A Quick Guide to Buying a 4×4 Underbody Water Tank

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If you’re planning to go on a trip in your 4×4 anytime soon, it is always best to be well prepared for any type of situation. When packing all the necessities for your trip, an important feature you will need to consider for your 4×4 setup is ample water storage. And when it comes to water storage, you can never go wrong with an underbody water tank for your 4×4 vehicle. But before we dive right into the basics of underbody water tanks, let us first discuss the importance of bringing water along with you on your 4×4 trip.

Why Bringing Water on a 4×4 Trip Is Important?

Bringing enough water along may seem like the most obvious thing to remember. But surprisingly enough, most people tend to either bring too little water or completely forget about it all together. You must never neglect the need to bring enough water along since it can cause a lot of discomforts and can put a dampener on your trip very quickly.

There are many reasons why it is always a smart idea to bring enough water when you go on camping excursions or exciting trips to the outback. Getting dehydrated on these trips can happen sooner than you think, so having enough water to drink throughout is vital. Furthermore, depending on the nature of your trip, you may even require extra water to brush your teeth, cook, bathe and other applications. You may not always have immediate access to natural sources of water or rest stops with in-built water facilities. However, if you have your own water storage system in place, it gives you enough freedom to travel without needing to cut your trip short.

Working Out How Much Water You Need

Deciding how much water to bring along can be tricky, but it can be worked out using a simple trick. As a rule of thumb, a minimum of 2L of drinking water is required per person, per day. But this will not be enough since you will most probably require water for other tasks such as cooking, washing, and bathing. Approximately 7.5L per person, per day will be a safe amount to bring along. While this may seem like a large amount, it will be necessary. It is a much better predicament to have more water than having too little.

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The total amount of water you will require can also depend on other factors apart from how many people are coming on the trip. The climate, duration of your stay and the extra activities you will be undertaking can have an impact on how much water you will require. For example, if you are traveling somewhere hot or humid, you will need a lot more water to restore what you lose through sweat. Similarly, strenuous activities, like hiking or trekking, will demand more water. You must also consider whether you have access to a safe water supply at your destination. If you do, you may not need to bring extra water.

How to Carry Water on Your Trip?

There are many ways to store and transport your water safely while on your trip. These include:

Individual Drink Bottles

This is one of the simplest ways to ensure you always have water on your person. Carrying around individual drink bottles can ensure that each person always has access to water when they need it. Although, just drinking bottles will not cut it. You will most definitely need a larger water storage unit from which you can refill your individual bottles as needed.

Water Bladders

These are portable plastic bags that have a capacity between 1–3L. They are quite easy to store and can come in handy on camping trips. A disadvantage to these water storage units is that there is a risk of puncturing, which can lead to loss of water.

Storage Containers

Plastic storage containers or jerry cans are quite commonly used for most trips due to their sturdiness and ease of use. A major downside to these containers though is that they have limited capacity and they are hard to carry when heavy. Additionally, they can take up a lot of space and water can end up tasting or smelling funny due to the nature of the material.

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Underbody Water Tank

Underbody water tanks are made of stainless steel and have a large capacity — up to 30L or more. Their high capacity makes them ideal for long trips with large numbers of people. Unlike other water containers, an underbody water tank rests under the vehicle saving you a lot of seat and roof space.

Why Use an Underbody Water Tank?

Out of all the water storage options out there, an underbody water tank is one of the most effective and easiest options you can choose. Though it is slightly on the more costly side of things, it is a very handy investment for those who frequently engage in long 4×4 trips. Here are some of the main benefits of having an underbody water tank installed.

Low Centre of Gravity

The key to maintaining stability with off-road vehicles is to carry more weight down low. This issue with carrying jerry cans or water bladders is that they will be placed on the roof rack of the car or in the boot. This can be dangerous, especially if driving downhill or up a steep slope. The heavy weight on the top or to the back can cause an imbalance and cause your vehicle to flip over on its side. With an underbody water tank, however, the story is different. The weight rests down below, centering your car’s gravity and reducing the risk of accidents.

Weight Rests Between the Axles

A common issue experienced by 4×4 vehicles is the bending of the chassis. Usually, this bending happens due to the suspension setup, tire pressures, and speed. However, this issue most significantly occurs as a result of too much weight placed too far back on the vehicle. Underbody water tanks are usually mounted to the chassis directly between the axles on the driver’s side. This can help evenly distribute the weight as your remaining traveling load may be stored in the back of your car or on the roof rack.

Ease to Use & Refill

Other water storage units, like jerry cans, can be difficult to manage due to weight. However, with underbody water tanks, it is much easier to pump out the water, limit wastage and refill whenever necessary. It is quick and efficient, meaning that you will be able to spend more time enjoying your trip without having to worry about refilling and stocking heavy cans of water.

More Storage Space

With underbody water tanks, you can save on a lot of space that would otherwise have been filled by water bladders or jerry cans. Since the tank sits snugly under the car, you have enough free space on the roof rack, boot, and backseats of the car for everything else you need.

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How to Choose Which Tank You Need?

While underbody tanks are a great investment, it can be tricky to decide which size to get. There are a few factors you will need to consider before you make a purchase. These include:

  • The type of vehicle you drive
  • The storage capacity of your vehicle
  • How long you plan to go before needing to empty your tank and refill fresh water
  • How much water will be required during this timeframe for drinking, showering, and other purposes
  • How much additional weight can be added to your vehicle on top of everything else

Once you have worked out these parameters, it will be a lot easier to come to a decision regarding the tank size you need.

It is also important to remember that not everyone might need to have an underbody water tank. Underbody tanks need to be compatible with your 4×4 so if you do not have enough space on the undercarriage of the car, you can always go for jerry cans or other alternatives. The tanks come in handy mostly for long excursions and can be a lifesaver for those who go on trips often. However, if you are just heading on a casual trip for a few days with some mates, you can consider other water storage options as well.

Buy Water Tanks Online

When it comes to water storage, their 4×4 underbody water tanks are perfect for any situation, whether it’s a quick weekend away or an adventure to the outback. For all your water storage needs, browse online today!

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