2024 Chevy Chevelle SS Release Date, Price & All New Features

2024 chevy chevelle ss

If you are sad about Chevrolet discontinuing its Camaro nameplate, cheer up because the long-awaited 2024 Chevy Chevelle is finally here. The 2024 Chevy Chevelle SS is the modernized version of Chevrolet’s retro muscle car, Chevelle SS.

Chevrolet Chevelle SS was one of the most popular and the best supercars of the 70s. However, the model did not make it after the 70s as it was discontinued by General Motors. It was disheartening not only for the car lovers of that time but for the car fanatics of modern times who wished to own such an extravagant ride.

This heartfelt wish of Chevelle fans was heard by a company called Trans Am Worldwide. It has created the Chevy Chevelle ss 2024. 70/SS Chevelle 2024 is the re-imagined version of the retro Chevelle SS with the modern twists for the 21st century.

One of the best parts of bringing this iconic car back to life is the breathtaking recreation of the 70s Chevelle SS design with potent engine options channeling up to 1500 hp.

If you are considering buying a new car and want nothing but to stand out in the crowd, we suggest you take a closer look at the 2024 Chevy Chevelle SS.

Excellent 2024 Chevrolet Chevelle Features Overview

The Chevrolet Chevelle was a mid-size automobile produced from 194 to 1977 over three generations. Chevelle was one of the most successful nameplates of Chevrolet under the General Motors A-body platform.

It was available in convertibles, coupes, sedans, and station wagon body styles. The first generation was from 1964 to 1967, the second from 1968 to 1972, and the third from 1973 to 1977.

But after the model year 1977, General Motors decided to end the production of the Chevelle as they wanted to cut costs and simultaneously simplify their lineup.

Over the years, Chevelle’s name has become nothing but a memory for the people who have driven and a dream for younger car fanatics who knew about it.

Like most people, we also thought we would never be able to enjoy driving this excellent Chevy model. However, all our sadness has finally been lifted with the introduction of the new Chevy Chevelle 2024.

All New 2024 Chevy Chevelle SS Review

2024 chevy chevelle specs

Regarding iconic cars, Chevrolet has more in its basket than most of us imagine. The Chevrolet Camaro is an iconic muscle car that has kept Chevy among the top automakers.

However, Chevrolet is discontinuing the Camaro lineup after 2024. One of the main reasons for such a heartbreaking decision is little to no upgrade in the lineup, leading to a downfall in market value and sales figures.

Like most car fanatics, we were disheartened by another iconic muscle car going away. But some fellow retro car lovers at Trans Am Worldwide were not ready to give up. They decided to revive another legendary nameplate of Chevrolet and are now here with the modernized version of Chevy’s Chevelle, an icon in the 1970s.

Trans Am Worldwide is an American company that works on bringing retro car models alive with a modern twist. Their latest creation is the 2024 Chevy Chevelle 70/ss based on the 1970 Chevelle Super Sport. This rebirth of a muscle car legend is something every car enthusiast needs at present.

Trans Am Worldwide has wholly transformed this one of the most potent muscle cars of the 70s with a modern twist. Despite the modernization, the company has gracefully retained the yesteryear touch to keep it iconic and retro.

2024 Chevy Chevelle SS 70 Inspiration

The all-new 2024 Chevelle 70/ss muscle car is based on the modern-day Chevrolet Camaro. They have used the sixth generation Camaros modern platform with every part customized except for the windshield.

Even the chassis of the platform has been fortified to supply the superior performance that this modern Chevy Chevelle promises to offer. The driving dynamics also get a distinct makeover with an upgraded sway bar package.

There is also an option of a spring package and grippy Michelin Cup 2R 335 section tires that make the all-new Chevelle SS a road beast no one wants to mess up with.

2024 Chevelle SS Pictures And Design

Trans Am Worldwide has created the all-new 2024 Chevy Chevelle SS on the latest sixth-generation Camaro as the foundation. The company has customized every model element, showing the homage to the iconic 1970 Chevelle SS. However, the company kept the chassis and front windshield untouched.

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The front fascia of this ride gets the 70s bulked-out makeover. It now has a quad circular LED projector headlamp and the chrome-laden front SS grille, giving the classic 70s Chevelle SS vibes. Trans Am Worldwide has used custom carbon fiber panels for the hood, doors, fenders, front & rear bumpers, quarter panels, and the deck lid.

Going custom helps the makers keep a tab on the curb weight. You will be surprised that the new Chevelle SS 2024 is bulkier than its base, the sixth-generation Camaro SS. You can see in the pictures below how much different yet similar the all-new 2024 Chevy Chevelle SS looks to the 1970s Chevy Chevelle.

