Reasons why you must opt for no-fault insurance claims

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There are several types of insurance that you can buy for your car. In case of an accident, the insurance company may help you cover the costs of repairs and other damages incurred because of the accident.

However, if the accident was caused due to someone else’s negligence, going through traditional insurance companies might increase your insurance premiums and harm your track record.

So this is why many people prefer no-fault claims rather than seeking a claim from an insurance company.

Companies like National motor claims act as an intermediary and provide boutique services to help clients seek the best claim they deserve when the accident was not their fault. These companies do not charge fees unless the final settlement amount is determined and the cost is only deducted from the settlement amount.

Such companies have independent assessors that will help prove that the accident was not your fault and will make claiming compensation from the opposite party easier.

Here are some reasons why you must opt for no-fault insurance claims.

  • You do not pay extra fees.

When you apply for a claim through your insurance company, they might charge you an exuberant fee.

They will charge a fee to help you seek compensation from the opposite party or all the parties involved.

By opting for an agency that helps you claim insurance amounts, you are simply bypassing your insurance company and taking advantage of special services to settle the claims.

  • It does not affect your insurance records.

Choosing companies like national motor claims means you do not have to seek compensation from your insurer.

So, your insurance track record will remain unaffected. If you go through your insurer, your insurance record will be affected, which might hamper your insurance eligibility in the future, or even if you do get one, the premiums might be inflated. Your driving habits are one of the factors determining the insurance premiums, and accidents might have a negative impact even if they were not your fault.

When you opt for an intermediary to help you make insurance, neither your premiums nor your insurance history will be affected.

  • Added services

Insurance companies do not offer many services unless you are a unique client or have opted for various add-ons in your insurance plan.

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On the other hand, a no-fault insurance company may offer additional services to you in case of an accident.

For instance, they might offer towing services for your damaged car, and when the vehicle is at the workshop for repairs, they may even provide a rental car. Such add-on services make it convenient for you to carry on with your schedule after the accident.

  • Everyone has the right to claim

There are a lot of people who do not purchase car insurance. However, if you have been involved in a no-fault car accident, you can seek the rightful compensation irrespective of whether you have insurance.

A no-fault claims company serves both kinds of clients, those who have insurance and those who don’t have insurance.

  • Better valuation

A no-fault insurance claims company will help you better evaluate the total damages incurred by accident. They will assign an independent assessor to your case to precisely determine the overall costs of the damages.

In addition, you will be able to seek compensation for your vehicle’s damage, loss of income, and other incurred costs. So, if you want a faster resolution to your insurance claim without impacting your record and premium, you must consider contacting a reputed no-fault insurance company.

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