Passing the Driving Test: Tips and Tricks for Students to Get a Driver’s License in School

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Tips and Tricks for Students to Get a Driver's License in School

When you’re in your late teens, one of the biggest achievements is getting your driver’s license. It feels as though having a car and being able to drive gives you the kind of freedom you could never imagine. All of a sudden, you can get up and go anywhere whenever you please.

You could go on a cross-state road trip in the middle of the night if you wanted to! Of course, if you still live with your parents, they probably wouldn’t allow it. But, what matters is that the possibility is there. The question is, how to get a driver’s license in school.

At some point, the only thing standing between you and your dream of driving a car will be the driving test. If you want to start driving as soon as possible, you have to pass your driving test, preferably on the first try.

Whether you were born to drive or are terrified of being behind the wheel, you are going to have to prepare for your driving exam. If you find the course challenging, you will have to prepare even harder. To help you out, we have come up with 5 things to remember for the driving test.

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Stay calm

One of the biggest mistakes young drivers make is panicking when things don’t go according to plan. The truth is, things will often fail to go according to plan on the open road! It’s a reality that you might not encounter when you’re learning how to drive, as the instructor is always by your side.

You can rely on them to stop the car in a dangerous situation. However, when you’re behind the wheel alone, you have to rely on yourself. That can be scary, but the key is not to panic.

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When you panic, even the most innocent situation may seem dangerous and threatening. You should always be very careful on the road. With so many circumstances that you cannot control, it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, panicking is never the way to go. This tip works for when you’re trying to pass the knowledge test for driving too. It will even help you at school!



Practice makes perfect, but you already knew that. That’s one of the best tips to learn driving tests. If you can, find an adult that will let you drive your car in a safe space. You can find an empty parking lot or street. Ask them to practice parking with you and assess your overall readiness to get your license. Of course, there is only so much you can do while you’re in school or college. That’s why we had to come up with the best tips and tricks for students!

When all you can think about is studying for school, there is no time to practice driving. You can take some assignments off your plate by getting extra homework help from the EDU Birdie site for example — a research paper writing service for students.

You can find help with all kinds of assignments and school work. It doesn’t matter what you’re studying or what your deadline is. You can free up some of your time that you can then dedicate to practicing your driving.

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Once you’ve made some time, you just need to take it seriously. Hit the road with someone you know who is a very good driver. They can share their tips and tricks with you. Ultimately, the more you practice, the more confident you will feel behind the wheel. The goal is to get used to being behind the wheel and paying attention to the road. Believe that it will become second nature to you after a couple of months of driving.



There are quite a few things you have to remember for the exam. Not everybody knows about the hand signals driver’s test and other areas that your driving instructor may ask about. The truth is, it’s almost impossible to keep everything in your brain at all times. You will forget and you will be blank. Trying to remember everything will just put unnecessary pressure on you. So, if there is anything you’re going to memorize, make sure it’s SMOG.

SMOG is an acronym that was made to help drivers switch lanes. S stands for Signal. In driving, that means that you should always let the other cars on the road know what your intentions are through signaling.

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For example, if you want to switch lanes, you need to signal. If you want to exit the road, you need to turn on your turn signal. You will begin to appreciate signaling when you almost crash into a car in front of you because they forgot to signal.

M means Mirrors. Your car mirrors serve to show you what’s going on around you. Use the rearview mirror to see the cars behind you. That can be helpful when you want to slow down or switch lanes.

The side mirrors will help you make sure you don’t run into anyone when you decide to switch lanes or turn. They are also incredibly helpful during parking.

O stands for Over. This letter invites you to always look over your shoulder when you’re switching lanes. Look at the lane you are entering over your shoulder to see if there are any cars behind you. Finally, G stands for Go. Don’t hesitate. If the road is clear, then step on the gas.

Slow down

When you’re not sure what you’re doing, slow down. In fact, you can always pull over to collect your thoughts and figure out a game plan. Don’t worry about slowing down the people behind you. Anything that can prevent a crash is worth doing.

Safety first

That brings us to our last point – safety first! Whatever you do, always keep your own safety and the safety of the people around you in mind. If the traffic light has already turned yellow, but the car behind you is going very fast, do not stop. Stopping at the last minute could cause an accident. Instead, assess if speeding up is a safe option. Always make the safest decision.

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