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cars that start with x

Some cars have a huge impact on people’s minds and some vehicles are forgotten because of their lower popularity. Today we are going to share all the cars that start with X to remind you of all known and forgotten vehicles. 

Most reliable luxury SUVs have appeared in the automotive industry over the years. And these cars have caught people’s attention and created a special value in their lives.

The best models of all time tend to be the ones that have been around for decades, but that’s not the only key to success. They need to stay current and competitive from generation to generation. 

Find out which cars and trucks have most successfully won the popularity contest and what makes them special, what makes them tried and tested models.

In this article, you will find all car names that start with X and their unique specification.

What cars start with the letter X?

We love old models, innovations, and updated muscular vehicles and through this, we know more about the automotive industry. The Jaguar XK120, one of the fastest vehicles beginning with X remained in the automotive world for about 40 years.

Below is a list of cars that start with the letter X including those everyday vehicles that have shaped our lives.

  1. XC60 – Volvo
  2. X1 – BMW
  3. XF – Jaguar
  4. XL-7 – Suzuki
  5. XV – Subaru
  6. XUV500 – Mahindra 
  7. X-Class – Mercedes 
  8. X1/9 – Fiat 

Full List of Cars That Start With The Letter X

Choosing the greatest to span generations is difficult when the game changes every year. That is why we share with you all the cuts, variants, and ways in which you can choose the best auto at the right time to buy cars

These are the best vehicles ever built. Our lists of the 8 most important cars start with X for each era and brand.

1. Volvo XC60

cars that start with the letter x
  • MSRP: $41,700 – $69,500
  • Engine: 2.0 Liter 4-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 250 hp
  • MPG: 21 City / 28 highway
  • Seating Capacity: 5

The 2023 Volvo XC60 is a small luxury SUV. Each XC60 is equipped with a four-cylinder engine. You can expect more from a luxury vehicle, but Volvo offers you three versions to choose from. 

Clean lines and tasteful liveries help the XC60 strike a graceful pose in traffic, while the cabin serves as a unique oasis from the dangers of modern commuting. Overall, the XC60’s striking design, powerful yet efficient engine range, and emphasis on value give it a strong boost to make it the top of the list of cars that start with X.

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How Safe is the 2023 Volvo XC60?

The NHTSA gave the Volvo XC60 an overall safety rating of five out of five stars. The IIHS  gave the Volvo XC60 the highest rating Good in all six crash safety tests.

  • Elegant interior design
  • Spacious second-row seating
  • Many standard safety tech features
  • Smallish storage cubbies
  • Infotainment takes getting used to

2. BMW X1

car names that start with x
  • MSRP: $35,400 – $37,400
  • Engine: 2.0 Liter 4-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 228 hp
  • MPG: 24 City / 33 highway
  • Seating Capacity: 5

The BMW X1 is a great luxury crossover SUV with advanced technology and safety features. This crossover has several attractive features, including a large cargo capacity and an easy-to-use infotainment system.

All X1s are equipped with a 228 hp four-cylinder turbo engine, ensuring considerable boost and reasonable fuel consumption. The X1’s standard infotainment system can also be operated intuitively and easily while on the move.

When it comes to performance, this BMW impresses with its powerful engine, dynamic handling, and great fuel consumption makes it one of the best handling cars.

How Safe is the BMW X1?

The IIHS gave the BMW X1 the highest rating of Good in all six crash tests. The NHTSA gave 2023 X1 an overall safety rating of five out of five stars.

  • The strong and responsive turbo engine
  • Sharp handling makes it fun to drive
  • Plenty of rear passengers and cargo room
  • Firm ride
  • Some low-rent cabin materials

3. Jaguar XF

expensive cars that start with x
  • MSRP: $43,995 – $49,995
  • Engine: 2.0 Liter 4-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 246 hp
  • MPG: 25 City / 33 Highway
  • Seating Capacity: 5

The Jaguar XF is the brand’s midsize luxury sedan. The XF model has performance and luxury expectations of more than a decade. 

For anyone looking for a muscular sedan, the XF may be what you need. The XF offers two powerful transmissions with good fuel consumption at the same time.

