11 Best European Car Brands & Manufacturers In the USA In 2023

european car brands

European car brands are the epitome of class & luxury. Despite many automobile giants in the USA, European automakers have made a name for themselves. Over the years, European cars and brands have dominated the American automotive industry and now have become an integral part of it.

Earlier vehicles in the American automotive market were merely a medium of transportation. But the best European car brands showed American consumers how vehicles can be more than that.

Volkswagen was the first foreign car brand that opened its overseas store in the USA in 1978. It was the first European automaker as well.

And since then, several European car makers have established themselves in the USA. Almost every other car buyer in America wants to own a car from a European company.

So, if you are among them and only want the best one, you are in luck. In this article, we have listed the top 11 auto manufacturers from Europe popular in the USA. Explore each one to know them well.

Check Out The 11 Best European Car Brands In USA Dominating In 2023

The European automobile industry is made up of different car manufacturers from different countries of the continent. People either know the European car manufacturers by country or their car logos. For example, there are Italian, German, British, and other auto manufacturers. 

Of all the top European car brands, German car brands hold a strong position in the American markets. They are widely popular among consumers for their quality, innovative technologies, breathtaking designs, and exclusivity.

Americans’ love for high-end cars is going nowhere despite increasing car prices. And thus, these European brands have managed to keep themselves among the top vehicle sellers in the country.

Below are all the crucial details related to the top 11 European car manufacturers dominating the USA vehicle market.

1. BMW

european car brands
  • Founded: 1916
  • Parent organizations: Owned By Susanne Klatten, Stefan Quandt
  • Headquarters: Munich, Germany
  • Official Site: BMW

The most popular among European car brands in the USA in 2023 is none other than the famous German automaker BMW. BMW is a synonym for luxury cars and is well-known in America for its high-end line-ups.

As per Statista, BMW was second to Mercedes Benz in terms of sales in the USA in 2022. But in the first quarter of 2023, BMW has recaptured its first position as the most popular established old European car brand in the USA.

BMW has had a long history with motorsports, racing, and engine making. This experience makes them develop exceptional vehicles for drivers who are not on the racetracks.

BMW is famous for its well-known slogan, Ultimate Driving Machine, and has a reputation for building high-performance luxury cars worldwide.

BMW 2023 Lineup:

  • 7-Series Flagship
  • iX Electric SUV
  • i4
  • 2-Series Coupe
  • M2
  • 3-Series
  • M4
  • 8-Series
  • M8
  • Z4 Roadster
  • XM SUV

2. Mercedes Benz

top european car brands
  • Founded: 1926
  • Parent organizations: Daimler AG
  • Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Official Site: Mercedes Benz

The famous Mercedes Benz is another best European car brand in the USA that is hard to resist. The company is a subsidiary of Daimler AG. It is behind BMW in sales in the USA only by minor figures. 

Today Mercedes is one of the world’s largest producers of luxury vehicles and offers vehicles in all shapes & styles. Whether you want a hybrid powertrain or a fully electric one, the company has a long list of models equipped with either of the features.

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You will be surprised to know that this iconic European car brand introduced the world’s first autonomous system in the W140 S-Class vehicle in 1995. This feature is now used as safe-driving tech in most reliable Mercedes cars.

Mercedes Benz 2023 Lineup:

  • CLE
  • E-Class
  • E-Class Estate
  • GLC Coupe
  • AMG GT

3. Volkswagen

european car brands in usa
  • Founded: 1937
  • Parent organizations: Volkswagen Group
  • Headquarters: Wolfsburg, Germany
  • Official Site: Volkswagen

Another foreign car brand for which people keep asking questions like when 2023 cars come out is Volkswagen. It is the only mass-market carmaker on this list of best-selling European car brands in the USA. It is a legendary car brand whose history extends to a period when luxury cars were a rare product.

The brand is well known for its reliable, high-end, yet affordable vehicles. This is why it is among the most favored car brands by Americans.

The company produces a range of vehicles, from small cars like the Volkswagen Polo to larger vehicles like the Volkswagen Touareg SUV.

