Can You Cancel Car Insurance At Any Time? Read Our Experts Guide 

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can you cancel car insurance at any time

You can cancel your car insurance anytime, no questions asked. No need to wait for the policy period to end. Even if you just got it a few days ago, you can still cancel. Talk to your insurer or agent to figure out how to cancel. Some let you do it over the phone or online. Others need a written notice or signature.

Insurers usually give back your cash if you didn’t use your policy and paid beforehand. But, if you cancel at the wrong time or live in a different state, your insurer can charge you a cancellation fee. Get schooled on how to get a car insurance refund.

Most states need you to have liability insurance if you’re a driver. So, if you’re switching insurers, you gotta get a new policy first. Plus, if you’re looking for lease deals & incentives or financing your car, you need comprehensive and collision coverage too.

Don’t forget to ensure your new policy covers damage to your vehicle. It is best to cancel your old policy and start a new one on the same day, so you avoid gaps in coverage. So, without further ado let’s get to know the role of insurance & how to cancel it.

Key Takeaways

  • Terminating your auto insurance policy is possible anytime you wish.
  • If you plan to keep your car, make sure to secure alternative coverage beforehand to prevent coverage gaps.
  • Most states mandate drivers have a minimum level of insurance coverage.

How To Cancel A Car Insurance Policy? -Detailed Guide

You can cancel your auto insurance by contacting your insurance provider or agent. It is often sufficient to cancel your policy via a phone call. You may, however, be required to sign a cancellation form and pay a cancellation fee.

Choosing not to renew your policy after it expires may allow you to avoid paying the cancellation charge. After canceling your vehicle insurance, you should do the following:

  • Check if your policy cancels immediately or if you need to give 30 days’ notice to avoid fees.
  • Wait for confirmation after requesting cancellation.
  • Ask if you get a refund for unused premiums or use them to cover cancellation fees.
  • Ask your agent for a better deal if you’re canceling to switch to a cheaper provider. Discounts or coverage changes may lower your premiums.

Alternative Ways To Cancel Car Insurance At Any Time

  • Meet up with your agent: They can help you cancel your old car insurance and find you a better one that fits your needs.
  • Send a signed cancel request: Write a letter with your name, policy number, and desired end date to your insurer. Ask if there’s a cancellation fee.
  • Ask your new provider for help: Your new carrier can help cancel your old policy. Just give them your signature, previous policy number, and cancellation date.

Pay attention! If you’re switching from State Farm to Geico, don’t cancel your insurance until Geico has covered you. You won’t be left high and dry if you get into an accident and have to pay out of pocket. Remain safe, and stay smart.

What Should You Know Before Canceling a Policy?

According to Policygenius, while canceling your plan, you should examine the following factors:

  • Cancellation Fees: Some vehicle insurance providers demand a $50 cancellation fee. In other circumstances, they may charge you a tiny proportion of the ultimate premium you will pay in the future. Most of the time, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation Letter: A formal cancellation letter may be necessary. If this is the case, you will need to contact your insurance carrier to find out where to fax it.
  • Notice Period: Some insurers need a 30-day prior notice before canceling your insurance.

You should review your policy for all of these terms before canceling to ensure that the procedure goes well.

Why Do People Cancel Their Auto Insurance Policies?

In some cases, a cancellation, especially a last-minute one, may not be the best option.  It may be wiser to suspend instead of cancel your coverage if you are planning a long trip. More reasons may exist for terminating your car insurance.

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Perhaps another business offers lower prices, or you’re unhappy with your current service. Another typical cause for canceling your coverage is relocating to another state. Here are the potential reasons to cancel your car insurance:

– Moving To A Different State

Not all insurers sell coverage in every state. If a person moves to an area that their current insurer does not cover, they must cancel their existing policy and apply for a new one.

– Another Provider Offers Lower Rates

Comparing quotes from several insurers may help customers find a carrier that provides reduced prices. In such instances, they may desire to switch insurers, which will cause them to terminate their insurance with their present carrier.

