The Top Ways To Keep Yourself Safe On Your Motorcycle

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The Top Ways To Keep Yourself Safe On Your Motorcycle

If you are reading this article then it’s highly likely that you have already bought your first motorcycle or you are seriously thinking about getting one. You have made an excellent decision because the days of being late for work no matter how early you get up in the morning will be long gone and you will be able to use your two-wheeled vehicle to move effortlessly between vehicles when traffic jams are stopping you from getting to your work on time. On your days off, you will be able to take extended trips around this great country of ours and you will be able to enjoy the wind on your face and the sun on your back.

Owning your own motorcycle comes with a set of responsibilities that include making sure that you have top-quality fitted and that you drive your motorcycle responsibly and being aware of other road users. The unfortunate thing is that motorcycle riding can be a little dangerous and it is not generally down to your driving skills but to the inability of other vehicles to plan and to expect a motorcycle to be on the road. This means that you have to take steps to keep yourself safe while driving your motorcycle and so the following are just some essential motorcycle safety tips.

  1. Take an additional safety course – It’s likely that you already have your motorcycle licence but this is an additional course that will teach you the many other rules of the road that people don’t know about. You will be taught what to do in pretty unpredictable situations and you will be taught the necessary skills needed to apply good judgement when riding on Australia’s roads.
  2. Be aware of the weather forecast – Before setting out on the road to work or to travel longer distances on the weekend, you need to be aware of the kind of weather that you will be experiencing so that you can drive according to the conditions of the road and that you could make sure that you have the right tyres fitted to your vehicle. If the weather forecast is for heavy rain and wind then maybe think about going up and your motorcycle another day.
  3. Wear essential motorcycle gear – It is not appropriate to ride your motorcycle wearing only a pair of jeans and a pair of sports shoes. There are many different types of motorcycle safety gear to choose from but one of the first things you need to make sure that you have is a quality-approved. You should invest in a leather jacket and pants with the right kind of motorcycle boots and a good pair of gloves.

It always makes sense to take a quick walk around your motorcycle before you set out on any trip even if it is only over a short distance. Make sure that your headlights are working, your taillights and your turn signals. Be sure to check the tyre pressure and check quickly if your horn is working effectively.

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