6 Car Maintenance Tips Every Driver Needs To Know in 2022

It is essential to keep your car in good condition as a driver. For instance, one should check the battery, tires, automotive driving belt, brake pads, and fluids from time to time. This will save you money in the long run, but it will also keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

If you want to know why car maintenance is essential and the critical car maintenance tips that every driver needs to know, here is the information.

Why Is Regular Maintenance of the Car Important?

Your car is one of the most important investments you will make in your life. So it is vital to take care of it. Here are some reasons why you should think about car maintenance.

  • To Avoid Expensive Repairs Later – By correctly maintaining your car, you can avoid expensive repairs and extend the life of your vehicle.
  • To Increase Your Gas Mileage – Another benefit of regular car maintenance is that it can help improve your gas mileage.
  • To Maintain the Resale Value of Your Car – If you ever plan to put up your car for sale, proper maintenance will help maintain its resale value.

What Are the Tips for Maintaining Your Car?

Taking the car to an auto shop often is not feasible for everybody. VW tune-up in the Seattle area dealerships can be a hassle for routine maintenance and service. However, a few things that one can always keep an eye on to maintain the vehicle in excellent operating condition are:

  • Check Oil and Oil Filter

One of the most important things for your car is checking the oil level and regularly changing the oil filter. You should review the oil level at least once a month and change your oil filter every time you change your oil. Depending on your driving frequency, you may need to change your oil more or less frequently.

  • Inspect Tires and Tire Pressure

Another aspect of car maintenance is tire care. You should check your tires regularly for wear and tear and ensure that they are inflated to the proper pressure. Underinflated tires can cause decreased fuel efficiency and increased wear on the tires.

  • Clean Battery Terminals

Clean your battery terminals regularly. Over time, the terminals can become corroded, leading to electrical problems. To clean your battery terminals, remove the cables and use a wire brush to remove any corrosion. It will keep your car’s electrical system in good working order.

  • Change Windshield Wiper Blades

Windshield wipers are vital to keeping your windshield clean and clear. If they seem worn out, you should change them at least once a year or more. To do this, remove the old blades and install new ones. For more specific instructions, refer to your car’s owner’s manual.

  • Check Brake Pads

Keep an eye on the brake pads for wear and tear. If they are worn down, they will need to be replaced. You can check the brake pads by looking at the thickness of the pad material. Most brake pads have a wear indicator that will tell you when they need to be replaced.

  • Flush and Replace Brake Fluid

To flush the car’s brake fluid, remove the old fluid from the system and replace it with new fluid. Make it a point to flush and replace the brake fluid every two years. This is important because brake fluid can become contaminated over time, leading to braking problems. You can refer to your car’s owner’s manual for specific instructions.

These are just a few of the many things you need to do to keep your car in good working order. One cannot check the intricate mechanics like an automotive driving belt and engine. But keeping in check the simpler components can save money.

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  1. I never even knew about flush and break fluid. Turns out mine hadn’t been replaced in years. I also got my car ceramic coated by a company called detail doctors in Wisconsin and between that and my car having the flush and break fluid replaced, I feel like I have a whole newwww vehicle again!


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