Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Teen’s First Car: Tips and Insights

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Guide To Your Teen’s First Car

It’s a true moment of independence when a teen obtains a driver’s license. This also means that the teen is ready to buy his or her first car. This major life event, while exciting, can also be stressful because there are many vehicle options on the market. Buying a car is also a serious investment and a major responsibility. Read on to learn some tips that can help you when purchasing a teen’s first car.

The first step to consider when car shopping is setting a budget. Doing this early on can help make the process smoother since you’ll know what price range to search. Include the teen when setting the budget and be sure to also set realistic expectations.

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For example, inform the teen that a sports car isn’t practical and that there will be extra costs to keep in mind such as gas and insurance. You may want to ask the teenager for a financial contribution to the car, which can be received through his or her savings or via monthly payments.

Next, consider prioritizing safety and reliability when selecting a car. In fact, you can research the safety ratings of various vehicles online. Whether you’re buying new or used, you should also look for safety features, such as airbags, blind spot monitoring, and lane keep assist. Buying a vehicle with these safety features can help give you and the teen peace of mind.

Test drive the car before saying “yes” and pulling off the lot. The teen should feel safe and comfortable behind the wheel. He or she should also understand how to work the vehicle’s controls. Moreover, it’s a good idea to get the car inspected by a professional mechanic to learn of any maintenance issues.

For more tips on choosing a teen’s first car, see the accompanying resource.

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