8 Most Important Qualities You Need to Look For in an Electric Car

Important Qualities You Need to Look For in an Electric Car

Electric Car sales have risen significantly over the years. Considering how expensive they are, EVs still fall into the category of luxury space. Regardless, many choose electric cars to get the most out of their buck.

If you are thinking of investing in an electric car, this article will explain what you need to look for before making the purchase.

1. Incentives

Needless to say, the cost of an EV is what turns most people away from choosing one. However, fortunately, the top-quality electric cars come with incentives from the government.

Many countries are promoting the sales of electric cars and offering consumers a way to receive reduced prices. So, if you are a student or someone with a tight budget, get academic paper help by WritePaper and spend some time researching the incentives you can get. For instance, in the US, you can get a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 for most EVs.

In France, the government offers a bonus of 27% for the purchase of a new EV that costs less than €45,000. You should also check with the car dealer for any available incentives. Nevertheless, be sure to read the fine print to understand what exactly you are liable for.

Types of Electric Cars Available

2. Types of Electric Cars Available

Contrary to popular belief, not every electric car runs exclusively on electric batteries. In fact, there are different types of zero0emmission vehicles that allow you to reduce harm to the environment.

  • BEV – A Battery Electric Vehicle relies entirely on the power of its rechargeable battery. They do not come with a combustion engine and have to be charged in order to operate.
  • PHEV – A Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle contains an electric battery as well as a gas-powered engine. These can be charged by ‘plugging’ the car into a charging point. Alternatively, it also runs on petrol or diesel. However, the range of these cars tends to be a lot less compared to BEVs.
  • HEV – Finally, we have Hybrid Electric Vehicle, which also has an electric battery. However, you do not need to charge these via an external power supply. Instead, the combustion engine powers the generator while cruising, producing electricity and storing it in the battery for later use.

Clearly, the features, utility, and comfort level varies depending on the type of electric car you choose.

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3. Range of Battery

Undoubtedly, the main attraction of electric cars is that they do not rely on gas as their fuel, thus helping you reduce your carbon footprint. However, this means that you need to consider another feature – the range of the EV’s battery. Put simply, how far can you drive on a single charge?

Typically, most electric cars come with a battery range between 100 to 300 miles. On top of this, if you are running the heater or air conditioner in the car, the range would drop significantly. Similarly, the way you drive your car can also affect the amount of electricity that the engine uses.

As such, when analyzing the range, you should consider how much you drive each day and how you use your car during different weather conditions. 

4. Passenger Room and Cargo Space

Another key consideration is how spacious the car is, especially if you spend a lot of time inside it. For instance, the interior of a compact model might be too cramped for a tall driver. Likewise, you should also consider the back seat legroom as well as the headroom.

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For some passengers, the cargo space available will also be a key concern when choosing the right car. You can also check the cargo volume with the rear seats folded back and make a note of how easy or difficult it is for you to load/unload items. 

5. Driving Experience

One thing that first-time buyers might overlook is that the driving experience in an electric car will be very different from its gas-fueled counterpart. To begin with, the vehicle is going to be very quiet. Secondly, the full power of the car is immediately available. Moreover, because of the single-speed transmission, there won’t be any gear shifts either. 

Finally, most EVs have regenerative braking that might be more pronounced based on your chosen model. This might feel unnatural to some drivers. That said, some models allow the drovers to set the level of regenerative braking they need. 

As you can see, it would be best to do a driving test for multiple electric cars before deciding the best one that fits you. 

6. Additional Features

It is no news that each car manufacturer will have added their own unique touch to their products. This means that the features and designs available can vary vastly from one model to another. 

For instance, Tesla has often been deemed the superior car manufacturer in the EV sector. It features several features such as autopilot, karaoke function, sentry mode, advanced parking sensors, and a dozen other attributes that make its cars unique. What’s more, you don’t even have to visit a dealership to buy Tesla. Instead, you can just buy it online.

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So, you should always compare different car companies and their models to figure out what qualities appeal the most to you. 

7. Charging

The next most important question comes down to how can you charge your EV? First, start by considering whether there are any charging stations along the routes you commonly take. 

Additionally, you can also charge with a standard power outlet in your garage. Still, it would be best to install a 240V line. This can significantly reduce the charging time. 

Moreover, having a caring facility at home will eliminate the need for you to depend on charging stations. To reduce the cost, you can check with your local utility company if you can get a discount for electricity during off-peak hours. 

In addition to this, some EV car manufacturers also throw in a few years of free charging – which can significantly reduce the costs of maintaining the car. Be sure to do some research on this front before picking an EV model. 

8. Consider Your Options

When thinking about purchasing an electric car, the first manufacturer that comes to your mind is likely going to be Tesla. However, there are several other alternatives that might be more suited to your needs.

There are affordable EVs offered by Hyundai, Volvo, Toyota, and Ford. If you are looking for luxury options, then you can also check out EVs by the likes of Porsche and Mercedes. Similarly, if you are often commuting within the city, you will want a compact model.

And if charging is an issue, you can look for a plug-in option that can be charged from your normal wall outlet at home. Some of the plug-in hybrids include the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan and the RAV4 Prime SUV. 

Buying an electric car, undoubtedly, requires you to do your homework. After all, everything from maintenance and driving experience is considerably different with an electric vehicle. If you are able to find one that matches your expectations, you will also be able to feel better about your impact on the environment.

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