4 Tips Towards Keeping Your Windshield in Good Condition

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Tips Towards Keeping Your Windshield in Good Condition

A cracked windshield offers not just a minor convenience. When you’re driving through fog or a heavy downpour, the condition of your windshield will spell the difference between crashing and surviving. Even a small scratch could get worse if you let it be. However, it’s always better to maintain your windshield so it becomes less prone to cracking. That way, you can drive more safely with a clearer view of the road. Start by following these easy tips for windshield maintenance:

1. Keep it away from the sun

Modern windshields are designed to prevent harmful UV radiation from entering car interiors. However, high levels of heat will cause the glass to break. If it already has small cracks on the surface, expect these to expand and render your entire windshield fragile. The best way you can protect your vehicle from this is to park under the shade or use a heavy-duty car cover if you can’t find a safer space to park in.

2. Use only proper cleaning products

Your windshield needs to be wiped clean of dirt and other debris. Keep in mind that there are cleaning solutions that may contain corrosive compounds. Make sure you avoid using ammonia-based products on the glass surface.

While it does help remove stubborn insect stains, ammonia can cause streaking which could obstruct your view of the road. If your windows are tinted, the chemical could also cause the lining to peel off. It’s always safer to use cleaners that are formulated for windshields and refrain from concocting your own.

3. Deal with chipping immediately

Once you hit the road, your vehicle is never safe from anything that comes flying towards your windshield and shattering it. Chipping caused by projectiles like stones might not be a major issue, but it compromises the integrity of the glass surface. The next flying object will be unforgiving, so make sure to fix your broken windshield using a repair kit you can buy online or from a nearby auto store.

However, major damages that cover almost the entire surface will require a full replacement rather than a quick fix. If a flying rock in British Columbia damages your windshield, check out VanIsleGlass.com and see how they can restore the glass to its original state.

4. Swap your wipers with newer ones

Windshield wipers are essential in keeping your view of the road clean and clear. But like everything else, your wipers are subject to regular wear and tear. Turning them on frequently will cause the rubber blades to wear out. Eventually, the metal arm holding these blades becomes exposed and comes into contact with the glass surface.

Damage occurs when you turn on your wipers without the rubber blades. A good sign you need to replace them is when you notice that your wipers aren’t helping you get a better view of the road. To avoid paying for a total replacement of your windshield, replace your wipers when the time has come.


Windshields that are in optimal condition are crucial in helping you avoid accidents. Invest time and money in proper maintenance and you won’t have to pay a fortune just to replace it.

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