Do You Qualify for California Lemon Law Protection?

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Do You Qualify for California Lemon Law Protection?

If you’ve recently bought a second-hand car in California that proves to be a regular source of irritation due to continuous faults or problems, you might consider California Lemon Law, which provides consumers protection against faulty purchases. 

The purpose of this law is to protect customers who accidentally purchase substandard vehicles. In order to ensure that,

In this article, we will outline the major components of how the California Lemon Law protects you from buying a faulty vehicle. Read this post to help you fully understand your rights and alternatives.

Understanding California Lemon Law Protection

The California Lemon Law, formally referred to as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, is a state law designed to protect consumers who buy or sell new and used vehicles with warranties.

According to the Los Angeles lemon law lawyers at Young & Young APC, if your purchased car has a significant flaw that doesn’t get fixed even after multiple mechanic visits, yours is a lemon car. In such a case, you can file for a refund or replacement and hold the manufacturer or car dealer accountable for the misery. 

Does it apply to Used Cars?

Yes, the California Lemon Law can apply to used cars, but there are some important conditions to consider:

  • The used car must be sold with an existing manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The warranty must still be in effect when you experience problems with the vehicle.

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Duration of the warranty

The length of the warranty on a used car can vary. It’s crucial to check the warranty’s terms and duration before buying a used vehicle. Used cars are usually sold with limited warranties that last for a specific time or mileage, often 30 days or 1,000 miles.

Qualifies as a Lemon

The eligibility criteria for your car to qualify as a “lemon” under the California Lemon Law are:

  • The car has a defect covered by the warranty.
  • The deficiency substantially impairs the vehicle’s use, value, or safety.
  • The manufacturer or dealer has made reasonable repair attempts to fix the fault.

Duration of the Lemon Law Process?

The duration of a lemon law case can vary based on several factors, such as the issue’s complexity and whether it goes to court. Generally, the process may take several months to a year or more. Be patient and consult with your attorney to understand the timeline specific to your case.

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Possible Outcomes

If your used car qualifies as a lemon, you may be qualified for one of the following remedies:

  • Repairs: The manufacturer may be required to fix the defect.
  • Replacement: You could receive a replacement vehicle.
  • Refund: You may be entitled to a refund of the purchase price, including taxes and registration fees.

In many lemon law cases, the manufacturer is responsible for covering the attorney’s fees and costs if you win. This means you can seek legal assistance without worrying about upfront expenses.


California’s Lemon Law provides valuable protection to consumers stuck with defective, used cars. If you suspect your vehicle meets the criteria for a lemon, it’s essential to document the issues, contact the manufacturer, and consult a lemon law attorney. Understanding your rights under the California Lemon Law can help you navigate the process and potentially secure a resolution to your automotive troubles.

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