2024 Chevy Chevelle SS Specs, Engine & Powertrain

The Trans Am Worldwide has done a tremendous in designing the retro yet modern outlook of the upcoming Chevelle 70/SS. However, they have done more than simply enhance the vehicle’s outlook.

To ensure the newer version is also crowned as the best muscle car in 2024, Trans Am Worldwide has offered the 2024 Chevelle with three powertrain options under the hood. It comes with a base 6.2 liter LT1 V8 engine channeling 450 hp. This one is the same as the Chevy Camaro LT1.

The second engine option is a 6.4 liter LT V8 pumping a fantastic 900 hp. But the most impressive and powerful powertrain option is the LS6/X twin-turbocharged 454 (7.4-liter), channeling a jaw-dropping 1500 hp.

Such engine options give you a thrilling driving experience and heart-pounding acceleration. All the engine options come with both automatic and manual transmissions.

TAW also offers a custom 3-axle-back exhaust system and plenty of tire and brake upgrades, providing potent engines with the best performance. So, for anyone thirsty for an exhilarating road adventure, this new-age muscle car is all you need.

2024 Chevy Chevelle SS Interior & Cargo Hold

2024 chevy chevelle interior

The interior of the new 70/SS Chevelle Super Sport is almost similar to the 2024 Camaro’s cabin. But to ensure it does not look like a Camaro, the TAW has made some careful custom interior trimmings and changes to make the new 2024 Chevelle unique and stand out.

This modern remake of the classic 70s Chevelle has retro upholstery, a steering wheel with a custom design, and 70/SS embedded into it. The seat’s headrests also have 70/SS embroidered on them. Also, the instrument cluster gets a stylish 70/SS makeover with custom graphics.

The door panels also get custom inserts. Also, a retro loop carpet and aluminum sill plates work like the cherry on top in completing the nostalgic interior of the modern Chevelle 70/SS.

This ride comes with an optional removable hardtop. You can go for it if you desire the coupe look. The coupe roof can be folded down and stored in the trunk in the rear.

The 2024 Chevy Chevelle SS cargo hold is big enough to fit two golf packs while the roof is stowed. There is additional space in the front compartment for your other luggage.

2024 Chevelle SS Exterior Styling & Presence

The upcoming 2024 Chevelle SS features reshaped fenders, twin square grilles, a new front end with quad headlights, and a new version of the chiseled Chevelle front bumper.

The rear has also got some noticeable changes. It has been extended and features a new trunk lid and square taillights. Also, a removable hardtop is available for those who wish to own the coupe style.

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Explore New Amazing Chevelle SS Colors Options

With the 2024 Chevelle SS, you can choose from eight heritage colors or ten modern metallic and pearl combinations. You can get almost any color and make your ride match your style. But suppose the offered range of colors is not satisfactory enough for you.

In that case, you can simply reach out to Trans Am Worldwide, and they will have their paint department create your custom or favorite color.

Below is a list of Heritage Colors offered on 2024 Chevelle 70/SS:

  • Forest Green
  • Cortez Silver
  • Tuxedo Black
  • Autumn Gold
  • Classic White
  • Hugger Orange
  • Phantom Blue
  • Cranberry Red

List of Modern Colors offered on 2024 Chevelle 70/SS:

  • Ash Gray
  • Jet Black
  • Summit White
  • Riverside Blue Metallic
  • Rapid Blue
  • Wild Cherry Tintcoat
  • Vivid Orange
  • Red Hot
  • Satin Steel
  • Shadow Gray
  • Apple Candy Red

Of all the offered colors, Black, White, Red, Blue, and Silver are standard options across all trims. However, Green, Yellow, and Gray colors are available for additional prices.

Chevy 2024 Chevelle SS Technology & Entertainment

New chevy chevelle 2024

All the technology and infotainment features in the 2024 Chevelle 70/SS are a direct carryover from the sixth-generation Chevy Camaro. However, these carryovers have received some upgrades. Thus, the 2024 Chevy Chevelle SS will have an upgraded driver information display and multimedia touchscreen display on the dashboard.

Apart from all the carryovers, this retro-inspired modern-age supercar includes two unique off-the-shelf custom bits. It now has a Hurst Short Ratio shifter for the manual-gearbox-equipped models and a Heritage Shifter for the automatic ones.

2024 Chevelle SS Fuel Efficiency

There are no official details regarding the fuel efficiency of the upcoming Chevy 2024 Chevelle SS. However, knowing that it is based on the modern-day Chevrolet Camaro, it is anticipated that the 2024 Chevelle will achieve an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 26 mpg in the city.

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An estimate of 34 mpg on the highway, and an estimate of 29 mpg combined. We will update the real-world numbers here as soon as we have them.

2024 Chevy Chevelle Safety & Technology

For your safety, Trans Am Worldwide is not going to compromise. The company will ensure it offers all the necessary safety features to protect its customers from road mishaps.

