Protect Your Car From Theft With CarLock: A Comprehensive Anti-Theft System

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Protect Your Car From Theft With CarLock: A Comprehensive Anti-Theft System

Many anti-theft car tracking products may seem appealing, however, that doesn’t guarantee they are valuable for your time and money. One of the car tracking and security products you may have already heard of is CarLock, which is designed to secure your vehicle from theft.

You are probably wondering whether it offers the functionalities you require and what benefits it provides. In this review, we will examine all the CarLock advantages, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether it’s the best fit for you.

Better than a Traditional Alarm System

CarLock stands out from the typical security equipment that comes with vehicles, which is typically an alarm. Historically, alarms were useful in drawing attention and keeping thieves at bay. However, in recent times, most people tend to pay little attention to the sound of a car alarm.

Think back to the last time you heard a car alarm, how quickly did you react? Chances are, you, like many others, didn’t give it much attention. This is something that thieves are aware of, and it has rendered alarms less effective in deterring them. In fact, some thieves have even figured out ways to disable or circumvent alarms entirely.

CarLock offers a distinct advantage over traditional alarms. Instead of just sounding an alarm, it offers real-time notifications and car tracking capabilities.

Security System

CarLock is a system that provides various alerts related to security, awareness, and the battery status of a vehicle. It can inform the vehicle owner if the engine is turned on without their knowledge, if the car is being tampered with, or if it is being moved without authorization.

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Additionally, it provides real-time location updates. One of the standout features of CarLock is its ability to send notifications if the device is disconnected from the OBD port.

Driving Awareness

CarLock provides information on the owner’s driving behavior, such as the intensity of braking and if they are accelerating too quickly. This can help the driver to be more aware of their driving and take action to drive more safely.

Car Battery Information

CarLock is constantly monitoring the vehicle’s battery, giving updates on its condition. It sends notifications immediately in the event of a low battery or abnormal battery drain.

Trip History

CarLock records the car’s journey and makes it accessible to the owner. This can be beneficial for tracking business expenses or keeping a personal travel diary.

Key Advantages

The main difference between CarLock and a standard car tracker is the type of security alerts they provide. A standard car tracker typically only sends notifications when the car is moved or the engine is started. These notifications can be beneficial but do not give a complete picture of the situation.

On the other hand, CarLock offers a variety of security notifications that are tailored to alert the owner of any unusual activity or problems with the car. For example, in addition to notifications for car movement or engine start, CarLock also sends alerts for attempts to detach the device from the car, and any impacts or shaking of the vehicle.

How Does It Work?

How Does carlock antitheft device Work

CarLock is known for its ease of installation. It is a simple plug-and-play device that can be inserted into the OBD port. If you want to use the power adapter to power the device from the battery, it will require the assistance of a mechanic.

Once the device is installed and activated, it can start protecting your vehicle. The device sends out signals that are picked up by GPS, analyzed, and sent to your app via the cloud. Based on your system settings, you will receive alerts if there are any notifications that require your attention. It is a straightforward process.

Multiple Ways To Install The CarLock Device

Multiple Ways To Install The CarLock Device

Installing CarLock is a quick and uncomplicated process that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. There are multiple ways to install the CarLock device in a vehicle.

  • OBD plug-in connection: This is the most convenient option. All you have to do is locate the onboard diagnostics (OBD) connector in your vehicle and plug in the device. No additional tools are needed. However, there are some downsides to the OBD. Though it is easy to quickly detach the device, you may prefer to hide it so that it is not visible or easily removable.
  • OBD Extension Cable: The Onboard Diagnostics extension cable is an ideal balance between the plug-and-play and hardwired options. It provides the same convenience and ease of use as the first option, and it allows you to position the device in a secure location where it is not visible.
  • Power adapter cable: The hardwired installation option is a great way to hide the CarLock tracker. Although plugging the device into the OBD port with or without the extension cable is convenient, the OBD connector is easily accessible and the device can thus easily be removed. With the use of CarLock’s OBD power adapter accessory, a professional auto technician can install the device and connect it to the car’s electrical system with a steady 12V power source.

The CarLock Tag – Additional Layer of Security

The CarLock Tag is a small portable device that can be used in combination with the CarLock system to provide additional security features for your vehicle. The device can be placed in your car (iPhone) or wallet (Android phone) and can be used to remotely lock and unlock your car’s location.

To use the CarLock Tag, the CarLock device must be installed in your car and connected to the CarLock mobile app. Once the CarLock system is set up, you can connect the CarLock Tag to the system via Bluetooth. The positioning of the Tag ensures that the CarLock device detects the Tag whenever the owner is near the car.

Should You Consider Choosing CarLock?

Due to the numerous benefits and features offered by CarLock, and a large number of satisfied customers, this device is a great choice. It is user-friendly and can enhance the safety of your vehicle. The device is reasonably priced and has proven to be effective for many individuals.

If you are looking for a way to enhance the security of your car, CarLock can be an ideal solution.

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