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– Dissatisfaction w/ Insurer’s Service

It’s not just about the money. People may be unhappy with their current insurance provider even if they pay the lowest premium possible. In this instance, they may choose to terminate their coverage and move to a new insurer.

– Selling Your Car

Someone may choose to cancel their car insurance policy if they’re selling their vehicle and don’t have plans to buy a new one. However, if they replace their vehicle with a new one, it might be better to transfer coverage instead of canceling it.

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Implications Of Policy Cancellation Due to Non-Payment

If you want to terminate your current insurance coverage, don’t merely stop paying for it. When the payment grace time runs out, an insurer may issue you a termination letter.

Possible consequences include:

  • Driving Uninsured: If your policy has been canceled and you keep driving, you’ll have to pay for any auto accidents. If you’re sued for an accident, it could break you financially. You can also face fines and jail time if you’re caught driving uninsured.
  • Suspending Driver’s License: Because most states require drivers to have auto insurance, you could have your license suspended for driving uninsured.
  • Higher Car Insurance Rates: Having a cancellation for non-payment on your record will likely lead to higher rates when you buy a new policy.
  • Repossession Of The Vehicle: If you have an auto loan or lease, you’re likely required to keep auto insurance on the vehicle at all times. If you violate the loan or lease agreement, the lender could repossess the vehicle.

It is simple to cancel vehicle insurance when you get new coverage. Car insurance firms are skilled at assisting consumers with the move to a new policy and may coordinate the switch.

Mistakes To Avoid While Canceling Your Auto Insurance

It is not difficult to cancel your auto insurance coverage. As a result, it’s simple to ignore some factors that might cause you unneeded trouble. These factors include allowing coverage to lapse, incurring penalties, or failing to compare rates ahead of time.

The section that follows looks at the mistakes that policyholders make while canceling their vehicle insurance and how to prevent them.

A. Failing To Tell Your Insurer That You Wish To Terminate Your Auto Insurance

When you find a better offer somewhere, you may get so enthralled that you sign up for new coverage and neglect to cancel your old one. This might result in you paying for two automobile insurance policies at the same time.

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To avoid this, tell your insurer of your intention to discontinue your insurance.

B. Not Reviewing Your Insurance’s Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your coverage by calling your insurance carrier. Yet, some firms demand a sign to make it legitimate. Enquiring your insurance about their cancellation procedure will assist you and guarantee you complete all of the requirements.

You may also use this time to inquire about their cancellation policies and refund policies.

C. Having A Gap In Coverage Among Your Old And New Plans

When you terminate your old policy before your new one starts, you create a coverage gap of a day or more. To avoid this, make your new policy effective at least a day before your cancellation becomes official. You may work with your insurance on this.

D. Making A Decision On A Policy Change Without Shopping Around

Is your insurance premium too costly and do you wish to look into alternative options? If yes! Remember to compare quotations from several carriers. To achieve an exact comparison, you should supply the same information while gathering estimates.

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Preferably, you should obtain three to four alternatives before selecting one.

What Happens If You Cancel Your Auto Insurance?

If you continue with the same insurer after canceling your policy, you can receive a policy credit or a car insurance refund. A cancellation charge that decreases the return is also possible.

When you may be eligible for a refund:

  • You’ve already paid in advance for the policy.
  • You’re changing auto insurance carriers.
  • You’re going to sell your automobile.
  • You’re decreasing coverage.

You are unlikely to receive a refund if:

  • You make monthly payments.
  • The policy was revoked by the insurance company due to nonpayment, fraud, or another reason.

Vehicle Insurance Refunds

Cancellation reimbursements are split into two categories: pro rata and short-rate cancellations.

  • With pro rata cancellations, you are repaid the whole unused part. For example, if you had a $500 six-month coverage and terminated mid-term, you would receive a $250 refund.
  • With short-rate cancellations, the insurance provider chooses the terms of cancellation and can keep a portion as a penalty.

A short-rate cancellation regulation may allow you to receive 90% of a pro-rata refund. That is, if the unused portion of the insurance would equal $100 in already paid premiums, the short-rate strategy may result in a $90 return.

