Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes: Which Is The Right Luxury Brand For You?

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audi vs bmw vs mercedes

The automobile industry is one of the oldest and biggest industries in the world. It is indeed one of the best has flourished better than any other industry. Whenever we talk about cars, the German automobile industry is what pops in our head, and that too holds exclusives like Mercedes, BMW, & Audi.

The debate of Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes is never-ending. All these three automobile brands are the pioneer of luxurious automobiles in the world. And you can not deny the fact that if you are looking for a high-end ride, these three German giants are where your search ends.

Whether it is a small hatchback, or large sedan, or an astonishing sports car, you can have numerous options from these brands.

This is the reason why BMW vs Mercedes vs Audi is a tough decision to make. So today, in this article, we talk about these three automobile giants and help you find which is the best answer for you when it comes to Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes.

Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes

If you are in the market looking for a prestigious ride that offers the utmost comfort and luxury, there are chances that you will come across different models of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes.

These three German automakers are the face of luxury summit and produce more than 50 different models making them the best-selling luxury brand in the world.

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It is easy to pick them when compared with others. However, it becomes troublesome if you have BMW vs Audi vs Mercedes as the final choice.

We understand how difficult it can be to choose the right one from the best of the best. To ensure you make the right decision when going over Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes, let us take a look at each of these brands closely.

Mercedes Or BMW Or Audi Which Is Better?

If you are talking about German luxury automotive brands, there are three prominent players & it’s always like Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes. It is common for brands to compete against each other, but the rivalry among these three has been raging on for almost a century now.

Shocked? Well, don’t be as there are many stones unturned when it comes to these three brands. The battle between BMW and Mercedes is still fierce, whereas their battle with Audi over the last two decades has grown antagonistic.

While BMW and Mercedes are the old souls, Audi is still a younger generation in comparison. But this difference has not affected the abilities of these automakers negatively.

All these brands target younger and affluent shoppers, and we are here to help you decide which one to choose Audi BMW or Mercedes.


Slogan: VorsprungdurchTechnik (progress by technology)

Audi is among the oldest automobile brands in the world. It came into existence in 1932 as AUTO UNION, which was formed with the coalescence of four different manufacturers. This coalescence is the inspiration behind Audi’s four rings logo with each ring representing one of the original car makers that together created Auto Union.

mercedes or bmw or audi which is better

Audi was bought by another German automaker Volkswagen, in the 1960s and has retained the ownership since then. 

Since then, Audi is producing vehicles in nine different facilities, but its roots are in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Compared to its rivals Audi entered the luxury car business at a later stage but still has produced a wide range of luxury cars. Since its early days, Audi has been known for its technology and the decade of the 80s showcased it well with its introduction of a new OHC engine and the advanced self-stabilizing steering mechanism. 

This car was a huge success and finally, put Audi on the road to new horizons.

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Naming Strategy

Every automaker has a unique strategy to name their models, which will make them stand out. 

When it comes to Audi:

  • Saloon, coupe, and hatchback models start with the alphabet A like A3, A4, etc.
  • The high-performing saloon, coupe, and hatchback models begin with alphabet S, like S3 & S4.
  • Estates go by the name ‘Avant’.
  • SUVs are represented by alphabet Q like Q3, Q4.
  • The most performance-oriented & driver-centered models start with the letters ‘R’ or ‘RS’.
  • The latest electric models are labeled as e-Tron.

Cheapest Model

If you want to buy an Audi but want one with the side of affordability, then the competent, efficient & classy Audi A1 supermini is the ideal bet. You can own it for a starting price of $20,673.

Most Exclusive Model

The sports car Audi R8 is the most exclusive model of Audi. It is dynamic, astonishingly fast, and comes with a high-end price tag.

Why Buy Audi?

We sure understand you have a question lingering in your head as to why should you invest in Audi. Well, the best way to find out if you should put your faith & money in this brand is to see what exceptional features it has to offer.

  • Smooth & quiet driving experience

High-end cars are designed to provide a rich driving experience which states no engine noise in the seating cabin.

All the Audi cars come with a range of powerful yet economical engines that offer a quiet and polished driving experience.

However, if you are looking for BMW-level excitement, you might be disappointed, but overall, Audi is not bad to drive. Earlier, there were statements of its models being stiff, but today it is less true than it once was.

  • Four-wheel drive 

All the Audis that bear the ‘Quattro’ badge boast four-wheel drive technology. Only Audi A1 is a rare exception to this. You can find it standard on various models & engine combinations and even have it included for $2067.

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Many consumers have even stated that the Quattro system provides better drive, all thanks to its extra cornering ability.

On all the A4 models & above you will find permanently engaged more traditional yet sophisticated ‘Quattro’ or four-wheel-drive system that helps in preventing spinning wheels.

