5 Car Scrapping Blunders Owners Should Absolutely Avoid

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Car Scrapping Blunders Owners Should Absolutely Avoid

Well, you’ll know the feeling of scrapping your car after years of safe driving and happy memories. But it’s inevitable, guys because vehicles have a lifespan. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stats, nearly 12 million cars are scrapped annually in the US alone. That’s a big number, right?

But surprisingly, many owners fail to manage the process correctly. In fact, you may end up losing time and money due to some potential pitfalls during scrapping. Think beyond just driving your vehicle down to the scrapyard and getting a wad of cash for it. You can get a head start by knowing the blunders you shouldn’t make.

Here’s a list to avoid to be on the safe side!

Blunder #1 – Not shopping around

Well, you may want to do things the easy way while scrapping. After all, you may want to rush the process to move to your next car or overcome the stress of parting. But not shopping around is a blunder you must avoid.

Check a few scrap yards and get quotes before making a decision. You may negotiate a better price if you have multiple offers to compare.

Blunder #2 – Skipping the paperwork

Before you even think about scrapping, you’ve got to have all the necessary paperwork in order. The list could be a long one as it includes your registration, title, and other relevant documents. Skipping the paperwork means the scrapyard won’t legally scrap your car.

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Imagine the headache, guys! You can easily ditch it and make the process much smoother and faster by getting your documents in place beforehand.

Blunder #3 – Overlooking the environmental impact

Junk cars may have severe effects on the environment, whether stationary or running. These include decomposition, harmful gases, and groundwater pollution. Overlooking the environmental impact of your vehicle is another pitfall to avoid.

The best option is to partner with an eco-friendly scrap car removal service to get rid of the vehicle. They follow the best practices during the scrapping process, so you get the cash and peace of mind about doing your bit for the environment.   

Blunder #4 – Not being cash-savvy

Did you know you can make some extra cash while scrapping your old car? Well, stripping it of valuable parts such as the tires, battery, and radio is a good idea. You can sell them separately and make extra dollars during the process.

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But check the rules before removing anything required by law (such as the catalytic converter). Besides the parts, you can resell, remember to remove your personal belongings, like your CDs and chargers, before sending the vehicle to the junkyard.

Blunder #5 – Not being honest about the vehicle’s condition

You may want to hide facts about your vehicle’s condition while sending it to the scrapyard. It makes sense when it’s going to be junked anyway, right? What’s the harm in making some extra cash?

But being honest about damage or issues with your car can get you a better price. So don’t lie about it being in better condition than it is!

So, there you have it, guys. You’ve got to avoid these blunders to make the most of your car while scrapping it. Rest assured; you’ll be able to say goodbye to your old vehicle and hello to some extra cash in your pocket. It’s worthwhile!

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