Enjoy Camping To Max With 7 Best Tents For Hatchback Cars 2023

best tents for hatchback cars

If you are an outdoor lover and take up any chance to get along with nature, it is time you dispose-off the old camping styles and go for tents for hatchback cars.

Everyone claims to be a camping lover until it is time to set up the tent to sleep. Camping tents come in all shapes & sizes and can demand a lot of your time & effort. But only some people are fans of going on a leisurely trip and doing active labor. We have the best camping tents for you if you are among such people.

Gone are the days when tents were only for ground and needed much time for setup.

Today you can easily find tens exclusively made for vehicles like trucks, SUVs, hatchback cars, rooftops, & more. With a tent made for your ride, you no longer need to tow a trailer or rent a vehicle for your trip.

You can take your automobile and enjoy the trip with your family in a tent that converts your vehicle into a cozy place. Before you plan your next adventurous trip (solo or with family), we suggest you explore our list of the top seven hatchback tents in 2023.

With our unbiased, detailed review, you will end up with a value-for-money purchase that is bound to make you happy & your trips unforgettable.

Top Pick Tents For Hatchback Cars

It is a given that not everyone can afford to rent out big trailers or RVs for their trips to the outdoors. You, too, need help finding the right things for your camping trips.

Taking a tent with you is a good idea till you need something from your car and you have to go back & forth between your ride & tent. It can be frustrating & even not safe in most cases.

But you can avoid all the hassle by turning your car into your sleeping tent. 

With the suitable canvas, you can extend the rear of your hatchback into a tent giving you more space, comfort, & safety from mosquitoes, snakes & other dangerous things.

Check out our top seven picks of hatchback camping tents for 2023:

  1. Napier Backroadz Universal Fit Water-Resistant Car Tent With Built-In Storm Flaps – Top Pick
  2. Rightline Gear All-Season Camping Car Tent With Stand-Alone Feature – Top Pick
  3. Napier Outdoors Extendable Family-Size Tent With Bathtub Style Floor
  4. Sportz Dome-To-Go Waterproof Tent With Shock-Corded Fiberglass Poles
  5. Smittybilt Severe Weather-Tested Rooftop Tent With Mosquito-Netted Sunroof
  6. KingCamp Multipurpose Anti-Mosquito Family-Size Waterproof Hogan
  7. ROADIE Universal Fit Window Tent with Bug Screen & Retractable Awning – Top Pick

How To Determine If A Tent Is A Good Purchase Or Not?

The tents for hatchbacks or any other type of vehicle come in various sizes, designs, and colors.

Buying the right one for your ride is a matter of choice, as what might be ideal for you can be a no go for someone else and vice versa.

Other than this, your family size, lifestyle, and requirements are also at play in making the decision.

To help you pick up the accurate portable outdoor house for your next trip, we have a list of some features you must look into to make a happy purchase.

  • Size

If you ever had someone tell you that tents need to be small and you must adjust to sharing them, do not believe it. Sure earlier, there were limitations to the thing but not today. As we have vehicles of different sizes, there are tents of various sizes to fit them.

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So, look for a tent whose size is appropriate enough to fit your car and the number of people snuggling in it.

Always go for something that provides more space. This way, you will enjoy nature much better, and every person will have their personal space.

  • Build Up

The Outdoors is unpredictable and, in some ways, harsh. So, you need a gear that will stand all the tests mother nature will put it through.

Go for something with a strong build. Believe us. You want to avoid ending up with something flimsy, can not stand properly, and even hurt your ride.

Thus, look for a tent with a thicker base & sturdier poles but overall lightweight to carry & build.

Steel, aluminum, & fiberglass are among the promising materials for a tent framework. And if you want to go with something cheaper, fiberglass is the best option.

  • Ventilation

Sleeping in a tent or vehicle is not accessible without proper ventilation. Simply cracking your window is not the solution; it is also unsafe.

Thus you need a product that comes with proper ventilation in its build. An adequate ventilation system will keep the interior cool during hot days & do not let you suffocate.