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This Jaguar also features a new and improved infotainment system in its spacious and comfortable interior. 

How Safe is the Jaguar XF?

The XF has not been crashing tested by NHTSA or IIHS. Jaguar’s midsize sedan offers a satisfactory range of optional driver assistance technology.

  • Killer looks
  • Soothing ride
  • Impressive interior
  • No V-6 available
  • Slower than before
  • Overall dynamic performance is dialed down

4. Suzuki XL-7

car brands starting with x
  • MSRP: $25,595–$29,980
  • Engine: 2.7 Liter 4-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 252 hp
  • MPG: 17 City / 24 highway
  • Seating Capacity: 7

If you are looking for seven seats in an SUV, the Suzuki XL-7 is the perfect choice for you. Compared to the previous model, this XL7 looked and performed much better overall with greater drivability and agility.

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Being one of the best cars that start with X it contains a smoother and more powerful Suzuki V6 engine, and a more spacious and comfortable passenger compartment.

It contained a long list of standard features, including alloy wheels, security alarms, automatic climate control, privacy glass, rear air conditioning, and a six-speaker CD stereo system.

  • Traditional SUV styling
  • Versatile cargo space
  • Reliable engine performance
  • The third row is cramped
  • Cheap-looking interior surfaces

5. Subaru XV

car brands that start with x
  • MSRP: $22,245 – $35,345
  • Engine: 2.5 Liter 4-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 152 hp
  • MPG: 28 City / 33 highway
  • Seating Capacity: 5

XV is a small crossover SUV that, in addition to good off-road capabilities, also offers generous safety features. XV is known as Crosstrek in the US. 

This is a small vehicle, it has a lot of passenger space and its loading capacity is good too. It’s also one of the few models in its class that can venture off-road. For 2023, the big news is the availability of a 2.5-liter engine in the new Sport and Limited models.

Not only with excellent EPA ratings, but with some of the best results in our field tests, this Subaru is one of the most fuel-efficient small cars that start with x.

How Safe is the Subaru XV?

The XV performs well in crash tests—it received five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and a Top Safety Pick+ designation from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

  • Roomy cabin
  • Straightforward tech features
  • Cushioned ride
  • Bland base engine
  • Moderate body roll
  • Fewer upscale cabin materials than rivals

6. Mahindra XUV500

sports cars that start with x
  • MSRP: $26,990 – $34,990
  • Engine: 2.0 Liter 4-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 152 hp
  • Seating Capacity: 7

The Mahindra XUV500 is a compact crossover SUV from Mahindra & Mahindra. The popular XUV500 is Mahindra’s large seven-seater SUV with a monocoque body.

It has the right look and feels, and frequent Mahindra updates have also made it more enjoyable to drive. The car looks great and runs well because the engine is powerful. It has multiple features that consist of an attractive and feature-laden package along with hard-hitting performance.

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Includes a 6-inch monochrome infotainment display, dual airbags, ABS with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), and all-wheel disc brakes.

  • Off-road ability,
  • Plush interior and comfortable,
  • Available in various engine-gearbox combinations
  • Feels a bit pricey at the top-end versions.
  • Seats and comfort are not the best.
  • Boot space is not the best in its class.

7. Mercedes X-Class

high-end cars that start with x
  • MSRP: $42,990 – $82,990
  • Engine: 3.0 Liter 6-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 255 hp
  • MPG: 21 City / 28 highway
  • Seating Capacity: 5

The Mercedes X-Class is a premium pick-up that easily justifies its high price. Mercedes has added a premium interior inside, especially if you opt for one of the higher-end variants.

This gives the X-Class a luxurious feel. The X-Class looks good, with a front section dominated by the large trident and an overall design similar to the Benz SUV models. 

The rear with its slim vertical taillights is reminiscent of a concept car, especially if it is equipped with LED lighting at the front and rear in higher equipment variants.