Currently, Volkswagen is seeing a slow second quarter in the USA. But it does have a boost in its EV sales. Volkswagen ID.4 is winning Americans in 2023. The new Volkswagen Arteon is another tremendous launch of the company for 2023.

Volkswagen 2023 Lineup:

  • ID.4
  • Atlas
  • Atlas Cross Sport
  • Golf GTI
  • Golf R
  • Arteon
  • Jetta
  • Jetta GLI
  • Taos
  • Tiguan

4. Porsche

european car brand
  • Founded: 1931
  • Parent organizations: Volkswagen Group, Porsche SE
  • Headquarters: Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • Official Site: Porsche

Porsche is another European car brand with high demand in the brand-new and used car markets in the USA.

This Germany-based automotive company is well known for its coupes and cabriolets. It was founded in 1931 and is a subsidiary company of the Volkswagen Group. The Americans find this brand fascinating as its small yet fast-moving vehicles are popular.

It is why its best-selling models, Macan & Cayenne, are among the best used midsize SUVs to buy in the American second-hand vehicle market.

Apart from this, Porsche has the legacy of building one of the cutest cars in history, the Volkswagen Beetle. It is also called the people’s car and is one of the world’s best-selling automobiles.

Porsche 2023 Lineup:

  • 718 Boxster
  • 718 Cayman
  • Panamera
  • 911
  • Taycan
  • Taycan Cross Turismo
  • Macan
  • Cayenne
  • Cayenne E-Hybrid
  • Cayenne Coupe

5. Audi

european car brands
  • Founded: 1909
  • Parent organizations: Volkswagen Group
  • Headquarters: Ingolstadt, Germany
  • Official Site: Audi

Audi AG, or Audi, is one of the USA’s best-selling European luxury vehicle makers. The company is well known for its innovative technology & driver-oriented interior finished to a high quality. This is over the top, even for a premium brand.

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It was founded in 1909 but was overtaken by Volkswagen in 1966 and has been its subsidiary since. Audi partnered with three other tycoons, DKW, Wanderer, and the original Horch Company, to form the Auto Union. This union led to the formation of Audi’s current logo of four rings.

These four rings show the collaboration of the top four auto companies. The Audi stands for sophisticated engineering, innovative technology, and sleek design. For 2023, Audi has the most vehicles lined-up for the release in coupes, convertibles, SUVs, wagons, sedans, & sportsbacks categories.

Audi 2023 Lineup:

  • A3
  • S3
  • S5 Sportback
  • A4
  • A5 Sportback
  • RS 5 Sportback
  • A6
  • e-tron GT
  • S8
  • Q3
  • Q5
  • SQ5
  • e-Tron Sportback
  • A4 allroad
  • A5 Coupe
  • RS 5 Coupe
  • R8 Spyder

6. Ferrari

top european car brands
  • Founded: 1947
  • Parent organizations: Exor
  • Headquarters: Maranello, Italy
  • Official Site: Ferrari

The next European car brand that is well-known to every American is Ferrari. Founded in 1947, Ferrari is associated with red color, high speed, and eye-catching, extravagant design.

Ferrari will not disappoint you if you desire a super luxury sports car. The brand is synonymous with car racing and has been involved in Formula Racing since 1950. The company not only produces high-performance sports cars but also makes road cars. California T, Ferrari, etc., are to name a few.

In the second quarter of 2023, Ferrari has seen vehicle sales growth. Its most credit goes to the company’s hybrid models like 296 GTB, SF90 Stradale, 296 GTS, and SF90 Spider. The company also predicts a rise in demand for the upcoming quarter.

Ferrari 2023 Lineup:

  • 812 GTS
  • 296 GTB
  • 296 GTS
  • Roma SPIDER
  • Purosangue
  • Portofino M
  • Daytona SP3

7. Volvo

best selling european car brands
  • Founded: 1927
  • Parent organizations: Geely Holding Group
  • Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Official Site: Volvo

The European automotive industry is well known for its range of luxury vehicles. Volvo is a Sweden-based carmaker well-known for its massive range of products.

Volvo holds a big reputation for focusing on safety while driving when making its models. Americans use the brand name as a blanket of safety.