Mesh ventilation is standard in tents because only some people are okay with fully-covered walls.

If you are uncomfortable with being cluttered in a small space or want to enjoy the beauty around you, you can go for tents with mesh walls.

Choosing tents with mesh windows or doors provides good ventilation. It lets you enjoy your outdoors (air/scenery) without requiring you to step outside.

  • Water Resistance

No one can predict the weather. We sure have all the gadgets telling us how the weather will be, but nothing is ever sure.

You can find yourself in a situation where you might end up with heavy rainfall. In that scenario, we hope you do not wish to spend your trip outside your car. For such scenarios owning water-resistant tents attached to hatchback cars is a good choice.

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But understand that water resistance varies from product to product. Some are overall waterproof, while some have that property on a specific part of the tent & more. There are chances that water might seep into your car via the point where the tent attaches to your vehicle.

To avoid any water disaster on your trip, we recommend purchasing a product with a high waterproof rating.

The higher the rating, the higher its ability to handle the water pressure and the less chance of drowning in your tent.

  • Fabric Quality

The fabric of which the tent is made should be strong enough to handle a bit of vigorous action. It means you should check if it is tearproof, too stiff, too soft, or other attributes.

It would help if you always went for a fabric that you like. However, every material, like nylon, cotton, polyester, & others, has its advantages & disadvantages.

Something that can last longer with frequent usage is a good item.

  • Installation

The installation of car tents can be tricky. It is nothing like old-school stuff, so make sure you buy something you can work with efficiently.

Some tents need to be attached to the rail, while others go over the back of the car. Going for the wrong type of your car can make the installation hard for you. For example, installing rail tents in vehicles without a rail is a nightmare.

Furthermore, avoid a product for which you need help finding proper installation guidelines or come up with ones that are too hard to comprehend.

Buy something you will have fun building with your loved ones, not the other way around.

  • Package Weight/Size

You want nothing but light packing for your outdoor trips. Please go for a more lightweight & compact size tent.

Overall the weight & size of your tent package depends on the structure of your car, as it should be easily fit, loaded, & unload.

So, take into consideration the weight & size of your wrapped tent package.

7 Best Tents For Hatchback Cars In 2023 To Make Your Camping Comfortable

We all know people who like the idea of camping and exploring nature but do not go with it simply because of the hassle it is to live outdoors. But with the right sleeping arrangement, even those doubtful can have the fun they always wanted. 

Owning the right hatchback tent, you can have your kids, partner, friends, and entire family enjoy your passion for camping and spend quality time with them.

Imagine exploring the stars, taking in the fresh air, enjoying the scenic beauty, and at the same time, being safe from mosquitoes, snakes, & other crawling creatures.

Below are some of the best tents you can consider buying in 2023. Each product is well-researched & reviewed unbiasedly. We have top brands, high quality, and value for money for you.

So, let us dive in and see your best options for your next camping trip in detail.

1. Napier Backroadz Universal Fit Water-Resistant Car Tent With Built-In Storm Flaps

tents for hatchback cars
  • Brand- Napier Outdoors
  • Occupancy- 5 Person
  • Material- Polyester
  • Design- Vehicle Mounted Tent
  • Seasons- Summer, Fall, Spring
  • Size- 10′ x10′
  • Weight- 2.2 pounds
  • Universal Fit- Ideal for hatchbacks, CUVs, SUVs, minivans, & others
  • Water-resistant, 3 Mesh windows & 1 mesh door offer optimal ventilation
  • Sturdy build, Provide easy access to your car
  • It comes with a gear pocket & lantern holder
  • Built-in storm flaps provide privacy
  • Adjustable sleeve straps ensure a bug/mosquito-free fit
  • The manufacturer plants a tree on your purchase
  • Easy installation

Napier Outdoors Backroadz is one of the best tents for hatchback cars in 2023. This tent is ideal for cars, hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs.

