Do You Think You Should Replace Your Used Car’s Tires?

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When driving a car – used or new, safety has to be the primary concern. With new models, you may not immediately worry about tires. However, if you buy an old car, you will want to keep them in top shape. After all, tires help your vehicle make firm contact with the road while ensuring a solid grip.

Worn-out or weak tires will lack this. If you don’t do anything about them, you expose yourself to a risk of an accident due to a tire burst. Like others, you may wonder if their health has to do anything with their age. So here are some insights covering this and other aspects. 

The lifespan of Tires on The Road

1. Age and Condition

You can determine a tire’s age by looking at its condition and time. The tires made in 2000 will likely feature the Department of Transportation (DOT) code or tire identification number (TIN). If you check the ending four digits of the code, the numerical value can reveal the tire’s manufacturing week and year.

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Suppose the sequence is “2520,” you may consider the first two digits to denote the week 25and the last two, the year 2020. Most tiremakers say that tires can run for ten years, but getting them checked and replaced every six years can be good.

Age can be essential because older tires tend to become dry and hard, affecting their grip. You can also expect the tread to become weak, increasing the risk of a tire blowout.

A worn-out tire can be easy to detect from its tread depth – the distance between the top and bottom treads of the tire. Deeper treads ensure better road contact and control. Some tires are suitable for different terrains, and the winter season may require changing them when the tread depth reaches 3.2 mm.

If this reduces to 1.6 mm with regular ones, you will want to change the tires to avoid mishaps. Sometimes, manufacturing defects can also affect their lifespan. When you check your options with used car dealerships Calgary SE, inquire about tire condition, age, and replacement to gain clarity.

2. Distance Covered

Some believe that a tire’s condition can be easy to assess by the amount of distance a car has covered in its lifetime. However, this is not a straightforward calculation. Various variants, such as tire type, driving habits, and terrain, can play a part. If there is a warranty on tires, the limit can be 40,000 km-130,000 km.

You can also look at treadwear ratings to understand when you should change tires. Again, you can check the sidewall of the tire for this information. You will most likely see a rating between 60 and 620. It reveals the use of tires in a 9,600-km trial in a controlled environment. A tire with a 100 treadwear rating can be an average type; if it is 200, you can expect it to have a longer life. Something with a 620 rating can also be a good choice.

However, you need to know that summer and high-performing tires tend to lack longevity because of the softer rubber material added for a better grip. These may not have a km warranty also. All-season varieties can offer enhanced tread life with a km warranty for 130,000 km.

3. Maintenance and Care

It can seem a good idea to replace tires with new sets, but this expensive decision needs fair treatment. For example, if you want tires to have a longer life, you can change your driving style to avoid frequent braking and acceleration.

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Because these put extra pressure on them, your careful approach can significantly impact your tires’ life. Another thing is buying the right tires. Usually, car owners ask for the size and the lowest price. Although it’s not wrong, your car may have some specific requirements. Suppose you drive a pickup truck or a large SUV. For these vehicles, you have to buy something with a proper load rating. Regular tires may not work and succumb to pressure.

Likewise, you have to be wary of the climate. Winter snow may need you to add snow tires to your car. These tires tend to have unique tread designs to prevent skidding issues. Also, the rubber material can be softer to deal with frigid temperatures. Summer tires or others may give up due to becoming brittle.

Carefully buying a used car is as crucial as considering its different components. However, it doesn’t mean you have to care any less for new cars. Owning a car comes with many responsibilities, whether old or new. Don’t get overwhelmed by this.

The more you maintain your vehicle, the more benefits you can reap from its usage. Hence, take care of this. Some suggest that changing one tire with the other in the set at regular intervals can also help. For example, you can exchange back tires for the front ones.

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