Things To Keep in Mind While Creating a Website For Tire Shop

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website for your tire shop

Owning and operating a local tire shop requires more than supplying high-quality tires to customers in need. In today’s world, cultivating an online presence is key to optimizing your ability to reach and appeal to potential consumers. If you want to create a website for your tire shop, there are a few steps to keep in mind along the way.

Research Your Competition

Anytime you are thinking of building a website or developing an online presence of any kind, it is highly advisable to do so only after you have thoroughly researched your existing competition. Knowing the competition you have locally, regionally, and even nationally can help to guide you along the way when you begin to develop a website and online presence of your own.

When you are familiar with the competition you currently have, both online and off, you can also keep up with sales, promotions, and marketing messaging to determine which methods of communication are likely to work best for your target audience. 

Spend time researching local tire shops near you both online and off to compare their marketing methods as well as the type of services they provide. Consider the graphic and visual elements used in order to appeal to prospective customers, such as modernized logos or printed marketing material that is mailed to residents in a nearby area. 

Select Your Domain Name

Building a website is more than simply showcasing the stock you have in your existing inventory. When you build a website, you will first need to select and register a domain name. A domain name is the website’s URL or a name that will need to be typed in order to be accessed by visitors and prospective customers. Some tips to keep in mind when registering a domain name for your tire shop include:

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  • Go with your company name: If possible, register your domain name the same way that your company name is displayed and spelled.
  • Avoid odd characters: Avoid using odd characters, numbers, symbols, or even hyphens whenever possible when registering a new domain name for a new website.
  • Spelling matters: If your tire shop’s name is difficult to spell, it will likely be much more challenging for users to locate your tire shop when searching for new tires online. 
  • Competition: Always take the time to research existing domain names that are the same as the name you prefer or are too similar. Avoid registering a tire shop domain name that is too similar to another tire shop in your local or regional area. 

Choosing a Web Host

In order to build a website of your own, you will also need to choose a website host to store your website. If you are new to building websites or are doing so for the first time, a few of the top-performing web hosts available to choose from today include:

  • Namecheap
  • GoDaddy
  • Hostinger
  • Bluehost
  • HostGator

When you are just getting started with building a local website, seek out a Shared web hosting package. Shared web hosting packages are the most affordable and accessible, allowing any user to get started with a website of their own nearly immediately.

Always take the time to read reviews and testimonials from those who have utilized a web host you are interested in to determine if that particular host has what you need. 

Choose a Layout and Design

Consider the purpose of your tire website and whether you are promoting a local store or selling tires directly online. Once you understand the use and utility of your website, you can then begin researching and comparing layouts that are right for your online presence.

Choosing a layout that is relevant to your brand’s offerings, logo colors, and the overall aesthetic is key to truly standing out in your existing competition.

Using an old, outdated, or clunky layout can turn users away while also diminishing your credibility as a tire provider, even if you have a stellar and untarnished reputation otherwise. If you cannot find a website layout that is right for you, consider working with a professional developer and/or designer to get the job done. 

The Cost of Creating a Website

The cost of creating a website will vary and will likely scale and shift as your online presence begins to grow and expand. Typically, domain registration will cost anywhere between $3 and $10 per year. However, hosting for a website may cost anywhere between $10 a month and $50 per month if you are using a shared hosting package. 

Content for Your Tire Shop Website

Even once you have a basic website and domain name registered, you may be wondering what to do next, especially as you are running a tire shop. If you want to promote the current inventory you have in stock, you can do so by launching an eCommerce section of your tire shop website, where users have the ability to purchase and/or reserve tires from their own homes or with the use of their own smartphones. 

Another method to draw attention to your website and online presence is to launch a content marketing strategy. Create content that is relevant to tires, vehicle maintenance, and even investing in new or unique tires for sport or competitive purposes. Providing content on your website is not only a way to keep interested readers coming back for more, but it can also help with boosting your website’s SEO, or search engine optimization.

If you are interested in maximizing your reach, both online and locally, a content strategy is essential, regardless of the industry you are in and the market you intend to target. Typically, finding an agency that provides an automotive SEO service will be the best route.

Building a website for your tire shop is not only a way to generate additional sales using an online platform, but it is also a way to establish credibility as an authoritative source in your industry.  Knowing how to build and launch a traditional eCommerce or retail website can go a long way in generating sales and attracting loyal followers, even if you are operating a small or local tire shop on your own. 

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