Things You Should Know Before Renting A Chauffeur Driven Car

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Renting A Chauffeur Driven Car

In Dubai, chauffeur-driven cars are becoming quite popular nowadays. Apart from the comfort it offers, such cars also provide a sense of class and luxury. Moreover, it lets you enjoy the trip without having to worry about traffic and other difficulties on the road.

Though a chauffeur-driven car lets you relax and feel comfortable, there are certain things you should consider while renting such a car.

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– Collect all information about the driver

Before renting the car, you should get all information about the driver, like his name, age, nationality, and other details. Most rental agencies would be happy to share these details with the passengers. You should also check the number of years the driver has worked with the rental agency. If the driver has been working for several years, it means that he is a reliable person. 

You can also check with the rental agency how they conduct the background check while recruiting the driver in the UAE. 

– Inspect the car

Though most rental agencies have pictures of the car on their website, you should inspect it thoroughly before renting it. You should ensure the car is in good condition and has all the accessories as mentioned. The seat should be upholstered appropriately, and the tires should have adequate pressure. You should also check the fuel level before starting the drive.

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– Examine the documents of the car

Though the driver will be present throughout the journey, it is best to examine all the car documents before renting them. Examining the documents ensures that you do not get into any trouble in case any untoward incident happens. You can also check the driver’s license, though the rental agency thoroughly verified it before recruiting them. 

– Tip for the driver

When you rent a car with a driver, you pay an agreed amount to the Limousine agency. You should first check with the agency whether the driver’s tip is included in the rental amount. If not, you should pay the tip directly to the driver. You can pay around AED 10 – 20 as a tip for a few hours’ drive.

– Cost of hiring

The cost of renting a chauffeur-driven car will be more than that of a rented car. However, the amount charged by the rental agency should be reasonable. It should cover both the rental charge and the driver’s charge. 

What Are The Skills You Should Check For In The Driver? 

Besides the above, you should also check the below details of the driver. 

– Communication skill

The driver should have good communication skills to understand what you are saying clearly. If you are comfortable only in English, you can ask the rental agency to provide an English-speaking driver. Most chauffeur-driven cars in the UAE have English-speaking drivers. 

– Mechanical skill

Though the driver need not be a great technician, he should have basic mechanical skills if the car develops any issues. The driver should also understand any technical problems with the car before it runs into serious trouble. 


Most rental agencies conduct interviews and background checks before hiring a chauffeur. The chauffeur is also provided with on-the-job training to meet the passenger’s expectations. Thus, you are assured of a professional service while renting a chauffeur-driven car. 

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