Spray Ceramic Coatings for Cars: Are They Worth the Investment?

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Are Spray Ceramic Coatings Any Good?

If you have ever applied paint protection to your car, you have probably heard of ceramic coatings. Since these coatings are extremely hard to apply for beginners, companies started producing simple, DIY spray ceramic coatings, so everyone can apply them to their cars.

But are spray coatings any good? Should you use them, or should you stick to the good old carnauba waxes? I’ll try to explain that in this article.

What Are Spray Ceramic Coatings?

Spray ceramic coatings are a relatively new type of car care product that aims to make the whole ceramic coating application process much simpler. Because of ease of application, these ceramic coatings are often called DIY ceramic coatings as well.

They contain silica dioxide (SiO2) nanoparticles, which have great hardness, chemical resistance, and hydrophobic properties. These particles bond to the car’s finish, creating a transparent, protective, and shiny layer that can last for a few months.

So, unlike traditional ceramic coatings that require thorough paint prep, curing times, and expert application, spray ceramic coatings are created for a wide range of people that want to protect their vehicle’s paint simply.

Are Spray Ceramic Coatings Any Good?

Spray ceramic coatings are a great option for car owners who want to enhance and protect their vehicle’s paint without the hassle of traditional ceramic coating.

However, you should understand both their benefits, but also their limitations. That’s why I decided to show you both their pros and cons, so you can understand them better.

Pros of spray ceramic coatings:

  • Ease of application. When compared to traditional ceramic coatings, applying DIY ceramic coatings is at least 10x easier.
  • Long-lasting protection. When we compare spray ceramic coatings to waxes and sealants, you’ll mostly get longer-lasting protection for your vehicle.
  • Enhance gloss and hydrophobicity. Even though waxes are the kings of car paint shine, spray ceramic coatings also provide a fantastic shine and gloss but also extraordinary hydrophobic properties.

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Cons of spray ceramic coatings:

  • Limited durability. Spray ceramic coatings have limited durability when compared to traditional ceramic coatings. They can’t even be compared.
  • Not scratch-resistant. Professional grade coatings will also prevent some minor swirl marks and scratches from appearing on your vehicle, and you can’t expect that from ceramic spray coatings.
  • They’re often more expensive than waxes and sealants. SiO2 compounds cost money, and that’s the reason they’re often more expensive than spray waxes and sealants.

All in all, I would say that spray ceramic coatings are a great product, especially if you buy them from reputable companies such as Nexgen. But again, you need to know their limits and not expect the same results as typical ceramic coatings.

Who Should Use Spray Ceramic Coatings?

Overall, spray ceramic coatings are a good choice for car owners who want to protect their paint and enhance its appearance without breaking the bank or spending hours on detailing. So, if you recognized yourself in the sentence above, you’re the type of person that spray ceramic coatings are created for.

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If you’re a mobile detailer, you can also benefit from using ceramic spray coatings as an additional detailing package to offer to your customers. The no. 1 reason for that is that as a mobile detailer, you can’t apply traditional ceramic coatings on the go. At least, it’s barely possible.

For auto detailers, spray ceramic coatings can be great to offer as a quick form of paint protection for customers who want a fast and easy solution, or they’re on a budget. Spray ceramic coatings will be easier for you to apply than car waxes and will offer more durability and longevity to your customer’s cars. So, if you have a customer that’s looking for a compromise between convenience and performance, consider recommending some spray ceramic coating.

What’s The Best Spray Ceramic Coating?

When it comes to choosing the best spray ceramic coating, there are a lot of options on the market. However, from my experience, there’s one product that stands out from the crowd.

Nexgen Ceramic Spray Coating

In my opinion, Nexgen Ceramic Spray Coating is one of the best spray ceramic coatings on the market. This product is highly concentrated, with a SiO2 content of 13%, making it the most concentrated DIY ceramic coating available on the market. A large percentage of SiO2 means it will provide a strong and durable layer of protection for your car’s paint.

It’s also extremely easy to apply and doesn’t require any special tools or training. Just spray it onto the paint and wipe it off with a microfiber towel. If you prepare the paint properly (washing, decontamination, removing swirl marks and scratches), you can expect this DIY ceramic coating to last up to 12 months.

What I extremely like about this coating is that it can be used on paint, glass, and also wheels. That way, you don’t need tons of different products since only one product can protect all these surfaces.

Overall, Nexgen Ceramic Spray Coating is a great choice for anyone looking for a highly effective and easy-to-use spray ceramic coating. There are both more expensive and cheaper alternatives, but this one was so far the best one for me.

Bottom Line

As you can see from all the info I shared above, spray ceramic coatings are good, and they’re a fantastic way to protect your car’s paint. While they may not offer the same level of durability and longevity when compared to professional-grade ceramic coatings, they’re still a great option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly and easy-to-apply alternative.

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