This tent is big enough to provide easy seating for five people with over 7′ headroom. It is a universal fit tent with adjustable sleeve straps that ensure nothing gets inside the tent except the fresh air.

You get fully rainfly with taped seams and built-in storm flaps in the windows & door. You get complete privacy and ultimate weather protection. The three mesh windows & one large door provide full ventilation and ensure no bugs or mosquitoes get inside.

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There are gear pockets and lantern holders, keeping your gears organized and off the ground. In addition, installing this tent is a piece of cake. It connects seamlessly to the rear of your car, and the two shock-corded fiberglass poles give it its sturdiness. 

You get additional cargo or a sleeping area in less than ten minutes.

Furthermore, it also has connections to power outlets that keep your devices charged when you leisure inside it.

Lastly, with your purchase, Napier plants a tree via its partnership with Trees for the Future.


  • Ideal for hatchbacks, CUVs, SUVs, minivans, & others
  • Water-resistant
  • Good ventilation
  • Sturdy build
  • Provide easy access to your car
  • It comes with a gear pocket & lantern holder
  • Built-in storm flaps provide privacy
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable sleeve straps ensure a bug/mosquito-free fit
  • The manufacturer plants a tree on your purchase


  • Only hand wash

2. Rightline Gear All-Season Camping Car Tent With Stand-Alone Feature

tents that attach to hatchback cars
  • Brand- Rightline Gear
  • Occupancy- 4 Person
  • Material- Fiberglass
  • Design- Vehicle Mounted Tent
  • Seasons- All Weather
  • Size- ‎8’ W x 8’ L x 7.2’ H
  • Weight- 21 pounds
  • Universal fit, Water-resistant, Sturdy build
  • The mesh windows & doors are not see through
  • Ample ventilation
  • The tape-sealed seams ensure nothing gets inside the tent
  • The bathtub floor is ideal for four adults for comfortable sleeping
  • It can stand alone without the support of your car
  • You get two gear pockets, one lantern hook, & glow in dark zipper pulls
  • Easy to install & remove
  • Made in the USA

Another universal fit tent you can buy for your camping trip is Rightline Gear. 

This made-in-USA product is the best purchase as you can attach it to your car and stand alone. It means if you need to take your ride away from the tent, it stands still till you get back with your ride.

This family-size tent can sleep four adults comfortably and include two people in your vehicle’s rear, making it a six-person space.

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It is made from water-resistant fabric with tape-sealed seams that ensure nothing (bugs, water, & others) enters the tent. The rainfly, bathtub floor, and zipper covers make it your safe place out in the wild. In addition, the no-see-through mesh windows & doors have storm covers that offer you complete privacy.

Furthermore, you get two gear pockets, one lantern hanging hook, and a glow-in-dark zipper pull.

Lastly, installing & uninstalling this product is quite easy. You will be done in minutes while your co-passengers praise the beauty of the place.


  • Universal fit
  • Water-resistant
  • Sturdy build
  • Ideal for all seasons
  • The tape-sealed seams ensure nothing gets inside the tent
  • It can stand alone without the support of your car
  • You get two gear pockets, one lantern hook, & glow in dark zipper pulls
  • Proper ventilation
  • Easy to install & remove


  • A few customers had an issue with the first-time setup

3. Napier Outdoors Extendable Family-Size Tent With Bathtub Style Floor

camping tents for hatchback cars
  • Brand- Napier Outdoors
  • Occupancy- 5-6 Person
  • Material- Polyethylene
  • Design- Vehicle Mounted Tent
  • Seasons- 3 Season
  • Size- 10’x10’x7.25′
  • Weight- 51 pounds, Ample seating space & headroom
  • Waterproof, The additional screen room is removable
  • The extendable awning provides the perfect area to sit in the shade outside
  • You get an expandable carry bag for easy storage
  • The steel & fiberglass pole structure provides strength & stability
  • Two large entrance doors & three windows
  • Mesh windows & doors offer optimum ventilation
  • No bugs or mosquitoes can get inside the tent
  • Bathtub-style floors offer ultimate rain protection
  • Full rainfly with taped seams, Easy installation
  • You get one year warranty

Suppose you want a spacious tent that can accommodate most of your demands, like a designated sleeping area, sitting area, and seven more. In that case, the family tent from Napier Outdoors is a must-buy.