  • Contemporary & sleek design

All Audi models hold luxurious interiors & stylish designs. Many complain about Audi being conservative on its exterior style making everyone look similar, whereas some take it as the company’s massive selling point.

Audi is known for having one of the best interiors in the industry. Audi is also known for making technologically advanced and intuitive driver controls. Virtual Cockpit is the best example of the maker showcasing its technology with the most ease to the users.

2. BMW

Slogan: The Ultimate Driving Machine

BMW is an abbreviation for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. BMW came into existence in 1917 and used to produce a lot of railway motors and brakes. But slowly it move on to making motorbikes in 1923 and then finally begin producing cars in 1927.

During the world war company went into aircraft manufacturing until 1948, the year they launched their legendary BMW R 24 motorcycle.

bmw vs mercedes vs audi

It was in 1994 when BMW entered the American market and has stayed since then. Over the years BMW has bought many companies like MINI, Rolls Royce, and Rover, and has included their tech & designs in many of its models. BMW is one of the first companies to launch a sporty SUV named X5 in 1999, which followed many other models over the years.

Furthermore, BMW is one of the first out of the Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes, to launch an all-electric vehicle BMW i3 which was later joined by i8 which is a highly exclusive & expensive model.

Unlike its competitors, BMW pivots more on driving dynamics & performance and adds a lot of luxury.

So, if you’re looking for driving pleasure & performance over comfort and luxury, BMW is the brand for you. 

Naming Strategy

Every automaker has a unique strategy to name their models, which will make them stand out. 

When it comes to BMW:

  • The model names that start with the prefix X and feature odd numbers are SUVs like X1, X3, etc.
  • However, the models that start with X followed by an even number are all coupe-inspired SUVs, like X4, X6, etc.
  • The most technologically and environmentally advanced cars of BMW start with the letter ‘i’ like i3 & i8.
  • The performance-oriented BMWs begin with the letter ‘M’ like M2, M3, M4, etc.
  • The range of standard hatchbacks, coupes, estates, and saloons starts with 1 Series which covers all the intervening numbers.
  • The large 7 Series is all about executive saloons.
  • BMW X cars with even numbers are 2 door models whereas BMW X cars with odd numbers are four or five-door models.

Cheapest Model

If you want luxury it sure will come with a price & BMW is one of the pricey ones out there. However, if you want a cheap BMW, you can go for an entry-level three-door 1 Series hatchback that will cost you around $35,833.

Most Exclusive Model

The BMW i8 is the most exclusive model of the company at present. It is a plug-in hybrid sports car that can attain an acceleration of 62 mph in just 4.4 seconds. The company guarantees the exclusivity of the model.

Why Buy BMW?

We sure understand you have a question lingering in your head as to why should you invest in a BMW. Well, the best way to find out if you should put your faith & money in this brand is to see what exceptional features it has to offer.

  • Rear-wheel drive and an enjoyable driving experience

When it comes to BMW models, they are all excellent to drive. Most of the brand’s models have rear-wheel drive. The X-badged SUVs and i8 hybrid sports cars are the exceptions that come with four-wheel drive as standard.

BMW lives up to its slogan as in every ride you get to have an exciting & pleasurable experience with high-end feedback & involvement from the engine in comparison to some Audi & Mercedes models.

BMW M model series is also a good choice to experience the enhanced speed & performance.

  • A driver-oriented dashboard

Most of the vehicles out there have a clustered dashboard so wide that it sometimes poses an inconvenience to the driver. However, if you step into a BMW you will see a dashboard that is smartly angled towards the driver’s seat.

It is not wrong to say that BMW is driver bias. Though all the controls like infotainment & heating can easily be accessed by front passenger seat, the driver seat is which gets the maximum benefit.

  • Extremely advanced navigation & infotainment systems

BMW holds one of the advanced navigation & entertainment systems. When we say advanced it is about better technology and ease to use. You get to have an intuitive & fast responding user experience.

Also, BMW is the only automaker out of the three to offer sat-nav as standard across all its models.

3. Mercedes Benz

Slogan: The Best or Nothing

Mercedes Benz is the oldest of Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes line. Dating back to the nineteenth century Mercedes has come a long way. 1886 is the time when this company invented the first petrol-powered car. Mercedes focus on luxury more than any of the three German brands.

audi bmw or mercedes

The Benz Patent Motor Car was the world’s first automobile. It used a three-wheel design and was a milestone for Mercedes. And fast-forwarding a century, the company still holds that spirit & charm.

Mercedes focuses its model building more towards luxury out of the three giants. The company produces not only gasoline cars but plug-in hybrid & all-electric vehicles that have also made it to the lineup.

Naming Strategy

Every automaker has a unique strategy to name their models, which will make them stand out. 

