A Quick Review Of The Exquisite BMW X1 – Pricing, Specs

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A Quick Review Of The Exquisite BMW X1

It is hard to deny that the new BMW X1 is a favorable option when looking into reliable sports utility vehicles, as German practicality and efficiency outperform flashy and futuristic looks once more.

About The BMW X1

BMW is world-renowned for building durable and efficient cars. 

With this year’s version of the X1, the German automaker definitely did not deviate from this rule and created perhaps the most practical all-purpose SUV.

Thanks to its smooth, agile and easy to handle driving, the third-generation BMW X1 model can easily be put in the same category as the Range Rover Evoque, Audi Q3, or Volvo XC40.

While a bit smaller than the X3, this X1 comes with a more practical approach than the sporty X2. It offers two trims: front-wheel-drive (sDrive28i) or all-wheel-drive (xDrive28i), making it perfect for roaming the city or the outback. 

Design and Features

After receiving a face-lift and interior redesign in 2020, this model does not come with an entirely new look, but only a few improvements and additions to what everybody knows and loves about BMW.

Measuring 4439mm long, 1821 wide, and 2670 tall from the wheelbase, this four-door vehicle seats five people comfortably in a high-quality, sporty, and yet well-designed cockpit and back seat set-up.

Even though it might not be the VW Tiguan in boot size, the 505l boot already takes more luggage compared to the Volvo XC40. And, depending on the model, the fully adjustable back seats help you prioritize your boot space optimally with up to 1550l storage space.

This car is also very child-seat friendly with easy-access seat anchors and offers a bit more space for large back-facing safety seats than its competitors.

The infotainment system is the familiar BMW technology with specs such as auto smartphone integration. 

Together with the iDrive in-dash navigation, everything is handled through the familiar rotary knob, surrounded by short-cut buttons, all within the driver’s reach. This is arguably less distracting to handle while driving and becomes intuitive quickly.

Engine and Consumption

The powerful and incredibly hushed turbo-engine 2022 version comes in 9 different models.

The X1’s motor ranges from the basic 18i, with a 1.5l engine, to the hybrid and turbo-charged xDrive25e. 

The available two- or three-cylinder options don’t disappoint in their acceleration performance either. 

Even the smallest one delivers 0-62mph in 9.7 seconds, while their super-fast hybrid jumps to 60mph in a phenomenal 6.0 seconds.

All models come with a 61l tank and convinces through a more than competitive combined fuel economy, ranging between 4.7l to 6l.

The slight road roar created by the tyres might be an issue for some, but potentially the only mentionable weakness to be found in this car.


German engineering and testing have earned this car a 5-star ANCAP Rating and BMW provides every buyer with a 3 Year unlimited-kilometer warranty.

On top of that, the X1 comes with these standard safety features:

  • Autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection
  • Front, front-side, and curtain airbags
  • Lane-departure warning
  • Reversing camera
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Traffic sign recognition


Steering this car is definitely most fun when driving along winding coastal roads. 

Even though it responds rapidly, if the manual’s shift feels a bit too rustic, you might want to switch to the super-smooth eight-speed automatic gearbox. This will also come in handy when wanting to operate without a clutch in a city’s heavy traffic. 

Thanks to the grippy suspension and responsive steering you will feel way more agile when cutting corners as the car does not lean as much into bends as some of its competitors. 

With that being said – the stiffer suspension does make bumps in the road feel a tad more evident. Luckily the comfortable interior design and adjustable passenger seats make up for this easily. 


Thanks to its solid material quality and modern build, this BMW is definitely up to standards. Ranging between $46,900 and $56,900, the X1 also sits very reasonably among its competitors. 


This car certainly delivers the expected sporty BMW practicality and reliability in a mundane way. 

Whether you are looking for a city family car or a fun road buddy for a trip through the outback, thanks to its great engine performance and agility, the various model and add-on options as well as the price, the X1 is a fantastic option when considering your next SUV! 

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