This tent offers a headroom of over seven inches and can easily accommodate five to six people. 

It is a multi-setup product. You can attach it to your car’s rear and transform its rear into a sleeping space or remove it from the rear & transform it into a stand-alone ground tent. The product is made of high-quality polyester taffeta & polyethylene that ensures your tent lasts under any weather condition.

The new hub & fiberglass poles make the setup quite easy. You will be done in less than ten minutes. In addition, the attachment to your car is seamless. The three mesh windows & two large mesh doors offer comfortable ventilation.

Furthermore, you get an expandable carry bag for easy storage. Plus, an optional awning available will allow you to sit outside your tent in the shade & gives you extra living space.

This 10″ x 10″ model comes with an attached side screen room that offers more space for sleeping, gears, storage, & other things.


  • Ample seating space & headroom
  • Waterproof
  • No space for bugs & mosquitoes to get in
  • It comes with a removable screen room
  • Ample ventilation
  • Easy installation & storage
  • You get one year warranty


  • The side that attaches to the car does not have a rain fly, which may let the water seep in during heavy rainfall

4. Sportz Dome-To-Go Waterproof Tent With Shock-Corded Fiberglass Poles

car tent for a hatchback
  • Brand- Napier Outdoors
  • Occupancy- 4 Person
  • Material- Polyethylene
  • Design- Vehicle Mounted Tent
  • Seasons- 3 Season
  • Size- ‎102″ L x 102″ W x 78″ H
  • Weight- 30 pounds
  • Waterproof, It can transform into a ground tent
  • Come with a full rainfly with taped seams
  • Ample ventilation, The shock-corded fiberglass poles make it strong
  • It comes with two large entrance doors & three large no-see-through windows
  • Easy installation & removal, You get an expandable carrying bag
  • There is an optional awning for shade & added space
  • Only hand wash, You get one year warranty

Another Napier Outdoors product that will make your camping trips nothing like you ever had before is the Sportz Dome-To-Go.

This product is made from polyethylene and can withstand three seasons (fall, spring, & rain) without any issues.

This tent can easily accommodate four people and the extra space you get with your ride’s cargo area. Also, it comes with a full-length rain fly with taped seams for extra protection. One of the best features of this product is that as soon as you remove the vehicle sleeve, it converts into a stand-alone ground tent.

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The tent has two large entrance doors and three large no-see-um mesh windows offering impressive ventilation. In addition, there are two inside pockets & a gear loft for storing extra items.

Furthermore, the shock-corded fiberglass poles give this product its sturdiness and make it easy to set up & remove.

Lastly, you get an expandable carrying bag for quick & easy storage. The large 6′ x 6′ optional awning provides shade and added living space.


  • High quality
  • Sturdy build
  • Waterproof
  • High ventilation
  • Easy to setup & store away
  • One year warranty


  • Only hand wash compatible

5. Smittybilt Severe Weather-Tested Rooftop Tent With Mosquito-Netted Sunroof

rooftop tent camping hatchback
  • Brand- Smittybilt
  • Occupancy- 3 Person
  • Material- Polyester
  • Design- Vehicle Mounted Tent
  • Seasons- All Season
  • Size- ‎95″W x 56″L x 51″H
  • Weight- 145 pounds
  • Waterproof
  • Accessible from both driver & passenger seats
  • Come with all mounting gears & climbing ladder
  • There is a shoe storage bag on the outside
  • There is a sunroof
  • All the windows, door, & sunroof come with mosquito netting
  • You get a heavy-duty bag for easy storage
  • There are LED strips for interior lighting
  • Severe weather tested- can withstand heavy rain pressure
  • It has a 12V power adapter
  • Anodized aluminum tent frame poles with stainless steel hinges
  • Easy installation, Comes with one year warranty

If you are okay with placing a tent on the roof of your car, this product from Smittybilt will surely make you happy.