Thus, regarding safety in any kind of ride, Volov is the most trusted automotive brand in the world. It is a subsidiary of Geely Holding Group.

In 2019, Volvo started working only on hybrid and electric vehicles to make itself an eco-friendly European car brand.  Also, in 2022, Volvo had the fifth most significant sales of vehicles in the USA among the leading European car companies.

Volvo 2023 Lineup:

  • XC40 & XC40 Recharge
  • XC60 & XC60 Recharge
  • XC90 & XC90 Recharge
  • C40 Recharge
  • V60 Recharge
  • V60 Cross Country
  • V90 Cross Country
  • S60
  • S90

8. Jaguar

top european car brands
  • Founded: 1922
  • Parent organizations: Tata Motors
  • Headquarters: Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom
  • Official Site: Jaguar

The next European car brand that Americans can’t get enough of is Jaguar. Its unique logo symbolizes speed and lives up to the mark.

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This British car manufacturer is well known for its luxury cars and is quite popular among the elites. Jaguar was one of the first car manufacturers to use aluminum in its cars, which makes them lighter and more fuel-efficient.

The company is owned by Indian automakers Tata Motors and manufactures under the division of Jaguar Land Rover. Jaguar ranked tenth on the vehicle sales list of leading European automotive brands in the USA in 2022.

Jaguar 2023 Lineup:

  • I-PACE
  • E-PACE
  • F-PACE
  • XF
  • F-TYPE

9. Bentley

luxury european car brands
  • Founded: 1919
  • Parent organizations: Volkswagen Group
  • Headquarters: Crewe, England, United Kingdom
  • Official Site: Bentley

The British automaker Bentley fulfilled the dream of owning ultra-luxury cars for Americans. If you think that speed-oriented vehicles are not safe, then think again.

Bentley is owned by Volkswagen, well-known for its safe automaking. The models produced by Bentley are mainly hand-built, which is why they attract so much attention.

Despite being one of the world’s most expensive & high-end carmakers, American consumers are all in to buy this brand. 

In 2022, Bentley saw a considerable profit in its car sales in the USA since 2017. And the company is hopeful to continue the profit in 2023 as well.

Bentley 2023 Lineup:

  • Bentayga
  • Bentayga EWB
  • Flying Spur
  • Continental GT Coupe
  • Continental GTC Convertible

10. Land Rover

luxury european car brands
  • Founded: 1948
  • Parent organizations: Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors
  • Headquarters: Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom
  • Official Site: Landrover

If you are looking for a big-size car but want it with the best luxury features, ruggedness & durability, then Land Rover, one of the top luxury car brands, is for you. Land Rover is another British car manufacturer with a stronghold in the American automobile market. 

The company is well known for making the most luxurious SUVs in the world. Defender, Discovery, and Freelander are some of the best models the company produces that no one can resist. 

They are designed to handle extreme conditions and terrain, making them the perfect choice for off-road enthusiasts. You can even use chrome spray paint for metal to make them more rugged to match your style. In 2022, Land Rover had the seventh-highest sales among European brands in the USA.

Land Rover 2023 Lineup:

  • Range Rover
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Range Rover Velar
  • Range Rover Evoque
  • Defender 90
  • Defender 110
  • Defender 130
  • Discovery
  • Discovery Sport

11. Maserati

european car brands
  • Founded: 1914
  • Parent organizations: Stellantis
  • Headquarters: Modena, Italy
  • Official Site: Maserati

The final European automaker company on this list is the Italian luxury carmaker, Maserati. In 2021, the company was overtaken by Stellantis.

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Maserati is renowned for its production of luxury vehicles. If you want luxury, sports, and style in one car, this brand can provide it. The effortless make and high-end interior make it one of the best automobile companies working in the United States.

From the legendary Maserati 250F Formula One car to the sleek and stylish Maserati GranTurismo, the brand has always been synonymous with speed, power, and luxury. 

Maserati 2023 Lineup:

  • Ghibli
  • Levante
  • Quattroporte
  • MC20
  • Grecale
  • GranTurismo

Top FAQ About Best European Car Manufacturers & Brands

What are the best European car manufacturers?

