TOPDON TB8000: 8A/3A/1A Car Battery Charger with Voltage Detect

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TOPDON TB8000 Car Battery Charger

TOPDON TB8000 is a battery charger that can replace 8A, 3A, and 1 A chargers in one efficient package. This battery charger is efficient and compatible with all types of 6V & 12V Li-ion and rechargeable batteries. The capacity of the rechargeable battery is 15-260AH, suitable for batteries for lawn mowers, boats, motorcycles, and more.

This car battery charger is equipped with a battery voltage test feature, thereby being able to better maintain battery health. You won’t need a battery tester anymore. There is a smart LCD screen capable of displaying charging voltage, battery capacity status, charging current, and other parameters. This car charger uses a 9-step charging sequence, each of which is displayed on the LCD screen. In other words, each user can closely monitor the charging process.

In extreme weather, charging can drop to 1A to repair the battery. For that, the manufacturer provides an intelligent thermal sensor that allows charging according to the ambient temperature. This way there will be no overcharging temperatures in summer and undercharging temperatures in winter. Thus the efficiency of power consumption can be increased as much as possible.

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The allowable working temperature range is -20℃ to 40 °C, accommodating the ambient temperature range in most areas of the world. All inspection, repair, and filling processes can be done automatically. No need to go through step by step manually.

Safety in charging

It has a built-in circuit protection setting system that allows protection against sparks, short circuits, over-temperature, over current&voltage and even reverses polarity. All of this is possible with an upgraded full-wrapped alligator clip, fireproof shell, and IP65 waterproof design.

Not only serves as a car charger, but TOPDON TB8000 also functions as a desulfator and perfect battery maintainer. This tool is able to detect the presence of sulfation and acid stratification in the battery. And thanks to its microprocessor control, this charger also enables updated pulse repair so that the battery’s built-in performance can be achieved. Thus the battery life may be longer. This tool can operate non-stop (24 hours a day and 7 days a week).

3-year warranty and 24/7 customer support

TOPDON guarantees a 3-year warranty and 24/7 customer support without exception. Not only that, the company is also committed to:

  • Supply of spare parts for decades.
  • Lifelong technical support.
  • Full refund within the first 30 days.

Each purchase comes with the TOPDON TB8000 portable battery charger, 78-inch cable, full-wrapped alligator clip, storage bag, and user manual.

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TOPDON at a glance

TOPDON is a global automotive diagnostics tool and service provider. The emerging brand focuses on Innovation, Quality, Durability, and Value. The company sells its products to more than 150 countries, listening to the needs of automotive repair shops and DIY professionals.  

The company’s wide array of diagnostics tools and repair equipment include Professional Diagnostics (Phoenix Series); Key Programming (TOP KEY); Battery Jump/Test (JumpSurge and BT Mobile Series); Battery Maintenance (Tornado Series), and Service Tools (ArtiDiag S Line). 

For purchases today, there is a large discount available. You only need to pay $47.59 (starting price is $79.99). To get a discount, you can use the coupon code 10VESBJ7. Portable battery chargers are a necessity for many modern activities and for that, choosing a suitable device is a must. Hopefully, this article was informative.

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