You Can Get the Brabus Monoblock Wheels In a Whole New Way Now

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The German company has released a brand new tuning kit for the Mercedes Benz C Class with all of the good stuff at a much more affordable price.

New Mercedes C Class Brabus

Brabus tuning is highly coveted in the car world. The Bottrop-based company has built a reputation for extracting the absolute best of Mercedes Benz cars in terms of performance. Over time, it has used such positive feedback to improve its image as well. It has surely come a long way from the all-black cars with brash performance to the extensive line of models and options it offers these days.

The latest addition to the portfolio of Brabus cars concerns the all-new Mercedes Benz C Class. It is a great reflection of the tuner’s current phase: it is a tuning kit that becomes much more affordable than the regular ones in a smart way. In other words, it retains essential items for the tuner’s image while setting aside others that the target audience does not really want. Let’s give it a closer look.

The New Mercedes C Class Brabus

Let’s make it clear from the beginning: the ideal variation for performance enthusiasts is the C63 AMG. It offers the best in Mercedes Benz tuning, so having it upgraded by Brabus on top of that makes it a reference in its segment. While that version has not been released in the new generation yet, those drivers can also consider the lesser C43 AMG. But these fans are not the focus right now.

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Many people appreciate Brabus tuning in a less dedicated way. They enjoy the more imposing style with blackened accents, larger air intakes, red inserts, and, of course, the famous Brabus Monoblock rims. While increased performance is always desirable in theory, the truth is that they have no intention of using it in practice. Fortunately, Brabus agrees that there is nothing wrong with that.

Great taste in Brabus customization

The new Brabus kit is available for the C Class on its regular versions, whether in the sedan or in the station wagon body styles. It is based on the AMG Line package, which essentially comprises design distinctions. Up front, for example, it adds a splitter and aerodynamic inserts on the bumper, along with a LED strip, and replaces the Mercedes Benz logo with the double B of the tuner’s own logo.

The rear end is graced with a quadruple exhaust system, whose pipes offer 90 mm of diameter and come in black chrome. Brabus has chosen this layout because it mimics that of larger Mercedes cars which are powered by V8 engines. If you choose the C Class in the sedan body form, you will enjoy a rear spoiler as well. However, there are more items to admire in this unique kit of Brabus parts.

Many Brabus Monoblock rims to choose from.

As stated earlier, this Brabus kit preserves key points of the tuner’s iconic work. One of them is the worldwide famous forged Monoblock rims. They are manufactured with a unique process that uses aluminum alloys and a series of heating and cooling processes to create their geometry. The result is an unparalleled combination of reduced overall weight and maximum mechanical resistance.

Here, you can choose from a list of Monoblock wheels to replace the C Class’ stock Mercedes rims. They may come in 18”, 19” or 20” and use Continental, Pirelli, or Yokohama tires – Brabus obviously knows that each of those combinations has a unique impact on the car’s handling, especially at high speeds, so it wants to give you the freedom to select the very best option to suit your tuning interests.

What other Brabus parts are there?

The cabin features a handful of typical Brabus accessories such as aluminum pedals, branded floor mats, upholstery options in leather and Alcantara, and illuminated door sills. In this case, the tuner wants you to feel exactly as you would in any of its traditional tuned cars. Another key feature here is the black trim: this cabin applies it in pretty much everything, except for some chrome inserts.

When it comes to performance, the BrabusPowerXtra module can be applied to the C300 and the C300d (gasoline and diesel) versions. The first one goes to 296 hp of power and 332 lb-ft of torque, which lowers its 0 to 60 mph time to 5.8 seconds. The turbodiesel goes to 306 hp and 442 lb-ft and to the time of 5.6 seconds. Brabus terminology renames those two to B30 and D30, respectively.

Brabus Monoblock and More on Mercteil

Mercteil is another trustworthy source to get genuine Brabus parts. We have an extensive online catalog with many categories. Besides that, we offer a filtering system so you can easily find what you want. Feel free to give it a look today; we are sure you are going to find everything you want for the Mercedes Benz car you own – Mercteil has many Brabus Monoblock wheels to offer as well.

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