Car Shipping Made Easy – A Car Lover’s Guide

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Car Shipping Made Easy - A Car Lover’s Guide

As a website that caters to all types of car lovers, we have decided to do a post about NOT driving a car. Confused? Read on and learn how the professionals can get your vehicle from one state to another, without driving it! Car shipping is a convenient and affordable alternative to driving hours across the country

How Does Car Shipping Work?

There comes a time in many a car owner’s life that they need to get their car from one side of the country to the other, or at the very least, to another state. But what happens if you can’t get leave or simply don’t see yourself sitting behind the wheel for hours and hours?

This is where car shipping comes to the fore. If you have ever wondered how car shipping works, you can read this article and for even more in-depth information Car Shipping Calculator | Nationwide Auto Transportation is just a click away. Let’s look at the difference between open and enclosed car shipping.

Open and Enclosed Car Shipping

Now you well known about car shipping work. But it is not enough to choose the right vehicle transport company. You are also well aware of how to choose car transportation services so you make a cost-effective and less time-consuming decision.

There are literally hundreds of car shipping companies that offer flexible, hassle-free enclosed, and open car transport services for almost all types of vehicles. These include anything from classic and supercars, muscle cars and SUVs, small vehicles, trucks, RVs, motorcycles and ATVs, and every other conceivable type of vehicle in the U.S.

As you read this post there are thousands of vehicles crisscrossing America and moving between towns, states, and cities. These vehicles are being shipped by individuals and companies, buyers, sellers, and auctioneers, or call dealerships and rental companies. Most reliable vehicle shipping companies will offer door-to-door delivery at an affordable price, saving you the stress and danger of moving your vehicle over long distances.

Open Car Shipping

An open carrier means that your vehicle will be transported on an open platform. Open platform carries are your most common and affordable car shipping option. Keep in mind that it is open transport… This means your vehicle is exposed to the sun, snow, rain, and other weather phenomena, as well as loose rocks and stones.

Many people think that their vehicles will get damaged or destroyed on an open carrier, but the risk is really negligible and just in case, most good car transport companies will have insurance contingencies. Your car will arrive at its destination in the same condition that it left, although it may need a good wash before you hit the road.

Closed Car Shipping

When would you choose an enclosed auto shipping option instead of shipping on an open truck and trailer? This is the best option for any high-value vehicle that you need to move long distances. Luxury and custom cars fall into this category. In contrast to open shipping, a covered trailer is normally used and enclosed trucks are limited to the number of vehicles that they can fit.

Car Shipping – To Ship or Not to Ship

At the end of the day when it comes to getting your vehicle from Point A, to a very far away from Point B, driving it there is not always the right option. Get a quote on car shipping and see how you can save time and money.

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