European car manufacturing is extensive. There are several automakers spread all over Europe that have an excellent reputation in the automobile market.

Some are widely known in the selective markets, while others rule the global automotive industry.

Here we have a list of some of the worldwide known top European car manufacturers:

  • Germany- Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Opel, Volkswagen 
  • Great Britain- Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar
  • Italy- Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Ferrari
  • France- Renault, Peugeot, Citroen
  • Sweden- Volvo
  • Czech Republic- Skoda
  • Romania- Dacia
What are the top 10 automobile companies in Europe in 2023?

The first half of 2023 is over, and the list of European best-selling car manufacturers and brands is out.

Some are the prominent names, while others are a pure shocker. The Asian automotive industry is growing globally at a fast pace.

They already have a stronghold in the American automotive market, and now they are also beginning to make their base in Europe.

Check out the top-selling automakers in Europe below:

Top 10 Best-Selling Car Brands in Europe in First-Half Of 2023:

  • Volkswagen
  • Toyota
  • Audi
  • Peugeot
  • BMW
  • Renault
  • Skoda
  • Mercedes
  • Kia
  • Dacia
Top 10 Best-Selling Car Manufacturers and Brands in Europe in First-Half Of 2023 as per ACEA:
  • Volkswagen Group
  • Volkswagen
  • Audi
  • Skoda
  • Seat
  • Cupra
  • Porsche
  • Stellantis
  • Peugeot
  • Opel/Vauxhall
Which European car is most reliable?

The definition of reliability differs from person to person. For some, it is about fuel efficiency, while some consider having the best features a sign of it.

However, most of the top European car brands are termed as highly reliable. The most reliable European car company that you can go for is Volkswagen.

Volkswagen owns many top brands like Audi, Bugatti, Bentley, etc., making all those brands reliable manufacturers.

Which is the most reliable European car brand in the United States?

Reliability has different definitions for different buyers. For some, it is a ride that does not break down often, while for others, it is one that they can keep for a long time.

Also, some people associate the reliability of a vehicle with its popularity and consumption by the masses.

As of 2023, BMW is the most reliable European brand, followed by Audi, Mercedes, and Volkswagen.

Is the only Eastern European car brand Skoda?

No. There are many well-known car brands in East Europe, and a few of them are based in Russia. 

Some of the other car brands from East Europe are:

  • Dacia
  • Lada
  • Zastava Arms
  • Tatra
  • Moskvitch
What is the cheapest and the best European car brand?

The word cheapest holds different meanings to form an answer to his question. 

Are you talking about purchasing costs, maintenance costs, reliability, or something else?

But if you still want to know, the mass-produced cars of Volkswagen cost the least from the other high-end luxury car automakers of Europe.

Is BMW the best European car brand?

Yes. BMW is indeed one of the best European car brands out there. Not only this, BMW is the most famous European automaker in the USA in 2023 so far. 

However, other European car brands are also highly regarded in the automotive industry, such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, & more.

What are the German/European car brands that can compete in terms of reliability versus Japanese carmakers (Toyota/Honda)?

First, you need to understand that not all Japanese carmakers are the epitome of reliability.

Many models of Toyota & Honda are no longer being sold in the American market. The reason is their reliability issues.

However, if you want to know the German/European car brands that can compete with these Japanese automakers in terms of reliability, then Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and Mercedes are to name a few.

Why were some European car brands successful in North America (Audi, BMW, Mercedes), but others failed or were never even introduced to the NA market (Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Opel, Rover)?

If you are under the misconception that car brands like Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Opel, and Rover are absent in the North American market, then think again.

These brands have yet to gain the popularity of their fellow European companies like BMW, Audi, & Mercedes, but they are still known & selling.

Not every company can make its mark in every country. Like other European companies doing well in the West, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Opel, and Rover have a good presence in the East markets.


European car brands are among the most wanted, trusted, extravagant, and costliest automakers globally.

We hope this list of the 11 most popular European companies in the USA gives you a good insight into their presence in the American car market. Explore and choose wisely the next foreign car brand you will invest your hard-earned money.

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