When it comes to Mercedes:

  • All the A-Class lineup is Hatchback.
  • The B-Class lineup is MPV.
  • Small GLA, the midsize GLB & GLC, and larger GLE are the SUV class.
  • E-Class is a saloon & S-Class is an executive saloon.
  • GLC-Class Coupe and the GLE-Class Coupe are medium and large coupe-SUVs
  • CLA-Class and CLS-Class are four-door coupe saloons.
  • Electric cars are referred to as EQ.
  • V-Class is a luxurious people carrier.

Cheapest Model

The A-Class hatchback is the cheapest Mercedes model you can buy. You can own one for a starting price of $33,076. This class model might seem a little cramped up than the other mainstream models.

Most Exclusive Model

Mercedes Maybach is one of the most exclusive models of Mercedes that you can buy. A new version is to be launched soon.

Electric Car

EQ is the electric car range of Mercedes. Currently, it includes a luxury SUV- EQC, a compact SUV- EQA, and an electric version of the V-class people carrier called the EQV.

Why Buy Mercedes?

We sure understand you have a question lingering in your head as to why should you invest in a Mercedes. Well, the best way to find out if you should put your faith & money in this brand is to see what exceptional features it has to offer.

  • Luxurious cars with plush interiors

Mercedes is the synonym of luxury that holds a premium price tag because of the reputation they have built all these years.

Almost in every Mercedes interior, you will find soft leather, elegant controls, and plush seats that are specially designed to make even regular traveling a special experience.

  • Pioneering safety systems

Mercedes holds one of the best safety standards for its cars. The Mercedes S-Class saloon is often seen as the pioneer of automotive safety technology that includes the introduction of safety systems like anti-lock brakes & airbags.

At present, you can find advanced safety features like rear seatbelt airbags & night vision cameras in every S-Class model.

  • Pleasant driving experience

When we go Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes, Mercedes sure wins in terms of ride quality. Mercedes models are exclusively designed to offer a relaxing and pleasant driving experience for drivers & passengers.

The seats are highly adjustable and can offer to accommodate a range of body shapes & sizes. Furthermore, all the controls on the dashboard are ergonomically designed to be operated with minimal effort.

The infotainment system is also easy to operate.

Audi vs BMW vs. Mercedes Reliability

When it comes to reliability, Audi outranks BMW and Mercedes. So if reliability is your prime trait while buying your next luxury car, Audi should be the one you choose.

Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes Performance

If we are talking about performance Mercedes is the brand that goes above and beyond. You not only get to taste luxury with this brand but also have a bite of high-end performing engines.

Maintenance Costs

When it comes to maintenance costs BMW costs way more to keep than Audi & Mercedes. Maintaining a BMW in the initial years will cost you more. However, after 5 years of usage, maintenance on Audi is bound to increase.

Average Yearly Maintenance Cost:

  • Audi- $987
  • Mercedes- $908
  • BMW- $1,000 to $1,700 

Top FAQs About Luxury Car Brands

Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes, which one is the best?

Audi, BMW, and Mercedes are all German automobile makers that are known worldwide for their high-end competitive vehicles.

Each brand powers the other one in terms of one feature, whereas it might lack in the other. So, it is not quite right & easy to just give one brand the title of being the best of the best.

However, in terms of offering luxury rides in the world market, these three brands sure are the best in comparison to the other mainstream brands out there.

BMW vs Mercedes vs Audi, out of the three which has better technology?

All these three German automakers are pioneers in terms of using advanced technology. BMW and Mercedes have been rocking the advanced safety & tech features for over a long time.

However, in comparison to these two, Audi joined the line much later. But Audi caught up in the race faster than imagined, and at present, it is one of the most technologically advanced automobile brands in the world.

Out of Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes which brand has better performance?

If performance is the basis of comparison then Mercedes trumps the race. So, if you are looking for your next costly ride to be more performance-oriented, a Mercedes sure will make you happy.

What are the maintenance costs for Audi, Mercedes, and BMW?

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that the maintenance cost for a luxurious vehicle is more than a regular ride.

Out of the Audi, Mercedes, and BMW, yearly maintenance cost for BMW is the most followed by Mercedes and Audi.

  • Audi- $987
  • Mercedes- $908
  • BMW- $1,000 to $1,700

Which luxury car should I buy next?

There are many luxury brands available in the American auto market for you to choose from. But you can narrow down your choices based on the nationality of the makers.

Decide if you want to go for an automotive company based in Italy or Germany or the UK. With this decision made firm, you can then narrow down the choices from there.

  • Top German luxury car brands: BMW, Audi, Mercedes
  • Top Italian luxury car brands: Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Lamborghini
  • Top UK luxury car brands: Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Jaguar


There is no exact answer to Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes. All the three German automakers hold their uniqueness well and are on another level when compared to other mainstream car brands. They hold a tough competition to each other and you can find them outranking each other of different specifications. All in all, when it comes to luxurious cars no one can beat the quality & class of these three automakers.


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