Below, we have a list of top safety features that you are more likely to get on this modernized muscle car:

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  • Advanced Airbag System
  • Anti Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)
  • Rearview Camera
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

Offered Customization Options In 2024 Chevelle SS

With the all-new 2024 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, you get many customization from the maker. You can have several options of your choice while building up your ride, including a removable hardtop, multiple wheel options (18 “, 19″, 20”), an upgraded brake package, painted graphics, exposed carbon fiber, and much more. To know more, you can always visit the Trans Am Worldwide website.

2024 Chevy Chevelle SS Dimensions & Weight

This upcoming car, a tribute to a yesteryear model, will be about 197.5 inches long, 75.4 inches wide, and 55.1 inches high. Also, with an estimated ground clearance of 4.6 inches, a wheelbase of 116 inches, and a 46.9 cu. ft. curb weight, the 2024 Chevelle SS weighs about 4001 pounds.

Chevy Chevelle SS 2024 Dimensions (Estimated):

  • Length- 197.5 in.
  • Width- 75.4 in
  • Height- 55.1 in
  • Wheelbase- 116.0 in (2946 mm)
  • Ground-Clearance- 4.6 in (117 mm)
  • Curb-Weight- 46.9 cu ft
  • Wheelbase- 106.3 in
  • Weight (DIN)- 1815 kg / 4001 lb

2024 Chevy Chevelle 70/SS Price

2024 chevy chevelle ss price

As per Trans Am Worldwide, the 2024 Chevy Chevelle SS price will start from at least $150,000 for the base model. The most expensive 70/SS will cost around $165,000. You can quickly expect the price to go up if you choose to go for the plenty of offered customization options.

The company will build only 25 units of the most expensive model. Trans Am Worldwide is currently taking orders for Chevelle 70/SS. So, if you want to own one, now will be the right time to book it.

New 2024 Chevelle Release Date That You Should Know

The 2024 Chevelle SS is a model of the Trans Am Worldwide company. This model is currently on sale. Thus, right now is the right time to inquire and order a customized new Chevelle 70/SS via the Trans Am Worldwide website. The company is currently taking orders expected to be delivered by the end of 2024.

Top FAQs About 2024 Chevy Chevelle Pre-order

What is the new Chevelle ss price?

The 2024 Chevelle SS can be yours for a starting price of $150,000 for the base-level trim. The price increases to $160,000 for the highest trim level, 70/SS.

How can I order my 2024 Chevrolet Chevelle?

The 2024 Chevy Chevelle pre-order has already begun. You can place an order for yours via the Trans Am Worldwide website.

You can ask for any customization you desire, which will be added to the base selling price of $150,000.

How much horsepower does the 2024 Chevelle SS have?

The Chevelle SS is the reprised version of the popular 1970s muscle car by Chevrolet of the same name. The model lineup has three engine options, producing 450 hp to a whopping 1500 hp.
So, this supercar is for you if you want something classic showcasing elegant retro style from the outside but is a total modern beast from the inside.

Who is the maker of 70 SS Chevelle?

70 SS Chevelle is one of the most anticipated muscle cars ever, which is basically a comeback of a 1970s legend on a modern platform.

The model is initially of Chevrolet, but it is being reimagined and reprised by Trans Am Worldwide, an American company.

Currently, the company is taking orders for 70/SS Chevelle. So, if you want one, rush to their website and place yours.

What car is Chevrolet bringing back in 2024?

For the model year 2024, Chevrolet is bringing back the Chevy Trax. The 2024 Chevy Trax will be the company’s new entry-level SUV model, replacing its Spark hatchback.

You can buy the base model of 2024 Trax for a starting price of $20,400 only. So, if you are looking for the best cars under $20,000 or new cars under $20,000, the new 2024 Trax is for you.

The base trims might not be as refined as you want. However, as you move up the hierarchy, you will get some good features for the price.

How much horsepower does the 2024 Chevelle SS have?

This upgraded and modernized muscle car has three powertrain options, producing 450 to 1500 hp. The higher power you desire, the more you will have to pay.

The base 6.2 liter LT1 V8 engine produces 450 hp. You get 900 hp output with a 6.4 liter LT V8. You can channel a mind-boggling 1500 hp with LS6/X twin-turbocharged 454 (7.4-liter) engine.

Trans Am Worldwide is not kidding with their 2024 Chevelle SS, and just like you, we can not wait to get our hands to test drive this ride.


This article covers all the crucial details about the 2024 Chevy SS we know. There are several speculations and rumors about the model in the market, and we have avoided including baseless information here.

We will update all the remaining and new details as soon as we have them in this article for you. Please let us know your views on the 2024 Chevy Chevelle 70/SS.

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