2022 Lexus NX Car Detailed Review – Price, New Engine, Tech, Photos

2022 Lexus NX

When it comes to affordable luxury cars, Lexus is a name that no one can miss. The company has many models lined up for debut.

However, we are eagerly waiting for the 2022 Lexus NX car release. On 11 June 2021, 2022 Lexus NX made the much-awaited debut.

This outstanding luxury is a redesigned model for its predecessors and can be an ideal ride for you and your family. To make sure you know what the Lexus NX 2022 holds, we have a complete description prepared for you.

Outline – 2022 Lexus NX First Look

Being called outdated for quite some time, Lexus has pulled up its game in the luxury subcompact car category by releasing its much-awaited model for 2022. 

NX is the second-best SUV model of Lexus after RX which makes us completely understand the company’s attention towards the former.

The first look of 2022 Lexus NX Car tells us how this newly redesigned model is better than its predecessors. This new model is home to high-end styling that features LED headlamps along with windshields that have more aggressive rakes.

Although the 2022 Lexus NX has a similar chassis and powertrains as that of Toyota RAV4, it more likely to be described as a crossover that is slightly wider and taller than the other similar models of the brand.

Offered Versions Lexus NX 2022

The new 2022 Lexus NX is offered in six different versions, namely,

  • NX 250
  • NX 350 AWD
  • NX 350 F Sport AWD
  • NX 350h AWD
  • NX 450h+ AWD
  • NX 450h+ F Sport AWD

New Lexus NX 2022 – Compact Sport Car

New Lexus NX 2022

Lexus NX first debuted in 2015. This compact sport utility vehicle has been released by the company since then.

The vehicle is highly liked by the consumers. For 2022 the vehicle is being completely redesigned.

With the photos and information provided by the Lexus so far, one can easily assume that the 2022 Lexus NX exterior is similar to that of the one released in 2021. Thus, it is safe to assume the major changes are done in the insides of the ride.

With the photos and information provided by the Lexus so far, one can easily assume that the 2022 Lexus NX exterior is similar to that of the one released in 2021. Thus, it is safe to assume the major changes are done in the insides of the ride.

Crucial Pointers

  • The redesigned 2022 Lexus NX features a broad powertrain lineup, including a new plug-in hybrid model.
  • The versions comprise gasoline NX250 and NX350 models and NX350h and NX450h+ hybrids.
  • The new NX will land in the US market this fall.

What’s New For 2022 Lexus NX?

A restyling of the Lexus NX has taken place for 2022. This compact SUV has been completely redesigned for next year’s model.

This new second-generation NX features an updated exterior, a significantly refreshed interior, and an infotainment system that’s easier to use with a wireless smartphone.

In terms of performance, the NX delivers a quartet of new powertrains. The base engine of the NX 250 is a 203 hp 2.5-liter four-cylinder, mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission and front or all-wheel drive.

For 2022, the NX is slightly larger, which is a blessing for the passenger compartment alone. Cargo space is actually reduced and small for the class. Stronger soundproofing and standard active noise suppression make the vehicle quieter than the previous model.

Lexus NX Pricing

Pricing for the base NX 250 with front-wheel drive starts at $39,025, with an additional $1,600 for all-wheel drive. For $43,025, moving up to the NX 350, the expected volume model, isn’t much of a challenge, especially considering it has all-wheel drive.

The NX 350h Hybrid starts a bit cheaper, at $42,625. The NX goes up to $56,635 for the NX 450h+ plug-in hybrid model.

  • NX 250: Starts from $39,025 (FWD)
  • NX 350 AWD: Starts from $42,625
  • NX 350 F Sport AWD: Starts from $47,725
  • NX 350h AWD: Starts from $42,125
  • NX 450h+ AWD: Starts from $56,725
  • NX 450h+ F Sport AWD: Starts from $56,725

Engine, Performance & Transmission

Lexus has offered different engines with Lexus NX 2022. You ought to get two gasoline-powered engines plus two different hybrid ones, out of which one is going to be a plug-in.

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The 2022 NX is going to pose a bigger threat to its rival small luxury SUVs like BMW X1, Audi Q3, and Mercedes-Benz GLA-class than its former launches.

  • The NX350 is a non-hybrid trim that comes with a new 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine that is capable to produce 275 horsepower. This is going to make it faster than its previous version.
  • Lexus NX comes with eight-speed automatic transmission in all of its available versions.
  • The NX450h is a plug-in hybrid model that comes with an all-wheel-drive system that is capable of charging 302 horsepower, making it surprisingly faster than the Toyota RAV4 Prime.
  • Lexus has claimed that the plug-in model is bound to have an estimated electric driving range of 36 miles which is still lower than the RAV4 Prime’s estimate of 42 miles.

New Lexus NX Exterior

New Lexus NX Exterior

The 2022 Lexus NX exterior is not much to talk about. Although the vehicle has been redesigned for 2022, there are no significant changes in its exterior design.

However, the new spindle grille design does give a refreshed outlook, and the ride seems better integrated than before. 

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To ensure the vehicle does catch attention, Lexus has scripted the brand name across the tailgate with a different font styling. You will not be seeing the oval “L” logo in the back anymore.


One of the biggest enhancements that Lexus Cars 2022 has gone through is the interior. As there weren’t many changes in the exterior, it was the safest assumption to go with.

