN8 on the road

In today’s world, people are always on-the-go and need a reliable means of transportation that can keep up with their active lifestyle. That’s where GN8 comes in – a steel-chassis car that is both comfortable and rigid. With independent frontal McPherson, multi-link beam suspension, and front and back discs for deceleration force, this vehicle is sure to get you to places you need to be quickly and efficiently.

GN8 on the road

AnE-Turbo/GCCS/DCVVT engine provides the GN8 with the driving force. Its fuel economy of 8.9L/100km. Also, the GN8 comes equipped with a 6-speed automatic gearing which delivers power to the front wheels. Its engine is fueled by a 68-liter gasoline tank and meets EURO 5 emission standards.

The GAC Motor GN8 comes with a variety of safety features that provide protection in the event of an accident. These features include drape side airbags, two frontal airbags, antilocking brake systems, and an automatic braking system.

Additional airbags are available on some models for even more protection. GAC’s latest MPV allows for integrating a theft alarm with its engine immobilizer and monitoring your tire pressure via the smart screen. GN8 comes standard with a traction management unit, hydraulic brake assistant, descent control, ascend control, and anti-rollover capabilities. As always, this product provides excellent value and peace of mind.

Take away

The GAC Motor GN8 is a great choice whenever you are on a quest to get a company car. The turbocharged engine is powerful, and the minivan can hold more people and cargo because of its larger body. The GN8 minivan also has more horsepower and a larger fuel tank than the GN6, making it an excellent option for long road trips and quick commutes.

Suppose you are looking for an economical and powerful minivan as a company car. It is a perfect choice for those who need a large enough vehicle to fit some business partners but don’t want the bulk of a full-sized van. If you are interested in purchasing a GAC Motor GN8 minivan, you can contact us anytime.

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