This standard-sized tent comfortably sleeps two to three people and can handle 661 pounds of maximum load.

It comes with a 600D heavy-duty waterproof top & rainfly that ensures you do not get wet, plus no bugs are inside. There is also a sunroof (with mosquito netting), letting you enjoy the day’s warmth. Plus, the side windows come with mosquito netting, allowing you to sleep soundly.

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Also, there are LED strips in the interior, a shoe storage bag in the exterior, and a power adapter.

It is a great choice for all-season use. It comes with a heavy-duty travel bag that includes a hook & loop fastener for easy packing. In addition, the heavy-duty PVC cover keeps the tent dry & free from UV rays when not in use.

Furthermore, you get anodized aluminum tent poles and a telescopic ladder with your purchase.

Lastly, you get a one-year warranty with this tent.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Come with assembling gears
  • There is a sunroof
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof- can withstand heavy rain pressure
  • Come with internal lighting & external storage space
  • The climbing ladder comes with the tent


  • The vehicle needs to have a proper roof rack
  • Expensive
  • Heavy

6. KingCamp Multipurpose Anti-Mosquito Family-Size Waterproof Hogan

car tents for camping
  • Brand- KingCamp
  • Occupancy- 6 Person
  • Material- Polyester
  • Design- Vehicle Mounted Tent
  • Seasons- 3 Season
  • Size- ‎9 by 9 feet
  • Weight- 37.3 pounds, Multipurpose set up
  • Spacious, Portable, Durable
  • Strong & sturdy, Wind resistant
  • Waterproof, Anti-mosquito, Comes with sunroof
  • Mesh doors & windows offer full ventilation
  • The flysheet offers additional space
  • It comes with a waterproof carry bag for easy transportation
  • There are inside pockets for storage &hook on top for a lamp
  • The reinforced design gives it a strong body
  • Offers 7.5 feet of headroom

Another waterproof, portable camping tent for hatchback cars you can buy is Melfi Plus by KingCamp.

It is an ideal product for big families, and it comes with multipurpose features.

It is spacious enough for 5-9 people. Plus there is a two-room side screen room. All you need to do is put down the screen and get all the privacy you need.

Its reinforced design makes it a strong build and easy to connect with all kinds of vehicles. There are mesh pockets inside for you to keep your small go-to items. Also, there is a top hook for hanging lights or lamps.

This huge tent has three doors and multi-position mesh windows, offering great ventilation and easy access to great views. There is a sunshade canopy in multiple directions that will let you enjoy the warm weather by providing ample shade.

This product is strong enough to handle stiff winds, and installing & folding it is an efficient task.

Furthermore, you get a 150D oxford waterproof carry bag to store & carry around.

Lastly, folding should be done according to the instructions, as poles can splinter if folded incorrectly.


  • Multipurpose
  • Spacious, Portable
  • Durable, Anti-mosquito
  • Mesh doors & windows offer full ventilation
  • The flysheet offers additional space
  • Wind-resistant, Waterproof
  • It comes with a waterproof carry bag for easy transportation


  • Folding back the tent can be tricky

7. ROADIE Universal Fit Window Tent with Bug Screen & Retractable Awning

car tents for camping 2023
  • Brand- Roadie
  • Material- Rip-Stop
  • Design- Vehicle Mounted
  • Seasons- 3 Season
  • Size- ‎10.24 x 3.35 x 10.24 inches
  • Weight- 1 pound
  • Zipped screen for full privacy, Weatherproof
  • Universal fit, It comes with a retractable awning
  • Effortless to install & remove- requires no tools
  • The mesh window provides ventilation & protection from bugs/mosquitoes
  • Upgraded rainfly poles are highly flexible

If you are into camping but can not get on board with sleeping outside, the overnight window tent by Roadie is for you.