  • The cabins are redesigned with a much more modern look that holds classier materials.
  • In the category of the luxury subcompact crossover segment, 2022 Lexus cars sure do provide more spacious cabins than its rivals.
  • You will get roomier rear seats along with more cargo space.

Optional Features

  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • Heated Rear Seats
  • Ambient Interior Lighting System
  • Black Open-Pore Wood Trim

Infotainment & Connectivity

The new Lexus NX has undergone much technological enhancement as well. You get a new infotainment interface that is bound to make your journey better than ever. 

It comes standard with leatherette upholstery, a 9.8-inch touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a 10-speaker audio system with 296 watts of power, and 18-inch alloy wheels.

  • The old touchpad controller is removed.
  • The new system uses a centrally mounted touchscreen with a few physical knobs.
  • Although a 14-inch touchscreen is optional, you still get a 9.8-inch touchscreen as standard.
  • Various climate controls are incorporated in the touchscreen.

Safety Features

The 2022 Lexus cars come with some of the worth mentioning safety and driving assistance features.

With the new 2022 Lexus NX, you get the following standard features on all models.

  • Drive assistance feature
  • Automated emergency brakes
  • Lane departure
  • Adaptive cruise control with curve speed management
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Ongoing vehicle detection
  • Automatic high beams
  • Road sign assist
  • The debut of a new Lexus safety suite referred to as Lexus Safety System+ 3.0

Safety Ratings

The 2022 Lexus NX got crushing five-star safety ratings from both NHTSA and IIHS.

2022 Lexus NX Exterior Color Options

The exterior of the 2022 Lexus NX features a refreshed design with a focus on sporty design elements while remaining sophisticated. Pair this recognizable style with the available 2022 Lexus NX exterior colors and you’ll be the star of the show wherever you go. 

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It’s hard to believe that such a luxurious and sporty SUV can offer so much style. But it’s true, the new Lexus NX is a force to be reckoned with if the design is high on your wish list. With that said, let’s take a look at the exciting exterior colors of the 2022 Lexus NX:

  • Eminent White Pearl
  • Atomic Silver
  • Cloudburst Gray
  • Caviar
  • Redline
  • Cadmium Orange
  • Nori Green Pearl
  • Grecian Water
  • Ultra White
  • Obsidian
  • Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

Lexus is one of the most diligent automotive companies in the automobile industry. Unlike others, Lexus provides one of the most comprehensive protection packages.

Below are the prime benefits that you will be your purchase of 2022 Lexus NX:

  •  The limited warranty covers four years or 50,000 miles
  •  Powertrain warranty covers six years or 70,000 miles
  •  The hybrid component warranty covers 8 years or 100,000 miles
  •  Complimentary maintenance is covered for one year or 10,000 miles

For Further Details About

  •  Range, Charging, and Battery Life
  •  Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG
  •  Infotainment and Connectivity
  •  Safety and Driver-Assistance Features
  •  Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

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When did the Lexus NX 2022 come out?

It was released on June 2021 in the USA auto market. It is available in 6 six levels, the FWD is standard and AWD is optional in all the trims with additional $1,600 charges. 

Is Lexus RX or NX better?

In between Lexus RX & NX, Lexus NX is better. RX is somehow like the sister version of Lexus NX.

Is Lexus NX worth it?

YES. The 2021 Lexus NX is a good luxury compact sport utility vehicle. The two-row vehicle is all about space & comfort. The vehicle is loaded with premium materials, quiet cabins and provides a gentle ride.

These all features are what you will get in the upcoming 2022 Lexus NX, making it worth your time & money.

What is the best luxury Lexus SUV to buy?

Below we have a list of some of the best SUVs by Lexus that you can consider buying:

  • 2019 Lexus RX
  • 2019 Lexus LX
  • 2019 Lexus UX 250h
  • 2017 Lexus LX
  • 2010 Lexus RX Hybrid
  • 2008 Lexus GX 470
What will the 2022 Lexus NX look like?

The Lexus NX got a facelift for 2021 with significant changes. There are speculations that the model is redesigned for 2022, but we don’t see any significant changes to be done.

The 2021 Lexus NX hybrid gets a new Black Line model in its line-up. 18-inch dark sputter wheels, black leatherette seating, blue contrast stitching, unique floor mats made the vehicle more appealing.

So you can see all these features in the upcoming model as well, with maybe a few touch-ups.

Is Lexus more reliable than Toyota?

In present times all the cars are much more reliable than their former models. Toyota is one of the most reliable automobile brands in the world.

When it comes to reliability, Lexus is a reliable brand, plus it is owned by Toyota. But if you say Lexus is more reliable than Toyota, then maybe not. But Lexus is indeed one of the reliable luxury car brands in the USA market.

Is Lexus better than BMW?

Lexus and BMW are both luxury car brands. When compared, Lexus cars have marginally higher reliability & safety ratings than the BMW cars.

However, because of BMW’s superiority in lavish interiors, thrilling dynamics, and high-end designing, its cars are rated superior.

Final Thought

The 2023 Lexus NX makes up for many of the shortcomings of the regular petrol model with a more powerful powertrain that gives the car a sportier feel than it actually is. The Lexus NX Hybrid’s safety ratings are also excellent, which makes sense considering the generous standard equipment.

This makes for a great family vehicle where pure performance should not be the deciding factor and value for money adds even more weight to the decision.


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