List of The Top 4 Most Wonderful Retro Cars To Drive

Of course, retro cars are inferior to modern ones in terms of functionality. However, modern cars don’t look like a work of art at all. And only in a retro car, you feel the atmosphere of luxury and wealth, and emotions are similar to what you get when playing at a live casino with a real dealer broadcasting from a land-based casino. Here are the most fascinating cars of the past.

Bugatti Atlantic

Italian cars are a combination of price and quality. Although mere mortals cannot afford such luxury, today Italian manufacturers’ brands are almost the most successful in the world. The Bugatti Atlantic is a real work of art. It’s hard to imagine that once this car was in service, today you just want to admire it. The exterior stitching is especially original.

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The fact is that in the prototype all body parts were made of an alloy with a high content of magnesium. Of course, this solution wasn’t suitable for mass production. That is why the production of Bugatti was launched in aluminum alloy. But it was decided to leave the seams because they gave the car a unique appearance.

Bentley 6.5

Everything is unusual in this car. For the sake of this and other rare models, an auction was held where the starting price of $6.3 million was set for the Bentley 6.5. For 1929, it was the most elegant and luxurious car, prized on both sides of the ocean.

A total of 544 examples of the 6.5 liter Bentley were produced, each of which was assembled virtually by hand. The Bentley 6.5 belongs to the class of sports cars, built on the basic Bentley 3 Liter, which became the prototype for many sports cars of the 1970s.

This legendary car was used to win the Le Mans race in 1924 and the Super Sport race in 1927. The Buick had a folding roof and luggage compartments on the sides where spare wheels were mounted. Massive, large fenders made the car look like a flying owl. The resemblance was added by the large front lights, which threw a straight beam of spotlight.

Jaguar E-Type

Probably one of the most famous cars produced in Britain. They say that Enzo Ferrari himself once called it the most beautiful car in history. And it’s hard to argue with that.

Besides, there was a limited edition Lightweight, such cars were planned to produce 18 pieces, but only 12 were made. And this car is so legendary that in 2014 Jaguar made the decision to produce the remaining six cars. And this was not just a replica, but a true continuation of the series: the same materials and technology were used in their production as in the 1960s. And even the chassis numbers are the same as were reserved 50 years ago.

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Mercedes-Benz 300SL

Another automotive legend and the first Mercedes sports car after the war. “Seagull Wing,” as this car was called for its characteristic door shape, was designed primarily with racing performance in mind. Even these very doors were made this way because of the car’s frame – the pipes that made it up are just below the driver’s shoulders. In the end, to keep the frame intact, they came up with a vertical way to open the doors.

The steering wheel was not simple either: in order to get in the car, the driver had to lean it back first, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to stick his legs through. And in order to start the car, just turning the key is not enough: you must first turn on the ignition, then manually activate the fuel pump drive, pull the throttle, then start the engine and push the fuel pump and air damper toggle switches back into place.

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