This universal-fit window tent comprises a mesh screen that keeps bugs, mosquitoes, and rain out. It is not technically a tent but allows you to convert your ride into one. You can easily install it by stretching it around the perimeter of your car door using its built-in elastic band.

The best part is that it requires no tools for installation. In addition, there are black-out zippered window covers that offer you complete privacy.

Furthermore, the upgraded rainfly poles are highly flexible and effortless to put up and take down.

Lastly, you get a carry pouch for easy storage & transportation and enjoy your stay outdoors without requiring you to step out of your car.


  • Zipped screen for full privacy
  • Effortless to install & remove
  • Weatherproof
  • Universal fit


  • sedans

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Hatchback Tent?

The best way to determine whether you need a thing is to count all the advantages you get to enjoy.

A hatchback tent is a costly buy. Thus it is better to explore all the outlooks and see how spending money on one will help you. You can find tents that can only cover the open rear of your car or increase the size of your vehicle.

They are ideal for all the events where you are outdoors and require a little more space.

To help you make an informed decision, here we have a few benefits a car or SUV tent can offer over the traditional camping tent.

  • Extend Floor Space

With a tailgate tent, you get a more closed & shaded region in the rear of your car. You no longer require to sleep all cramped up in your car as you get more space to sleep freely.

You can make the vast tent space your seating area by day & sleeping den by night.

Also, if you are on a family trip, you can have all the family under one roof and have great family time.

  • More Headroom

Another benefit you get to enjoy with such tents is that you can fully stand up inside the tent. They are best for stretching your legs, changing clothes, & more.

  • Extra Storage

If you are going on a long trip, you will appreciate this tent as this provides you with ample storage space.

You can leave the things you use daily around and have easy access.

  • Ventilation

You get proper air circulation with a tailgate tent installed on your ride. You can leave the boot of your car open and let the cold air soothe you. Also, you get dry ground during rain. Plus, enjoy nature’s hymns.

  • Protection From Mosquito

The mesh ventilation not only provides you with fresh air but also protects you from mosquito bites. You can sleep peacefully without worrying about bites & rashes from the little creatures of nature.

Top FAQs About Tents That Attach To Hatchback Cars

Should I buy a car tent for hatchbacks?

Suppose you love camping but are not comfortable sleeping far away from your car for various reasons. It will help if you go for a product to help you convert your ride into a tent.

Tents for vehicles are items you can attach to the rear or side of your car and convert your entire ride into the vast space of your tent.

You can use the extra space for sleeping, storage, and other things per your preference.

Are car tents durable?

The durability of a product differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. But most of the tents for cars in the market come with a sturdy build and can work well in all weather conditions.

But still, before you make a purchase, we recommend looking for online reviews about the product and checking what fellow buyers say about it.

What is the crucial feature I must pay attention to while buying a camping canvas?

There are two crucial features that a camping canvas must hold, namely, water resistance and mesh windows. 

One of the most common issues people face while camping is rain. Thus, it would help if you had a tent that could keep you dry even during heavy pouring. 

Also, windows with mesh are crucial as they keep bugs & mosquitoes out and provide much-needed ventilation.

Are car tents cheap?

NO. Tents that can be integrated into an automobile are the next-level upgrade. So, they cost more than your regular ones.

You can easily expect to pay at least $200 for a good quality product that can last for years and come with a purchase warranty.

Is installation a crucial feature to consider while purchasing?

Absolutely. It is highly unlikely you will camp with people with excellent camping skills. 

So when you are with newbies or all by yourself, having a tent with you that requires skills & help to set up is a big NO-NO.

Always look for a product that comes with installation instructions and is easy to install & remove single-handedly.

The easier the process is, the more time you can enjoy appreciating nature.


Multipurpose things are the items we all need in our house, which applies to outdoor items like tents.

Owning the best tents for hatchback cars will keep you & your family safe in the wild and let you have the best family or me-time in the wild.


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