  • Ultra-premium image
  • Class-leading refinement
  • Good to drive
  • Unsurprisingly expensive
  • Limited payload ratings
  • Some hard plastics inside

8. Fiat X1/9

fancy cars that start with x
  • MSRP: Available in Used Car Market
  • Engine: 2.0 Liter 4-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 74 hp
  • MPG: 20 City / 26 highway
  • Seating Capacity: 2

The Fiat X1 / 9 remains one of the most fun and accessible mid-engined cars that start with the letter x on the market. The X1 / 9 is said to be the first affordable mid-engined sports car and is characterized by its sharp design and flawless handling.

The Targa top can be stored in the front boot. It was originally designed as a sports car for the general public.

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The X1 / 9 was created to replace the Fiat 850 Spider, a member of the Fiat 850 family. These cars took their design features from the Fiat 500 and 600 with a rear-engine design.

  • Muscular engine options
  • Poised ride and handling
  • Easy-to-use infotainment system
  • Clunky auto stop/start feature on the base engine
  • Aging cabin design

Complete List of the Car Names That Start With X

X-90 – Suzuki
X-Bow – KTM
X-Class – Mercedes-Benz
X-Trail – Nissan
X1/9 – Bertone
X200 – Great Wall
X220 – Mercedes-Benz
X240 – Great Wall
X250 – Mercedes-Benz
X350 – Mercedes-Benz
X80 – LIFAN  
Xantia – Renault
XC40 – Volvo
XC70 – Volvo
XC90 – Volvo
XD3 – BMW Alpina
Xenon – Tata
XM – Citroen
Xsara – Citroen
Xantia – Citroen
XTerra – Nissan  

The Top Car Brands That Start With X

Since the dawn of the automobile more than 100 years ago, the automotive industry has been one of the most competitive companies in modern history.

In recent years, automakers have done their best to combine all kinds of features that car buyers need to satisfy customers’ wishes and feelings. 

From top carmakers to top automakers, they’re all here on this list of car brands that start with X for car buyers to purchase the right vehicle for them.

  • XPeng (2014-Present)
  • Xinkai (1984-Present)
  • Xiali (1987-Present)
  • Xiamen Golden Dragon (1992-Present)


What cars start with the letter X?

Jaguar car brands have been producing their flagship XJ series models since 1968. These are the cars that start with the letter X and are called XJ12, XJ6, XJ8, XJR, XJS, XJSC.

What are the Car Brands that start with X?

Some of the car brands that start with X are XPeng, Xinkai, Xiali, and Xiamen Golden Dragon. As a leading manufacturing company, Xinkai has also reached an agreement with Mercedes-Benz for the assembly of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles for the Chinese market. 

What is an X-Car?

The X-Car, also known as the X-Seat, is a special type of roller coaster car. The car leaves more time to lie down without ties over your shoulder. The trip was developed by Maurer Sons.

Is the BMW X2 better than X1?

The X1 shows a robust shape with a high rear end and more traditional 4×4 / SUV styling. On the other hand, the X2 is a more contemporary version of the compact SUV that BMW calls the “Sports Activity Coupe” (SACK).

Which is the more expensive BMW X1 or X2?

The 2021 entry-level BMW X2 sDrive28i is slightly more expensive and costs $ 36,600. The X1 and X2 xDrive28i are priced at $ 2,000 more than the front-wheel drive sDrive28i at $ 37,400 and $ 38,600, respectively.

Is Volvo XC40 worth the money?

Compared to many other vehicles in this segment, the XC40 has more to offer for its money. Another highlight of the 2020 Volvo XC40 is the fuel economy.

Why was the Jaguar XJ discontinued?

The XJ is believed to have been canceled due to some complex production capacity decisions affecting Jaguar’s long-term EV plans and factory availability.

Is there a new Volvo XC60 coming out?

The new 2022 Volvo XC60 hits showrooms this summer, along with other new vehicles such as the 2022 Volvo C40 Recharge. The new Volvo XC60 SUV comes with some updates to the interior, exterior, and infotainment systems.

Final Thought

Choosing the most important vehicle is complicated and deeply personal. The best car is the one that has changed our relationship with machines or that we have always dreamed of being a part of our life.

And after seeing the top list of cars that start with X in alphabet order, this complex task of selecting the best car for us converts into a smooth way.

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