Why Buy a Green Car as a Student

Buy a Green Car as a Student

If you are a college student, you have probably had conversations with your peers or parents about cars and driving. When in college, you will often have to commute from your home to your dorm or even from home to college if you live off-campus. If the distance is more extended, a great way to travel would be by car.

These days, the pollution levels are only getting higher and higher. Since it is a fundamental matter for the whole of humanity, people should make conscious decisions and try to reduce their carbon footprint. We need to take care of our planet and make good decisions for the environment and future.

How can we do that? If you need to travel by car and lower your carbon footprint, invest in a green car. Before financing it, there are many things to consider, and it may take up a lot of your time. With your tight schedule, lack of time is a constant in your everyday life, so you have probably thought: ’Should I write my essay with EssayPro writers?’ If the answer is yes, this online service will do an excellent job and save you the precious time you can use to inform yourself about these electric vehicles.

Going green with your vehicle choice can be expensive and confusing if you don’t know what to look for. With your tuition expenses and tight budget, we’ve gathered some factors that can help you in this process, so let’s look at them!

Benefits of a Green Car

Benefits of a Green Car

1. Improved air quality

One essential factor in reducing pollution is clear air. Choosing a green car can help this since these cars do not create any harmful emissions. They can drive in electric mode for a short period, and they produce zero emissions in that time.

Electric vehicles eliminate emissions from engine exhaust. They also significantly reduce emissions from brakes. These factors can better summertime ozone levels.

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2. Lower CO2 emissions

Some scientists at the UN conference precautioned countries that if they weren’t on a track to fulfilling their 2030 emission marks by the end of 2020, the globe might face an irreversible climate shift. Since the primary cause of global warming is the production of CO2, we need to lessen the burning of fossil fuels.

Electric vehicles won’t produce CO2 by burning off fossil fuels since they do not power them. Driving these cars is an excellent example of how to not contribute to global warming. One study in the UK showed that in 2021 EVs (electric vehicles) will bring down CO2 emissions of new cars to the lowest level ever.

Every college student should invest some time in research about sustainability and how to deal with lots of issues that concern the environment and impact natural resources. If we want to lower pollution, we need to inform ourselves about decarbonization and how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Decreased noise pollution

We live in a busy, loud world where noise exposure can be a significant trigger to lots of health issues. These issues can range from high blood pressure and sleep disturbance to hearing problems.

Green cars can drop noise pollution by up to 40%. They are so quiet that it’s mandatory in some areas that they produce a sound so pedestrians can be alerted to them. They are much more modest than diesel and petrol cars since they don’t have combustion engines. The only sound they can generate is from the wind resistance and tires on the road.

How to Choose an Electric Vehicle

Finding a perfect car that meets all your needs is exciting and frustrating. It can be different from purchasing a classic car since you need to consider charging and range. A little help in informing yourself can be through lots of articles, videos, and fantastic car reviews you can find online. Discover your options and match them with your budget. Take your time and invest it in research.

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You need to consider when purchasing an EV: where do you live, what you usually carry with you, and where can you charge your car. If you decide that this vehicle is right for you and have an idea of your budget and needs, start shopping.

Pros and Cons of an EV

Pros of an electric vehicle

  • Electric cars are low maintenance and high performance.
  • They can reduce emissions.
  • EVs are energy efficient.
  • They can be potentially less expensive than a traditional gas-powered car.

Cons of an electric vehicle

  • They travel less distance.
  • They take longer to refuel.
  • Electric cars are more expensive; battery packs may need to be replaced more often.
  • Most of these cars have a range of 60-120 miles per charge, and luxury cars range up to 300 miles on a full charge.

At the top of your consideration list should be the range. Think reasonably about how far you need to drive between charging. If you underestimate your range, you will have constant anxiety, and you’ll be thinking about how soon you need to find a charging station.

A good thing to keep in mind is a dedicated parking space for your car. If your street or apartment parking area doesn’t have chargers, buying an EV will become more complex.

If you get overwhelmed with this process and are keen on electronics and similar fields, educate yourself on this topic. You may get a motivational boost to compete or participate in some of the most exciting competitions. Competitions and meeting new people can help you understand even more about electronics and give you insight into new products in the future that can help change the environment for the better.

Contribution to the Environmental Change

If you want to contribute to environmental change but are not ready for the big step of buying an electric car, you can always take smaller steps and introduce yourself to new habits that will change your surroundings. By adopting a sustainable standard, you will reward the planet and help yourself become a better and more aware individual.

Making electric cars uses lots of energy, but they are still a greener option after considering battery manufacturers. Another choice you can consider is a hybrid car. This type of vehicle is environmentally friendly, quiet, and saves you money. On the other hand, some cons are higher upfront costs, more costly maintenance, and they still produce fossil fuel emissions.


Since transportation is the biggest problem in every big city, try to walk more or drive a bike. You will benefit from nature and feel better physically. Small choices matter. If you are responsible now and take action for the future, you can easily save up some money and later invest in an eco-friendly car. We live in a modern and informed world. It will take lots of work and sacrifices from all of us to keep it that way and make it a better place. We can change the climate with these better options one step at a time.

On the other hand, check all the prototypes and their specifics if you have decided to buy an EV. Electric cars are preferable to petrol or diesel cars. When making decisions, think thoroughly and see if models meet your expectations and possibilities.

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