A short rate may be calculated differently by your insurance carrier.

Top FAQs About Can You Stop Car Insurance At Any Time

When Is It A Good Idea To Cancel Your Car Insurance?

It is seldom a smart idea to drive without auto insurance. The only moment you should terminate your policy is if you are pursuing new insurance or selling your car.

Even if you do not own a vehicle, having insurance is a smart idea. That will be useful if you frequently take rides or borrow someone’s automobile.

How Much Does It Cost To Cancel Car Insurance?

If you do not renew your car insurance coverage after the term expires, you will not be charged a cancellation fee. Nevertheless, some firms may charge you a cancellation fee or a short rate cost of 10% of the remaining premium if you cancel your policy before the term is over.

Is It Bad To Cancel Car Insurance?

If you terminate your auto insurance, you’ll be reimbursed for any “unused” premiums you’ve previously paid. Canceling your auto insurance will not affect your credit score.

But, if you cancel your auto insurance while you possess a car and do not have a new policy in place, you will have a coverage lapse, which may cause your rates to rise in the future.

When Should You Cancel Your Car Insurance After Selling A Car?

As you begin the process of selling your automobile, you should call your insurer to terminate your car insurance. You should configure your insurance to expire on the last day you possess the car.

You won’t be paying for protection you don’t need. If you paid for your insurance in full when it began, you should be repaid for the remaining payments, less any cancellation fees.

What Happens If You Stop Paying Your Premium?

Once you quit paying your premiums and do not notify your insurers to terminate your insurance, they will continue to send you invoices. Each plan has a different average number of months you can be late.

They will deactivate your plan after a specific period of inactivity. It may appear innocuous, but it might remain on your credit report as a negative note. When you reapply for insurance, insurers will view this as a red flag.

Should I Cancel My Car Insurance If I Go On An Extended Vacation?

You should not cancel your auto insurance coverage if you are going on vacation. When you seek to acquire another policy, that insurance coverage gap might come back to haunt you. Car insurance providers may charge you more if you have a coverage gap.

There is an alternative. If you are not going to be driving your car for an extended length of time, you may choose to suspend your coverage. Suspending coverage covers non-crash damage such as fire, tree limb, and weather damage.

Do I Need To Cancel My Car Insurance Policy If I Move To Another State?

In most cases, if you move states, you must obtain new auto insurance coverage. Car insurance rules vary by state, as do coverage needs such as liability insurance. Moving states will almost certainly affect your vehicle insurance costs.

According to Forbes Advisor’s examination of vehicle insurance premiums by state, the average rate might vary dramatically between states. Moving states is an excellent opportunity to look around and compare vehicle insurance prices.

Can My Insurance Company Cancel My Coverage?

Yes, your auto insurance provider can cancel your policy. A corporation can terminate a policy within a year or elect not to renew it at the conclusion of the policy term. Insurers can cancel your policy because of too many claims, many accidents, conduct insurance fraud, failure to pay your premiums, or license suspension.

If your coverage is terminated, you can browse for a new policy with a different vehicle insurance provider but expect to pay higher car insurance rates. You may need to get nonstandard vehicle insurance since you are now deemed a high-risk driver.

Can I Cancel Some Coverage Without Canceling The Entire Auto Policy?

You may lower your insurance without canceling your policy by removing comprehensive and collision coverage. Though consider again before making that switch. Your car will only be insured if it is hit by a motorist who is at fault if you drop comprehensive & collision coverage.

If you cause an accident that damages your automobile, or if your car is damaged due to non-crash issues or stolen, you must pay to fix or replace it.

Final Thoughts

It is simple to cancel vehicle insurance. You must, however, grasp the policy’s terms and circumstances. Always read the rules before joining up and think about other possibilities before canceling. Driving without insurance might have major ramifications.

Identifying the significance of auto insurance and how to cancel it is critical. You can guarantee that you have the necessary coverage for your requirements by making smart decisions and taking reasonable activities.


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