What is a Portable EV Charger & Why Portable EV Charging Units?

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The question of choosing the right charger is relevant for every owner of an electric car or hybrid.

To make the right choice, it is important to understand what types of charging for electric cars are divided into public, private stationery, and mobile (portable). Portable electric charging from a regular household outlet usually comes with a car.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the newest type – portable EV chargers.

What is a portable EV charger?

Portable EV chargers come with greater power and recharging speed, like emergency chargers.  A portable EV charger comes in the list of Level 1 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) as it has the ability to charge at low power.

They can charge up to 32A and, in some cases, with a three-phase network, thus reaching up to 22kW and a good charging speed. On the other hand, charging at 32A requires industrial sockets, which are not common in homes.

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To solve this problem, many portable chargers have plugs and current adjustment adapters, allowing the user to choose which outlet and current to charge as possible.

What is the difference between a Portable EV charger and a Portable level 2 charge station?

Charging stations and portable chargers are becoming cheaper day by day. Some differences between Electric car portable chargers and electric car charging stations are the following

Electric vehicle charging stationsElectric vehicle chargers
They are fixed to the home, charging pumps and other charging points. The main benefit of this type of charger is it can be used in daily routines at your home, offices, or other public areas.They are portable in nature, which is the most usable advantage of this type of charger. You can take it anywhere you want it. This type is more useable in long-distance drives in remote areas.
They are more powerful as they have the capacity to charge char with 22kw.They are made up of less power < 5kw, so you are free from worry that power will exceed the limit.
They are very reliable and are made up of non-breakable material.The charger is weather and corrosion-proof.
They are a bit expensive because of their strong features.They are cheap in price.

Why portable EV charging units – that can double as grid storage?

Portable EV chargers are manufactured for emergency purposes or easy car charging. Many companies have set up their charging units on the roadsides to make available portable charging stations.

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The benefit is their charging capacity which can be 4 to 8kWh, and the good thing is that they are a domestic plug. This means the charging range is 32 to 64 km at a charging rate of 7.2kW. The approximate charging time to fully charge the engine of the car is then 30 – 60 minutes depending on the efficiency of the engine and the power of the battery.

Another advantage is its operating style- the driver can operate the charging unit through software or by mobile application, which has features like security, monitoring, tracking, and start and stop options. These chargers are planned to be developed as bi-directional chargers, which means they can be used as local energy storage capacity and also as feedback into the control grid.


As EVs become more and more popular, the choice of where to charge your electric car also increases. Great strides are being made to provide many different ways to charge your electric car battery. Portable chargers are becoming popular for long drives. To learn more about EV chargers, you can visit our website.

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